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  • Political Paper Sons

    Political Paper Sons

    What if Senator Barack Obama had stuck with the name “Barry” in 1980? He would have avoided the xenophobia about his middle name, Hussein (an issue he defused by proclaiming himself a “skinny kid with the funny name”). The race might not have been closer […]

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  • A Food Fight for Fairness

    A Food Fight for Fairness

    Two things about Asian restaurants in general bother me: They insist on using MSG when it’s not needed and many cheat their own employees. The first is an open secret. Asian restaurants, by and large, use MSG liberally. Peer into any kitchen, and nine times […]

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  • Daily Dose: 11/05/08

    Daily Dose: 11/05/08

    »AsianWeek Market Report »Asian American Voter Turnout High on Election Day, But Many Face Problems at Polls »South Asian NGO Contributed to Obama’s victory »Obama Win Gives Hope to Indian American Politicians »Gays and Asians, Not So Strange Bedfellows »Deftones Bassist in Coma After Car […]

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  • Asian American Reaction to the Presidential Election

    Asian American Reaction to the Presidential Election

    Some thoughts on the presidential election from the supporters of Barack Obama and John McCain: It’s not a big mystery why Sen. Barack Obama won the election last night. The economy is in the tank. The war in Iraq continues to drain our nation’s resources […]

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  • Asian Liver Center Takes Fight Against Hep B Global

    Asian Liver Center Takes Fight Against Hep B Global

    As a SF Hep B Free Steering Committee Member, the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University has been doing an excellent job of educating the San Francisco Bay Area about hepatitis B. In May 2001, the Asian Liver Center launched the Jade Ribbon Campaign to […]

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  • Obama Wins Presidential Election

    Obama Wins Presidential Election

    In an electoral landslide victory, Senator Barack Obama defeated Senator John McCain yesterday becoming the first African American to ever be elected as President of the United States. “At this defining moment,”

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