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  • Lt. Ehren Watada: Two Years Later

    Lt. Ehren Watada: Two Years Later

    Hero, villain or none of the above? That Watada’s a disgrace! No, Watada’s courageous! Maybe he’s just misguided. As these typical remarks show, Lt. Ehren Watada’s two-year-long protest of the war has struck a nerve in the community, mirroring the Japanese American divisions over loyalty […]

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  • Tech-Addicted BF

    Tech-Addicted BF

    Dear Q: My Chinese American boyfriend is a stereotypical tech geek and addicted to his gadgets. He will look at his PDA, cell, check his email, surf the Web and text while we’re together—in the car, over dinner, while I’m in the middle of a […]

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  • Lee Heads City’s 2010 Census Efforts

    Lee Heads City’s 2010 Census Efforts

    With the 2010 Census less than a year and a half away, Ed Lee, city administrator for the City and County of San Francisco, is already strategizing on how to count every single resident. As head of San Francisco’s Complete Count Committee, which leads local […]

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  • Secret Asian Man

    Secret Asian Man

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