Presidential Campaign Update

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Asian Pacific Americans continue to help fuel John McCain’s road to victory, as the senator unveiled major proposals to strengthen the American family and economy and protect home ownership in these difficult economic times.

There is a Virginia emphasis this week, as would be expected by the close race being fought in The Old Dominion. The Vietnamese American Coalition of northern Virginia endorsed John McCain for president with a 300-person rally in Annandale.

Further south, Filipino Americans led by Virginia Beach Councilman Ron Villanueva, joined Sen. McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin for a 20,000-person rally in the military Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area.

Elsewhere in the country, from Seattle to Las Vegas, from Minnesota to Ohio and New York to Pennsylvania, APAs are working furiously on the phones and door-to-door to get the vote out for McCain/Palin.

- Stephen Fong

W ith polls showing Barack Obama and Joe Biden leading in the most important presidential election in generations, the Republican ticket has resorted to a campaign of fear and misrepresentations. We can’t let them take the low road to the highest office in the land.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Obama are in full force throughout the country, and we need your help.

Download AAPI resources. Visit to download and distribute Asian language flyers, organizing guides, policy documents, signs, posters and buttons.

Call our Asian neighbors in Battleground States. Participate in virtual phonebanking to AAPIs in battleground states.  Florida is the first state to be set up. Create a profile at
using a Florida zip code in your profile. On the left hand side, under “Neighbor to Neighbor,” click “Asian.” The server will automatically generate a script and list; all you have to do is click “Make Calls Now.”

Host an AAPI house party. Host an AAPI house party the week of Oct. 19-25 and receive the new Limited Edition AAPI for Obama/Biden DVD as well as literature on Obama and Joe Biden’s stance on AAPI issues and sign-in sheets. Visit to find a house party near you or to host your own.

Read and share the Obama AAPI Blueprint for Change. The Obama Blueprint for the Change We Need for AAPIs ( describes Sen. Obama’s plans to address issues affecting the AAPI community and his record on those issues. It is the most comprehensive planning document for the AAPI community from a presidential campaign.

- Eugenia Beh and Keith Kamisugi

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