Safety Kebob

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So, Radhika. Another Indian-inspired dish on Top Chef this week. Don’t get me wrong; your Indian-style kebob dog looked tasty, and I’m glad it won the Quickfire challenge and earned you immunity. But you said you didn’t want to be the Indian girl making Indian dishes.

Radhika didn’t fare as well with her non-Indian dessert, prompting Padma to muse that having immunity is the only reason one would make an avocado mousse. Eugene, meanwhile, was endearing as he watched Tom Colicchio try his dish: “I started to lose my mind.” I’ve no doubt I would too.

On Survivor, Ken got arguably the best prize in the auction: banishing another contestant to Exile after taking his money. Strangely, Ken then squandered his winnings, not placing bids high enough to win anything else. Was this strategy?

His plans were semi-revealed when a female contestant lamented his passing up a chance at cleanliness. “I would have cuddled with you with clean clothes on,” she teased. “Will you cuddle with a rich man?” Ken countered, perhaps forgetting that money has no value when one is eating bugs in an African hut.

Ken redeemed himself by winning the immunity challenge, setting up domino-like blocks with a quick, steady hand. Good thing he won that one, since it’s probably the closest thing to a video game he’ll see in Gabon. Imagine the message boards if he miscalculated an angle!

A reader alerted me to The Ultimate Fighter, and I’m looking forward to half-Filipino Phillipe Nover’s upcoming semifinals fight with the enviably monikered George Roop. I thought I’d have trouble following the episode I watched, but it looks like “guy hits other guy until one falls down” just about sums it up.

On 50 Cent: The Money and the Power, Nikki was convinced that her placement as underboss was her teammates’ attempt to get her eliminated, describing her fellow competitors as “shady,” “sheisty” and “conniving.” She may have had a point, though: A teammate commented, “She’s an emotional wreck and that’s a complete fact.” Is it any wonder that Team Money lost yet again? A more fitting name would be Team Haters. At least Nikki’s safe and tear-free for now.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s reunion show was filled with the catty screeching and near-brawls we’re familiar with. Of course, Lisa was quiet for most of the episode.

But oh, how the claws came out when Kim tried to explain what was clearly a two-timing move on her part. “Your story really doesn’t add up, and you’re a habitual liar,” Lisa snapped with a barely concealed rage. “I feel sorry for you. You have nothing going on and you have no talent.” Lisa then threatened to flip Kim over the couch.

Well, well! I, personally, would love to see more of this justice crusade from Lisa. Too bad it came out literally in the last ten minutes of the season. Consider my breath bated.

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