Daily Dose & Announcements: 03/12/09

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» Asian-American Parents Urged to Speak out on Education
» Asian American Gambling Addicts Face Cultural Gap in Getting Help
» VIZ Media Announces Annual Art Issue of SHOJO BEAT Magazine
» Korean Interns Come to the Rescue as U.S. Companies Cut Back
» Lecture on How to Achieve Better Results
» Threats Sent to Star in Hong Kong Sex Scandal

Compiled by Lian Qiu



Asian-American Parents Urged to Speak out on Education

The head of an advocacy group challenged Asian-American parents last week to be more vocal on “gifted and talented” instruction and other issues.

“Far too long, we have worked hard, played by the rules and did nothing,” Preston Rico, president of the Asian American Parents Advisory Council, told parents during a meeting Thursday at Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville. “If you’re quiet, they’ll be quiet.”

The backdrop for Rico’s comments was the school system’s recent proposal to alter the policy for accelerated and enriched instruction. At the heart of the debate is the gifted and talented label and the possibility of dropping the “gifted” label altogether. Under the proposal, the school system still would test each second-grader for accelerated instruction. But instead of giving students a general “gifted” label, officials would place them in accelerated classes.

The issue is of particular interest to many Asian-American parents. On the latest screening for accelerated instruction, 1,568 Asian-American students were tested, and 934, or 60 percent, were given the gifted label, the most of any subgroup, according to school system data.



Asian American Gambling Addicts Face Cultural Gap in Getting Help

SACRAMENTO – More than a million Californians have a gambling addiction, and the problem is especially acute locally. In the past two years, the 916 area code has ranked first or second in calls to the state’s gambling hotline. Few of the callers are Asian, despite studies showing that Asian Americans are particularly prone to gambling addiction.

That disconnect is partly cultural, said Dr. Tim Fong of UCLA’s Gambling Studies Program.”From the Asian experience there’s this whole mind-set that problems of the mind, psychiatric problems, are not real problems,” said Fong, who wrote several of the studies. Many Asians “believe your fate is predetermined from the day you’re born, and you really have no control.”

Even those who want to get help for gambling addiction might not know where to go, especially if they don’t speak English well.

The state hotline does not have interviewers who speak Southeast Asian languages or Tagalog. The only Chinese hotline and treatment program is in San Francisco, and the only Gamblers Anonymous meeting for Vietnamese and Filipinos who don’t speak English meets in San Jose.



VIZ Media Announces Annual Art Issue of SHOJO BEAT Magazine

Event: An exciting issue for the annual Art Issue of SHOJO BEAT magazine is expected to hit newsstands nationwide on March 17.
Description: In addition to the next installments of the currently serialized shojo manga series CRIMSON HERO, HONEY AND CLOVER, HONEY HUNT, HARUKA: BEYOND THE STREAM OF TIME, SAND CHRONICLES and VAMPIRE KNIGHT, this special issue will allow readers to explore the latest trends in Japanese kawaii artwork, evaluate the approaches of top shojo manga creators and more.
Details: The special April 2009 Art Issue of SHOJO BEAT can be bought from newsstands since March 17.
Contact: www.ShojoBeat.com



Korean Interns Come to the Rescue as U.S. Companies Cut Back

NEW YORK – Internship programs in the United States offer Korean college students the opportunity to learn about U.S. business and culture, while simultaneously helping companies get the most from the high-quality interns who are motivated and ready to learn. Many Korean students are especially interested in having an internship in either Washington D.C. or New York City, two of the most sought after areas.

Mr. Song-min Kim, the representative of Setsuna Recruiting Group, just announced that his company will now offer internships with firms across the United States, including New Jersey and California. Both Korean and American companies, in fields as varied as fashion, technology, electronics and finance, are offering internships to eligible students. Typically, each internship lasts one year, with a possible six-month extension. For the most part, the Koreans who participate in the program have already graduated and speak fluent English.

Lecture on How to Achieve Better Results

Event: Asian Business Council will have Hank Sullivan, President of Strategic Solutions, a management development & business coaching company to be next speaker. His topic is: Focus on the Positive not the Negative to Achieve Better Results.
Description: Mr. Sullivan is a nationally certified business coach, author, and a professional speaker.
Details: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., San Leandro Main Library, Karp Room, 300 Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro
Contact: R.S.V.P. to Arlene Lum by replying to this email or calling 925-901-4116 or call Debi Vandiver at the San Leandro Chamber on 510-317-1400 no later than Monday, March 16, 2009.



Threats Sent to Star in Hong Kong Sex Scandal

HONG KONG – A Hong Kong actor-singer at the center of a high-profile celebrity sex photos scandal has been threatened with harm in a letter containing a bullet, a Hong Kong television station said Thursday.

Chinese-Canadian star Edison Chen caused a huge uproar in Asia’s socially conservative ethnic Chinese community when photos showing him performing sex acts with eight Hong Kong actresses and singers were leaked onto the Internet last year.

The anonymous English-language letter warned Chen not to appear at any promotional events and threatened him with harm if he did, according to Cable TV, which received the letter Wednesday afternoon. The envelope that carried the letter had U.S. postage stamps stuck onto it and the return address was in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, Cable TV said. The station’s footage showed no postmarks on the letter.

The TV report Thursday did not say if the letter, which was mailed with a gold-colored bullet, explicitly linked the threat with the sex photo scandal, and did not specify the type of harm Chen could suffer if he ignored it.



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