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  • All Blood and No Bite

    All Blood and No Bite

    Blood: The Last Vampire Is it just me or has the recent trend for all things vampire left you feeling like the genre has – and pardon the bad pun – lost its bite?  Whether on TV in True Blood or on the big screen […]

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  • Daily Dose & Announcements: 07/07/09

    Daily Dose & Announcements: 07/07/09

    >> Korean American Candidate Anna Marie Choi Announces Virginia Bid >> UCLA Releases First High School Textbook on Asian Americans >> Boogie Nights in J-Town >>16th Annual Pistahan Parade and Festival >> FAL Presents Community Tours of Historic Filipinotown >> Call For Entries: REEL NIKKEI […]

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  • Chinese American Hero: Francis B. Wai

    Chinese American Hero: Francis B. Wai

    Name in English: Captain Francis B. Wai Gender: Male Birth Year: 1917-1944 Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii

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