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  • Daily Dose: 12/04/08

    Daily Dose: 12/04/08

    » AsianWeek Market Report » D.C. Schools Chief Michelle Rhee on ‘Time’ cover » Congresswoman Hirono Announces Federal Funding for Hawai‘i Homeowners Facing Foreclosure  » Asian American Donor Program Looks to Expand To Other Communities  » Under-representation in Asian American Literary Criticism » Filipino American Jazz Series at […]

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  • Opti-Ms Celebrate 60th Anniversary

    Opti-Ms Celebrate 60th Anniversary

    Chinatown women’s group grows to serve many communities SAN FRANCISCO — If anyone ever doubts the steadfast powers and longevity of women, let the Opti-Ms club be evidence that Chinese American women indeed personify those two attributes. 

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  • Eugenius!


    Guess what everybody: Before he was on Survivor, Ken was even dorkier than he is on the show.

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  • In His Shoes

    In His Shoes

    Zappos CEO credits success to having fun Tony Hsieh started his first company when he was just 13 years old, earning $200 a week making customized button pins for customers who sent in $1 and a photo to an address listed by the young entrepreneur […]

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  • Diversity in Real Estate

    Diversity in Real Estate

    Is the U.S. a melting pot? When the National Association of Realtors was established 100 years ago, its founding board and the 120 founding members were all white males. The word “diversity” did not exist in the real estate vocabulary because it was not necessary […]

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  • A Slap in Our Face: We can’t forget what Richardson did to Wen Ho Lee

    A Slap in Our Face: We can’t forget what Richardson did to Wen Ho Lee

    Also Read: Commerce Secretary Appointment Draws Ire From Asian Americans Wen Ho Lee is as close as it gets in contemporary Asian Pacific American history to a mythic victim of racism in our nation.

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  • Real Estate Sales: Single Family Homes November 2008

    Real Estate Sales: Single Family Homes November 2008

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  • Calavera Highway

    Calavera Highway

    It is fitting that Renee Tajima-Peña released Calavera Highway, just months before the victory of Barack Obama, a multi-racial, multi-cultural man. Every person is multi-cultural, a product of diverse influences that include race, religion, language, national origin, sexual orientation, social class and more.

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  • Hot Shots: 12/05/08

    Hot Shots: 12/05/08

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