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  • Kearny Street Workshop’s Jade Ball

    Kearny Street Workshop’s Jade Ball

    SAN FRANCISCO – Asian Pacific American arts nonprofit Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) recently hosted the Jade Ball – a belated celebration of its 35th year as an organization – that featured performances by singer-songwriter Goh Nakamura, jazz pianist and composer Art Hirahara and pianist-singer-songwriter Vienna […]

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  • Man in Fatal Domestic Violence Case Receives 16 Years to Life

    Man in Fatal Domestic Violence Case Receives 16 Years to Life

    Tempongko case highlights failed city response to domestic violence in Asian American communities SAN FRANCISCO – A superior court judge last week handed down a 16-years-to-life sentence for the October 2000 stabbing murder of Filipina immigrant Claire Joyce Tempongko,

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  • Victory and Challenges

    Victory and Challenges

    First, let’s rejoice!  As of January 2009, Viet-Americans can call at least one among the 535 members of Congress as their own.  That would be just about 34 years after they came to this country as refugees.  Not too shabby. 

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  • The Price for Wen Ho Lee

    The Price for Wen Ho Lee

    President-elect Obama has designated two APA cabinet members: retired Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki for Veterans Affairs and Cal’s Nobel Prize winner Steven Chu for Energy, which is a makeup for President Clinton getting cold feet over U.C. Berkeley Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien after the […]

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  • APA Person of the Year: Swati Dandekar

    APA Person of the Year: Swati Dandekar

    2008 was a year when Asian Pacific Americans came into their own politically. Barack Obama was elected with significant Asian Pacific American support, and each of the other top contenders also had APA supporters, staffers or both.

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  • Shoes in the News

    Shoes in the News

    I started out writing three different topics for this column, but I found them all too depressing for Christmas. I decided that there was just too much doom and gloom already, and I did not want to add to the sorry lot.

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  • Daily Dose: 12/17/08

    Daily Dose: 12/17/08

    » Minneapolis Settles With Hmong Family in Botched Raid » Walnut City Wants More Asian Deputies Patrolling Area » Life Sentence For Man Convicted Of Sunset Murders » Community Rallies to Support Sundays at Berkeley Thai Temple » Filipino Art Exhibit in Oakland » Danny […]

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