Pacquiao Vs Hatton by the Round Coverage

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Weight at time of Fight

Manny Pacquiao:  138

Ricky Hatton:       140

National Anthems

britain anthem

Philippine National Anthem:  Martin Niviera

British National Anthem:  Tom Jones

American National Anthem:  Jasmine Villegas



Lights dim as Hatton fight highlights appear on screen along with chants and screams of support from the raging crowd which is majority in support of Hatton.  Hatton begins his walk in to the “Manchester City Anthem”- Blue Moon.  Wearing a robe and trunk of black and teal, Hatton seems stoic and focused.  Fans conitnue to chant and sing soccer-like anthems in which they incorporate Hatton’s name.  Hatton reaches the blue corner, bows and raises his fists to the supportive crowd.


Lights dim again, Pacquiao is showed on the screens accompanied by a mixture of boos and cheers from the Hatton crowd.  Highlights of Pacquiao’s devistating knowckout of lightweight David Diaz reloop on the screen above.  Pacquiao begins his walk to an unrecognizable song which vaguely sounds like his own recorded work.  Pacquiao is wearing a robe and trunk reflecting the colors of the Pilipino Flag (yellow, white, blued and red.)  Pacquiao is all smiles, as he bounces confidently to the red corner, slapping hands regardless of the raucous crowd which continues to boo him.  Pacquiao bows in his corner, prays and begins to clinch his jaw in anticipation of the bout.

Round Coverage


Round 1

The packed crowd continues its song and cheer, reminiscent of a world cup match. Hatton begins going hard to body. The pace is rowdy and causes them to get tangled up whenever Hatton goes to the body. Pacquiao gives a hard right hook. Hatton counters with a jab and a hook to the body. Pacquiao gives a straigh left, followed by a one-two flurry from Pacquiao. Combination from Pacquiao stuns Hatton on the ropes. Pacquiao continues the onlsaught with a four or five punch combo that leaves Hatton down from a right hook with 45 seconds left.  Another combination by Pacquiao and Hatton is down again.

Natividad scores it 10-7 Pacquiao

Round 2


Hatton lands a right, which is countered by a combination by Pacquiao. Right hook lands by Pacquiao along with a three-punch combination that shakes Hatton’s knees up.  This is getting ridiculous, they should have stopped the fight at the end of round one. Right hook again by Pacquiao, and Hatton counters to the body. Another combination from Pacquiao pushes Hatton into the corner followed by a right hook to the body by Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands a hard left  that knocks out Hatton before he even hits the ground. The fight is stopped at 2:59, and Hatton remains on the ground flushed by the knockout.  Pacquiao jumps on the ropes in celebration.
Pacquiao wins by knockout


Compubox Numbers


Total Punches Thrown- 127

Punches Connected-  73

Percentage Connected-  57%

Power Punches-  105

Power Punches Connected-  65

Percentage Connected-  62%


Total Punches Thrown-  78

Total Puches Connected-  18

Percentage Connected-  23%

Power Punches Thrown-  56

Power Punches Connected-  16

Percentage Connected-  29%

*Photos by John Juan, Jr.

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