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  • NAPABA Celebrates 20 Years

    NAPABA Celebrates 20 Years

    SEATTLE — Over 1,000 attendees traveled to the Pacific Northwest to attend the annual national convention of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) held in Seattle from Nov. 19-23. NAPABA serves as a national network of lawyers, judges, law professors and law students. […]

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  • Local Elementary School Teacher Gets a Rewarding Surprise

    Local Elementary School Teacher Gets a Rewarding Surprise

    SAN FRANCISCO — Amid cheers from her students and thunderous applause from over a dozen people representing a who’s-who of local and national politics, Visitacion Valley Elementary School first-grade teacher Mindy Yip was stunned to receive an unrestricted $25,000 award.

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  • Mom’s Plastic Surgery

    Mom’s Plastic Surgery

    Dear Q, My mother wants to have plastic surgery — and not just injections but reconstruction. I’m very much against it. I told her it’s cultural shame to give up her Chinese looks, but she isn’t listening. Can I stop her? — Woman With Her […]

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  • ‘Bits of Paradise’: Missives of Hope

    ‘Bits of Paradise’: Missives of Hope

    New play based on Japanese American WWII internment letters With the commemoration of the bombing of Pearl Harbor fast approaching, local playwright Marlan Warren’s Bits of Paradise arrives at an appropriate time. Based on letters written between Japanese American girls and

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  • Secret Asian Man

    Secret Asian Man

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