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  • Asian Americans Represented

    Asian Americans Represented

    Diversity a priority for the Obama transition President-elect Barack Obama’s team looks like America. He is selecting the best and brightest for his new administration, and I am so pleased that he values diversity and Asian American representation as part of that calculus.

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  • Momma’s Racist

    Momma’s Racist

    Eugene, what is going on with you on Top Chef? The innovation and adaptability you showed with your makeshift grill weeks ago has turned into a constant need to come up with quick fixes, and the judges aren’t having it.

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  • Christmas Dog

    Christmas Dog

    No, I didn’t eat one for Christmas dinner. But this year, it was a dog sitting on my lap who gave me my first real sense of Christmas. It was a quiet moment when a simple living being just looked up at me, and all […]

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  • Holiday Cheer From Santa Obama

    Holiday Cheer From Santa Obama

    Shinseki and Chu cabinet appointments signify new beginnings for APIs: Norman Mineta and Elaine Chao broke barriers by becoming the first API cabinet members, with much celebration from our community.

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