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By Carolyn Gan

asianweek109A visit to the Triangle Gallery should be at the top of your list of things to do in the City this week. Chinese-American artist and historian Steve Yee will be exhibiting his recent work of Altar Offerings at the Triangle Gallery until June 27.

In his altar offerings, the artist pulls characters from the headlines of Chinese news in print and online. These characters are deconstructed onto wood putty boards. Yee uses a unique combination of materials as pigments. To this artist, these materials are potent with meaning: rice, teas, ashes or gun powder, rust, bone or ashes or seashells, minerals of Taoist immortal elixirs, gold and ashes. Chinese poetry is written on the surface of his paintings, sometimes in an abstract gestural form. A complex critical engagement with California Chinese history and culture runs through his work. “Steve’s work is very sensitive and subtle. I don’t know of anyone else doing anything like this” says Jack Van Hiele, Director of the Triangle Gallery for over 40 years.

Steve Yee’s Altar Offering 408 is also featured as the cover of “Word Travels”, the recent special international edition of UCLA’s renowned Amerasia Journal, the national interdisciplinary journal of independent scholarship, criticism, and literature on Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and transcultural societies.

The Triangle Gallery is located at 47 Kearney Street, San Francisco. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM.

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