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  • Ballroom, Buffet and Republicans

    Ballroom, Buffet and Republicans

    Ballroom dance lessons and a Chinese buffet last month at C.C. and Regina Yin‘s 50-acre ranch in Vallejo was far from any unconditional surrender to the Barack Obama political tsunami that swept the nation. C.C. Yin, who owns 20 McDonald’s restaurants in Solano and Yolo […]

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  • Zeebra: The Next Lil Wayne?

    Zeebra: The Next Lil Wayne?

    Zeebra is one of the biggest rappers in Japan right now, and he isn’t afraid to let everyone know his opinion. After MTV Japan’s Video Music Awards in May, he posted a YouTube video criticizing MTV for not appreciating musicians. Lately he’s been spotted in […]

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  • Uncertain Future

    Uncertain Future

    Last week, while we in the United States gave thanks for another year of survival in these trying times and while a notable number among us joined the majority of the American people to elect a cool, competent and confident new president, our sisters and […]

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  • Cathay Post’s Hep B Awareness Campaign

    Cathay Post’s Hep B Awareness Campaign

    SAN FRANCISCO – The American Legion Cathay Post #384 launched a campaign against the hepatitis B virus and liver cancer at a special dinner event on Nov. 25.

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  • LGBT Perspective: The Success Of A Loss

    LGBT Perspective: The Success Of A Loss

    California now has a constitution with an amendment that discriminates against a minority. California now has two groups of people: one can marry, the other cannot.

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  • Almighty Image

    Almighty Image

    A generational divide generally separated those Filipino Americans who supported and voted for Barack Obama and those who supported and voted for John McCain. While this was certainly not true in many parts of the United States, this is what might be concluded from atending […]

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  • Daily Dose: 12/03/08

    Daily Dose: 12/03/08

    » AsianWeek Market Report » Asian Law Caucus Loses Case Against Interrogation Policy » Boston Asian American Commission Holds Candlelight Vigil for Mumbai » Assemblyman Furutani Introduces Bill to Extend Honorary Degrees to WWII Japanese Americans » Community and Major Universities Present Newest Research on […]

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  • High School Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

    High School Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

    For upper-grade students, there were no coloring cornucopia dittoes or pasting paper Pilgrims MILLBRAE, Calif. – How did Mills High School students, who are now too old to make cut-out construction-paper turkeys in class, celebrate Thanksgiving?

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