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  • Unempowered, Disempowered

    Unempowered, Disempowered

    This has been a terrible year for Filipino Americans running for public office. On September 22, Hawai‘i state Senator Ron Menor lost his re-election bid by just 123 votes to little-known challenger Michelle Kidani, ending his distinguished 22-year career in state politics. In another contested […]

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  • Fear Itself

    Fear Itself

    My grandparents, Herman and Grace Nash, were raising three little boys when the stock market crashed in 1929. They lived through what is now called the Great Depression and went on to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, I […]

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  • District Three Supervisor Candidates Debate in Chinese

    District Three Supervisor Candidates Debate in Chinese

    SAN FRANCISCO – On October 2, six candidates for district three supervisor spoke their minds – in Cantonese. The forum, hosted by Chinese for Affirmative Action in partnership with over a dozen other groups, marked the first time English was not the primary language of […]

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  • Asian American Dolls?

    Asian American Dolls?

    Congratulations to Troy Dolendo and the rest of Mosaic for winning MTV’s Top Pop Group. The show came to a strangely abrupt end just three weeks after its premiere, cutting its six remaining groups down to one. Ju-Taun was the other group in the top […]

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  • Viet-Ams and McCain

    Viet-Ams and McCain

    Sometimes I marvel at the peculiarly Vietnamese ability to inflict wounds on themselves. I recognize that no country or ethnic group is immune to intramural blood-letting, but after a lifetime of working among, studying about and living as Vietnamese, I can’t help acknowledge that we […]

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  • Chilipina Exclusion Act of 2008

    Chilipina Exclusion Act of 2008

    The San Francisco Chronicle has again overlooked another major APA supervisor candidate. Last time it was former Organization of Chinese Americans national president and former counsel in the S.F. City Attorney office Claudine Cheng in a story about District 3 (North Beach/Chinatown) top fundraisers. The […]

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  • Stock Analysts Say Banking Industry ‘In Crisis’

    Stock Analysts Say Banking Industry ‘In Crisis’

    SAN FRANCISCO – With a full-blown nationwide financial crisis underway, the Association of Asian American Bankers held a panel discussion featuring three stock analysts on “Trends and Issues in the Banking Industry” at the Pacific National Bank on Oct. 1. “With the Wall Street crisis, […]

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  • AsianWeek Online Poll Results

    AsianWeek Online Poll Results

    Who are AsianWeek readers voting for this 2008 presidential election? We’ll keep our poll open and post the results every week! Didn’t vote yet? Click the “Vote” button found on the right sidebar. It’s just one simple, quick question: Who are you voting for?

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  • One Fact You Should Know About American History

    One Fact You Should Know About American History

    One Fact You Should Know About American History (Pt. 3 of 15) In a series of provocative video discussions, Ronald Takaki (author, scholar, and professor of ethnic studies at the University of California, Berkeley) will discuss important issues regarding the 2008 presidential election from a […]

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  • Daily Dose: 10/08/08

    Daily Dose: 10/08/08

    »Top Filipino for McCain Drops Endorsement »Colorado Chinese Americans Organize for McCain »Bay Area Could be Saved by Asian Markets »Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting Announces Results of Decline in Property Value Requests »Public Invited to Grand Opening of the Historic Locke Boarding House »Happy Birthday, Asian […]

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