Naruto 360

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When I finally scrounged up enough dough to purchase Naruto: Rise of the Ninja, I promptly popped it into my Xbox 360 and did not play it-I wandered it.  In this game is a fully realized Konoha Village, the hometown of the spiky blonde ninja that has won a fair share of hearts around America and abroad.  The game play is rather fun with the standard battle arcade option where you can just duke it out with a friend.  You can also opt for the story version where you basically get to play through the first 80 episodes of the show complete with animated cut scenes from the series.

Generally Rise of the Ninja has been criticized for its redundancy in many aspects, but I didn’t even get to that because I was too busy enjoying the sights and sounds of a Naruto ninja village come to life.  This game makes me wish that there was a World of Warcraft version of the Naruto universe where you can start your own ninja village, design a logo, master special jutsu techniques as you level up in battles, and buy digital ramen to replenish your health points.  Someone forward this article to Blizzard Entertainment!

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