Daily Dose & Announcements: 06/22/09

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>> Chinese Woman sues co-op for saying: Live with your people
>> U.S. Births Hint at Bias for Boys in Some Asians
>> San Francisco Japantown Welcomes the Tanabata Festival
>> Shift Happens: 
Career Hunting, Maintenance and Growth in the Current Economy
>> OCA-OC’s Backpack and School Supplies Drive and BBQ Picnic

Compiled by Beleza Chan


Chinese Woman sues co-op for saying: Live with your people

A Queens co-op board tried to oust a Chinese woman and her family from their building, telling her boss she should “live with her people,” she claims in an $11 million lawsuit.

Lisa Sheen said board members at her Flushing apartment building have made her life miserable since she purchased a sixth-floor unit for herself, her husband and two young daughters in December 2004.

Sheen – whose application included her Chinese name, Shih Hung – said when she filed papers for an apartment, the board of Mainstay Cooperative, Section One was already being sued by a tenant for racial discrimination against Asians. That case is still pending in Queens Supreme Court.

She claimed board members tried to reject her indirectly at first.

They waited months after she applied for an apartment to schedule her interview and then stonewalled her mortgage company until she lost its financing offer, according to legal papers.

When Sheen raised the money with the help of her employer, a real estate company, board members took a more active approach – telling her boss “to convince me to leave the building and move to the Chinese part of town,” she claims.

Jurors will begin hearing Sheen’s case today in Queens Supreme Court.

A lawyer for the board said Sheen is accusing it of racism to cover up her own unauthorized renovations to her apartment. The co-op has been trying to evict her on those grounds since early 2005, legal papers show.

“She has essentially just played the race card in order to cover up her violations of the lease,” said co-op lawyer Eric Schultz.

“Her claim … seems to be that the co-op … didn’t want her because she was Asian. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

The board countersued Sheen for $9 million for defamation and libel. That suit was dismissed.

-NY Daily News

U.S. Births Hint at Bias for Boys in Some Asians

The trend is buried deep in United States census data: seemingly minute deviations in the proportion of boys and girls born to Americans of Chinese, Indian and Korean descent.

In those families, if the first child was a girl, it was more likely that a second child would be a boy, according to recent studies of census data. If the first two children were girls, it was even more likely that a third child would be male.

Demographers say the statistical deviation among Asian-American families is significant, and they believe it reflects not only a preference for male children, but a growing tendency for these families to embrace sex-selection techniques, like in vitro fertilization and sperm sorting, or abortion.

New immigrants typically transplant some of their customs and culture to the United States – from tastes in food and child-rearing practices to their emphasis on education and the elevated social and economic status of males. The appeal to immigrants by clinics specializing in sex selection caused some controversy a decade ago.

But a number of experts expressed surprise to see evidence that the preference for sons among Asian-Americans has been so significantly carried over to this country.

In general, more boys than girls are born in the United States, by a ratio of 1.05 to 1. But among American families of Chinese, Korean and Indian descent, the likelihood of having a boy increased to 1.17 to 1 if the first child was a girl, according to the Columbia economists. If the first two children were girls, the ratio for a third child was 1.51 to 1 – or about 50 percent greater – in favor of boys.

-NY Times


San Francisco Japantown Welcomes the Tanabata Festival

The public is cordially invited to join the Japantown Merchants Association and the participating tenants of the Kinokuniya Building, Kintestsu and Miyako Malls in celebration of the Tanabata or Star Festival to be held from July 1 to July 31, 2009. The malls are located adjacent to the Japantown Center Peace Plaza located in San Francisco’s Japantown between Laguna and Fillmore Streets crossing Post Streets.
The tenants of the Kinokuniya Building, Kintetsu and Miyako Malls will be observing the Tanabata Festival in unique ways and encourage individuals to dress in yukata (traditional summer kimono) and personally place their wishes or messages on the branches of bamboo trees located in designated areas throughout the three malls.
Last year in 2008, a total of 10,000 handwritten wishes or messages were collected and blessed in a special ceremony. Many of the wishes were written in different languages – wishes are truly universal.

Shift Happens: 
Career Hunting, Maintenance and Growth in the Current Economy

Event: Presented by OCA-OC & NAAAP-OC
Description: It’s a challenging time for everyone’s careers – in the midst of a recession, with layoffs and bankruptcies at every turn, and with a world that is rapidly changing economically and politically in an era of globalization and high technology. If you’re currently in between jobs, if you’re looking for a new direction in your career, or if you’re happy where you are but what to keep moving up the ladder, join us for an evening as our panelists share their insights and ideas about how to uncover opportunities in these turbulent times. This will be a panel presentation, followed by Q&A with the audience.
Details: Free-$5, July 28, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m., Union Bank of California, 
16141 Beach Blvd., 
Huntington Beach
OCA-OC’s Backpack and School Supplies Drive and BBQ Picnic

Event: Sponsored by Walmart and Southern California Edison
Please join OCA-OC in giving children in need the tools to succeed! Join us for some networking & philanthropy in the sun!
Catered BBQ and drinks provided!
Details: Free-$15, August 1, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., Irvine Bill Barker Park,
4 Civic Center Plaza,
Contact: rsvp@oca-oc.org

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