Appleseed Ex Machina

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When the Appleseed Japanese anime film directed by Shinji Aramaki came out in 2004, it was a jaw-dropping animation and computer graphics experience.  It had a unique texture of cartoon animation blended with the depth and fluidity of computer graphics.  Thanks to the magic of Blu-ray technology, a 1080p high definition TV, and the PS3 media powerhouse capabilities, the next chapter of the story, Appleseed Ex Machina, does a remarkable job in making its ground breaking precursor look so last decade.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has created bioroids, genetically engineered humans with minimized emotions, to serve as buffers for the conflicts in society.  The star is Deunan Knute, an elite super soldier who can shoot a feather off your shoulder while falling backwards off a sky scraper.  Her deceased partner and lover, Briareos Hectonchires, turns up alive in the 2004 film but was so injured that his consciousness was encased in a metallic body.  In the 2007 sequel that’s now available on Blu-ray, the duo comes back to solve another cyber-punk, humanity-questioning mystery of catastrophic proportions.  Fans of the Matrix Trilogy will not be disappointed by the heart wrenching, gut turning, and mind bending content in this masterpiece.

As the old characters and the landscapes of beauty and devastation come back to life in this new installation, you can’t help but grow wide-eyed at the gorgeously enhanced visuals and dreamy action sequences.  To top it all off, John Woo directed this piece which means plenty of slow motion dropping of bullet casings and flying white pigeons to embellish this already packed flick.

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