Half-Filipino Tiger

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Ken’s back in trouble on Survivor, but does he even realize it? After calling competitor Bob “stupid,” Bob went on to 1) win both the reward and immunity challenges and 2) hoodwink Ken with his (second) fake idol. All this after Ken proclaimed himself “the biggest strategist in Survivor history.” Wake up, Ken! Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A doesn’t work in Gabon.

It was disappointing when Ken didn’t win the puzzle challenge, though one can’t expect the gamer to dominate every nerdy competition. It was nice that he got to spend some time with his sister Jenny anyway, but then he seemed to squander that time by telling her what a great strategist he is. Somebody needs to tell Ken not to count his Yoshi eggs before they’re hatched. It’s almost as if someone is carefully editing Ken’s comments to craft a perfect dramatic story arc of overconfidence leading to a crushing downfall.

While he’s safe for now, Ken’s old alliance now knows that someone flipped and voted against them, and it won’t take long to determine who it was. Let’s hope he can get over the humiliation of being duped by an established duper and win some confidence back.

Things were pretty quiet on the Top Chef front. Leah won the breakfast Quickfire Challenge with her bacon-y amuse-bouche, a dish that is one bite by definition. Having received the memo about following directions, she was rewarded with immunity. Good thing, too, because even Leah herself was aware of her weakness in demonstrating how to create a dish for the Elimination Challenge. Her nervousness nearly cost her as she didn’t have enough time to finish her demo, so she was lucky to be safe.

Radhika also ran out of time but was not up for elimination. We barely saw Eugene and his beginner sashimi, but he, too, remained safe. I hope we get a little more airtime for these guys next week; this week’s Asian-light episode nearly made me forgot they were in the competition.

There was plenty of screen time on The Ultimate Fighter for Phillipe Nover, who was in the lightweight semifinals this week. More than the fight itself, I really enjoyed the threats and trash talk beforehand. Nover said, “I’ll bodylock him and squeeze him real hard, into submission…I’m a tiger, he’s a little deer. I’ll just go out there and eat ‘cause I’m hungry.”

Nover’s opponent George Roop had plenty of pre-fight verbal ammo himself: “I’m hurtin’ him, cuttin’ him, makin’ him bleed.” I’m sure it would be a whole different story if it were me in the scary fight cage, but this posturing is more funny than menacing. Little deer? I’m gigglin’, snickerin’, and you’re makin’ me laugh.

In the end, Nover defeated Roop with an armlock and will go onto the finals. Following the win, team leader Nogueira grabbed Nover and beckoned his teammates. “He only got one punch in the face; let’s hit him now.” I never would have guessed, but this show is hilarious.

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