There’s No Such Thing as a Free Idol

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A bunch of our shows ended their seasons, and it’s remarkable how many Asian Americans made it to finales. In the final round of The Ultimate Fighter, Phillipe Nover was beat out by his opponent in a result that had to go to the judges. I don’t know anything about fighting, ultimate or otherwise, but his moves looked good to me.

The finale of Blush was marred by the recent tragic death of contestant Todd Homme, but Nolan Makaawaawa took home the grand prize with high praises from the judges and Badgley Mischka. Best dressed winner of the year.

Survivor ended with regret on Ken’s part. Learning no lesson from being tricked by Bob, Ken guilted the older man, prompting Bob to promise Ken an immunity idol. And Ken trusted him! Hey Ken, remember how Bob just played you?

Ken went on to make many more missteps.

• He and ally Crystal relentlessly badgered Matty, the physically strong competitor that everyone — even Matty himself — had accepted as the next to be eliminated.

• Their harassing went so far that Sugar got mad and turned on them, orchestrating Crystal’s elimination.
• Ken tried to get everyone to vote Bob off once he gave immunity away.

• Sugar, still angry, told the plan to Bob, who refused to sacrifice himself for Ken.

• Upon realizing this, Ken made a last-ditch attempt to portray Bob as a liar who backs out on promises; no one cared.

• Having lost his only supporter and still feeling cheated for not getting a free pass, Ken continued haranguing Bob.

• Despite a gracious exit after getting voted out, Ken’s jury questions for Bob all involved the non-transfer of the idol. GET OVER IT.

Thankfully, at the reunion show, Ken finally admitted that he had been cocky, expecting his competitors to bend to his will. Good save from total disgrace, Ken, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to add one more item to the list.

• Terrible, terrible haircut. It’s great that you got a modicum of meat back on your bones, but for the love of god, grow the hair out a bit, man.

He took his own power too seriously, but it’s undeniable that Ken played a pretty good game. He joins skilled past contestants Yul Kwon and Yau-Man Chan in the Asian American Survivor hall of fame. Where the ladies at, though?

Eugene made some blunders himself on Top Chef. Suggesting his own specialty, sushi, for his team’s “new” theme, Eugene then overcooked the rice, flubbed the fried shrimp, and worst of all, didn’t explain how to eat the do-it-yourself meal (also his idea). He’s lucky that another chef was particularly inept and went home.

Radhika’s team, on the other hand, found success with an Indian-themed dish that a teammate came up with. To be fair, Radhika was reluctant, and her dishes in the past few episodes have all been non-Indian. In this case though, her experience helped her team. Paying attention, Eugene? When you make a dish you’re known for, do it well.

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