Lilly’s Workforce Mirrors the Multicultural Marketplace

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lillys-workforce-imageLilly, a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Indianapolis, is a leading innovation-driven corporation developing a growing portfolio of pharmaceutical products to meet some of the world’s most urgent medical needs, including cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, fibromyalgia, growth disorders, heart disease, osteoporosis and mental health.

Lilly’s ultimate goal is to improve patient care and outcomes. This understanding is the foundation of Lilly’s tailored therapy strategy to deliver patients the right medicine, at the right dose, at the right time. This strategy provides more predictable, personalized patient outcomes. Simply put, Lilly must know patients. And a diverse employee base helps better understand the patient population.

Diversity has long been a key priority at Lilly. Strengthening diversity within the company is valued. It’s also indisputably good for business, particularly as the patient populations grow increasingly diverse.
Lilly fosters a workplace that blends the talents of each and every employee, encouraging varied perspectives and approaches to work. The more diverse the company becomes, the more closely the workforce mirrors the multicultural marketplace and guides decision-making. This, in turn, makes Lilly a better company.

Lilly’s Support of the Asian American Community
Asian American employees are an important part of Lilly’s work and culture as they help the company better understand the Asian patient population.

The greatest measure of Lilly’s diversity efforts is in the company’s ability to attract and retain exceptional employees who feel comfortable in a culture that supports them being themselves.

Eli Lilly Asian American Network (ELAAN)

ELAAN is an employee-led affinity group of more than XX employees that connects Lilly employees who share common backgrounds and experiences. They meet on a regular basis and host educational and networking events open to all employees.

ELAAN’s mission is to:
•    Provide career development, mentoring and networking opportunities for its members.
•    Raise awareness of Asian American cultural differences in the workplace and ensure recognition of Asian American contributions.
•    Encourage employee advocacy through community outreach, recruiting and retention, and educational activities.
•    Serve as an umbrella group for other Asian affinity groups, which include the Chinese Cultural Network (CCN) and Lilly Indian Network (LINk).

Lilly’s commitment to diversity:

Global Diversity Team
In 2006, Lilly reinforced its commitment to diversity with the appointment of its first vice president of global diversity. Leadership across each business unit provides support in helping Lilly achieve inclusion in the company’s workplace, inclusion in the broader marketplace, and ultimately, inclusion for patients.

Clinical Diversity Strategy
Historically, fewer minority patients have participated in clinical trials, resulting in more limited information on the medicine’s safety and efficacy in these populations. Lilly has approved a Clinical Diversity Strategy to better understand patient differences that may affect clinical outcomes and to help increase the enrollment of racially and ethnically diverse populations in U.S. clinical trials. This strategy will help Lilly better understand the efficacy, side-effect profiles and risks in minority populations — the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population.

Lilly continues to increase leadership accountability to develop diverse talent. Senior leaders must meet diversity workforce performance objectives, which focus on mentoring and career path planning for women globally and diverse employees in the United States. And in 2006, the company began requiring diversity training for all U.S. employees, with further instruction for supervisors.

Career development and networking:  Asian American Leadership Retreat
The Asian American Leadership Retreat is an annual event that began in 2006 and helps jump-start the leadership capabilities of promising Asian Americans. Advanced associates and first-level leaders with potential to reach higher levels within the company evaluate their own leadership styles, discuss how others perceive their effectiveness, and receive guidance in developing realistic, practical and effective plans for personal and professional growth. Additionally, the retreat is an opportunity to network with Asian American colleagues and leaders across the company and gain a greater perspective of the business.

Networking is important to Lilly’s Asian American affinity groups and helps foster interaction and support among members. Chinese Culture Network’s activities include monthly lunch seminars, orientation and mentoring for new Chinese employees, celebration of major Chinese holidays and hosting visitors from China. Additional activities are also organized by its Mother’s Club, Social Club and Book/Video Club.

Lilly is committed to identifying and attracting top diverse talent who can help the company fulfill its mission. Lilly maintains a significant campus recruiting initiative at many of the country’s top colleges and universities with high enrollment of diverse populations. Additionally, Lilly has a presence at the Boston Career Forum, the world’s largest Japanese-English bilingual job fair.

Actively supporting the Asian American community
Lilly’s support of Asian American individuals extends beyond the company’s walls into the community through support of organizations and participation in events and programs. Some of those initiatives and activities are listed below.

•    Lilly aims to improve the lives of Asian Americans and has formed a partnership with the Asian American Alliance of Indiana to help Asian Americans serve and lead in their communities.
•    Chinese Culture Network is one of the most active organizations in the Chinese community in Indiana.

Supplier Diversity
For the third consecutive year, Lilly’s supplier diversity initiatives have been rated outstanding by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This puts Lilly in the top tier of all companies partnering with small and diverse businesses. The SBA complimented the company’s strategy, describing it as “commendable” in the way Lilly influences suppliers to utilize diverse subcontractors for Lilly projects.

Company facts at a glance:

•    Founded in 1876
•    Approximately 38,900 employees worldwide
•    More than 7,400 employees engaged in research and development
•    Clinical research conducted in more than 50 countries
•    Research and development facilities located in eight countries
•    Manufacturing plants located in 13 countries
•    Products marketed in 143 countries

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