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  • ‘Flower Drum Song,’ 40 years later

    ‘Flower Drum Song,’ 40 years later

    Mei-Li has gotten a makeover. Flower Drum Song opens Tuesday at the American Musical Theatre of San Jose for the first time since the 1962-1963 season. That version of the show would likely not have flown with today’s audiences. The production is the reworked Flower […]

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  • Obama’s Blueprint for Every Community

    Obama’s Blueprint for Every Community

    With only 11 days left before the presidential election, the Asian American and Pacific Islander community has a historic opportunity to play a key role in the most important election in our lifetime, and we have the opportunity to support an extraordinary presidential candidate with […]

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  • SWM seeks SAF

    SWM seeks SAF

    Dear Q: I’m a single white male in search of an Asian or Thai spouse, but I’m finding that difficult in the Houston, Texas, area. I thought you may be able to help more than going to every Thai or Asian restaurant in town; the […]

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