Chinese Real Estate Association Elects New Board

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SAN FRANCISCO – The Chinese Real Estate Association of America (CREAA) recently elected its new Board of Directors.

The 2009 Board is comprised of Allen Ching, Olivia Chiu, Carmen Chong, Christina Chung, Marilyn He, Henry Hoh, Eva Hom, Polly Hu, Michael Kay, Amy Kong, Juanita Leung, Manuel Quijano, Denean Richards, Albert Tam, Eric Tang, Daniel Y. Wong, Samson Wong, Tina Wong, Louis Woo and Tulip Yeh, with myself as chairman of the Board.

This year’s election was exciting and competitive, as members campaigned hard by calling and emailing other members for support. Inspired by the recent presidential election, one member even developed a YouTube video to help her cause.

This election shows just how much CREAA has evolved from an organization that could not get enough people to serve on the Board to one where members are fighting for the positions. This also demonstrates the passion to serve, and it is the hope of CREAA that this new board can continue to be the voice of Chinese real estate in San Francisco.

The members also voted to revise the existing CREAA bylaws to insure more continuity throughout the years, further strengthening the infrastructure of the organization.

In 2008, CREAA hosted nine events, sponsored the Bay Area Multicultural Real Estate Summit and the HOPE Award and networked with Asian Real Estate Association of America, Asian Real Estate Association of the East Bay, Residential Builder’s Association and much more.

CREAA, which was formed in the mid 1970s, grew in numbers and influence in 2008, despite the slower market. They are looking for more of the same in 2009 and beyond.

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