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  • Asian Americans React to Obama’s Historic Election

    Asian Americans React to Obama’s Historic Election

    Locally and nationwide, Asian American groups are excited about President-elect Barack Obama. Here are some thoughts on how Obama’s historical election will affect the Asian American community in general and the work these organizations are doing in the community. “The fact that he is the […]

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  • God Help America

    God Help America

    If Obama’s moment is all about being the first African American president, was it really about judging a man by his character instead of by his color? What does it say about prejudice when it was politically correct to dismiss Senator John McCain as too […]

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  • A.B.E.: Anybody but Eric?

    A.B.E.: Anybody but Eric?

    District 1 supervisor candidate Sue Lee, a former supervisor aide and planning commissioner, was a newcomer to electoral politics but did relatively well by coming close to school board member Eric Mar.  So far he’s holding a six-point lead among the first choices of voters […]

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  • Give the Devil His Due

    Give the Devil His Due

    Although I received more votes in San Francisco than all the U.S. presidential candidates except Barack Obama combined, they were not nearly enough to win. The biggest difference between this year’s contest and the previous four elections where I won handily was that this year […]

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  • Daily Dose: 11/12/08

    Daily Dose: 11/12/08

    »Asian Market Report »Six Asian Am. and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions Receive Grants »Robbers Take Thousands From a Bus Company in New York’s Chinatown »Councilman Liu to Help Residents Fill Out Applications for Home Energy Assistance »D.A. Harris Plans Run for Attorney General […]

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  • AsAm Wins NL Cy Young

    AsAm Wins NL Cy Young

    SAN FRANCISCO – 24 year-old Giants pitcher, Tim Lincecum was awarded the National League Cy Young – baseball’s highest pitching award. Lincecum is only the second San Francisco Giant to have ever received  the  honor.

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