A Little Nibble of Power

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Top Chef returned with three Asian Americans: Eugene Villiatora from Hawai‘i, Indian American Radhika Desai and part-Filipino Leah Cohen. Radhika and Leah landed in the bottom of the Quickfire challenge, but neither was eliminated. I’ll forgive Radhika for making apple chutney, despite saying that she won’t be the Indian who makes curries and rice, because it’s still early. But I’ve got my eye out.

In the neighborhood-based elimination challenge, Leah and Eugene were praised in the top three for their Italian and Indian dishes, respectively. Leah had an advantage because she works at an Italian restaurant; Eugene, on the other hand, had no experience in Indian cooking and had no idea that what he called a tzatziki was actually curds and rice.

The contestants’ performances were impressive, as was the embracing of food from different cultures. I’m looking forward to a sizzling season (and terrible cooking puns).

On Survivor, Ken turned his weak position around. His team lost the reward and immunity challenges (is whichever team Ken and Crystal are on destined to lose?), but Ken’s self-assurance continued to surge.

“I’m the only man at Kota with two very beautiful women,” he bragged, being generous if not delusional with adjectives. Never mind that the fish he caught for the ladies only came after he was trapped boating in circles for a while.

When he became confident that his words were influencing his teammates, Ken’s boasting intensified. “I know for a fact I can win this game. I’m like a little rat; I go ha-chachacha [mimes gnawing] in the corner.” Fair enough, especially after his target, Charlie, was voted off, but I hope Ken’s rodent power doesn’t go to his nibbling head.

, the emotional boss of Team Money on 50 Cent: The Money and the Power, faced elimination after her team didn’t pile enough poop (seriously) to win the challenge. Mr. Cent nearly sent her home for her tears, but her confident, dry-eyed guarantee of her abilities won him over. Maybe avoid getting up in his face and pointy-fingered next time.

Blush is Lifetime’s fulfillment of the last aspect of the modeling world that hasn’t gotten its own reality show — makeup artists. Nolan Makaawaawa and his partner won the animal challenge, transforming their model into a couture zebra. The judges said that Nolan “absolutely has talent,” but they also told him to do his research — his ’40s look was actually ’20s. Google image search!

“The world’s first live video game,” Cha$e is a surprisingly suspenseful game of tag for adults with half-Filipino host Trey Farley throwing challenges and hints to the contestants.

Two of the show’s “elite predators” are Hunter Wong (stealth) and Hunter Kim (speed runner). The Hunters are a cross between the T-1000 and Agent Smith with hilariously robotic sensors and movements to match.

Filmmaker Paul was in a close race for the finish, but was beat out by bartender Dianne. I won’t say she didn’t deserve it, but if I had to list all her strengths, I’d say she has a great name.

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