Letters to the Editor: Wen Ho Lee and Chancellor Tien, Healing Victims of Trauma

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Wen Ho Lee and Chancellor Tien

The Wen Ho Lee case, taking place between 1999 and 2000, did not affect Chancellor Tien’s chance of being appointed secretary of energy by Clinton (“A Nobel Laureate in the White House,” Dec. 19). Instead, it was John Huang and the 1996 campaign finance scandal that torpedoed Tien’s chance. Bill Richardson was appointed secretary of energy in 1998 and he, among other officials, was the one responsible for the prosecution and persecution of Dr. Wen Ho Lee.

L. Ling-Chi Wang
Professor Emeritus, Asian American Studies,
UC Berkeley
San Francisco, Calif.,
Dec. 19

Healing Victims of Trauma

One effective way to help children who are victims of trauma is to teach them how to write or draw their feelings as part of the healing process (In the Classroom, Sept. 9). These children need to connect to their community, express their loss, read about other survivors of similar circumstances, have the creative side of the brain stimulated and activate their minds through educational programs. Reading and writing have the power to help our children understand and deal with difficult circumstances and emotions. I have therapeutic poetry and information for teachers on my site: janielancaster.com

Janie Lancaster
San Marcos, Calif., Dec. 2

Correction: The address of Sushi Zone from the Dec. 19 Asian Eats column is 1815 Market Street.

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