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  • Daily Dose: 01/30/09

    Daily Dose: 01/30/09

    »Applaud Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act »’Slumdog’ Author Inspired by Opportunity, Solitude »Immigration History Preserved on Angel Island »Chinese Premier Injects Note of Optimism at Davos »In Year Of Ox, Asian Stocks Stay On Bull Ride »Japan Executes Four Death-Row Inmates »Myanmar Faces Food Shortage

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  • Among Asian Americans, Many Subgroups Lack Adequate Health Coverage

    Among Asian Americans, Many Subgroups Lack Adequate Health Coverage

    Asian Americans are often seen as the model minority, with higher rates of education, income, and employment. But this perception might be overshadowing the problems of lack of health insurance coverage among the Asian American community.

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  • test page

    test page

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  • Naruto 360

    Naruto 360

    When I finally scrounged up enough dough to purchase Naruto: Rise of the Ninja, I promptly popped it into my Xbox 360 and did not play it-I wandered it.  In this game is a fully realized Konoha Village, the hometown of the spiky blonde ninja […]

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  • Kung Fu Blockbusters

    Kung Fu Blockbusters

    The martial arts drought is temporarily over, and the art of kung fu is once again playing a central role in two destined blockbusters this year. First of all there is of course the highly anticipated Forbidden Kingdom which features the two top contemporary martial […]

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  • Obon, Lotus, and Tamales

    Obon, Lotus, and Tamales

    Living in Los Angeles means living in a place where all sorts of cultures intersect, coexist, and mingle.  Global reality is especially apparent with the different summer festivals that spring up around downtown every year, and this past weekend I was able to enjoy the […]

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  • APA Community Groups and SFUSD Schools Receive Over $10,000

    APA Community Groups and SFUSD Schools Receive Over $10,000

    Ten outstanding Asian Pacific American organizations were honored by the AsianWeek Foundation on Jan. 14 at the Bambuddha Lounge in San Francisco as beneficiaries of the 2008 Asian Heritage Street Celebration. Twenty-one San Francisco public schools also received checks for their participation in the AHSC […]

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  • Hatching the Asian Entrepreneurial Egg

    Hatching the Asian Entrepreneurial Egg

    US Market Access Center’s nurturing the next Asian business giant – in the US SAN JOSE, Calif. – Companies across Asia are making the risky trek into the heart of Silicon Valley, where fierce market competition breeds. San Jose-based US Market Access Center is making […]

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  • Appleseed Ex Machina

    Appleseed Ex Machina

    When the Appleseed Japanese anime film directed by Shinji Aramaki came out in 2004, it was a jaw-dropping animation and computer graphics experience.  It had a unique texture of cartoon animation blended with the depth and fluidity of computer graphics.  Thanks to the magic of […]

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  • Miss Saigon: Opens to Hungry Neighborhood

    Miss Saigon: Opens to Hungry Neighborhood

    The spanking new establishment at the corner of 6th and Mission, two ragged blocks south of Westfield Shopping Centre, stands far apart from its current neighbors as a full sit-down restaurant serving tasty Vietnamese fare that feels refreshingly light.

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