Entertainment at the Dragon Boat Festival

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This 2009 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival, taking place Sept. 26 and 27 at Treasure Island, features a wide array of entertainment. Here is a look at this year’s performers. For more about the festival, visit sfdragonboat.com/

Chen Tai Chi
The Traditional Chen Family Taijiquan class has been taught at San Francisco Chinese Culture Center for many years by instructor Debbie Au.  They meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Center.

Chung Ngai Dance Troupe


Established in 1966, Chung Ngai Dance Troupe is a non-profit, non-political organization. Our mission is to promote and preserve Chinese culture in the United States through performing arts. In addition, Chung Ngai offers opportunites for members and volunteers alike to participate in events such as the Chinese New Year parade. In the process, participants learn about Chinese culture and gain experience in performing arts. Chung Ngai is an organization run solely by our members. And as many of our members are college students or younger, the skills that are developed provide solid foundations for the rest of their lives. Since the 1970’s, Chung Ngai has been a staple unit of the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade. We are widely known for our outrageous drum ensembles. We have performed a drumset with as many as eight drummers drumming at once.

Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale
Teaching ways to discover peace of mind and insights to life in the high tech valley, Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale offers weekly classes on meditation and Buddhism and regular meditation retreats and workshops that are especially relevant for people ridden by stress and anxiety in the fast pace and hectic schedule of modern living.  Conveniently located at 750 E. Arques Avenue (by N. Wolfe Road) in Sunnyvale, right off Central Expressway, the Zen Center offers these and other programs in English and Chinese, free of charge, and open to all.  The Abbot (head priest) Ven. Jian Hu, Ph.D. frequently gives lectures and workshops locally, across the U.S. and abroad at universities, colleges and high schools to high tech companies and organizations. For more information about the Zen Center, please call (408)733-0750 or visit https://sunnyvale.ctzen.org/.

Chinese Folk Dance Association
The CFDA is a non-profit dance company established by Asian Americans in 1959 for the promotion of Chinese culture to other Californians through performances and classes in Chinese traditional and classical dancing.  The CFDA has performed, in its 44 year history, in large scale productions, in smaller community shows, and by invitation to many other cultural events in the San Francisco Bay Area, normally averaging 40 performances annually.  Over the past 17 years, they have performed in the prestigious San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival thirteen times.

Dennis Woo

12-year old Dennis Woo was first noted for his musical talents at age 3 by his parents and he could sing in many different languages such as Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese.  Since then, he has been utilizing his gift as a vocalist to provide inspiration to his listeners at countless community events throughout the Bay Area.  He released his first CD and performed in Reno at age 8. Outside of the arts, Dennis is an excellent student and has been awarded the President’s Education Award in recognition of Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Dragon Horse Lion Dance Group (Loong Mah)

This group was founded in April 1994 as a non-profit, San Francisco-based organization who performs regularly for worthwhile charities, fundraisers, community, corporate and multi-cultural events.  Loong Mah’s primary objective is to teach and share the art of lion dance which will help develop among our youth the sense of spirit of sharing, teamwork, community involvement, and charity.  We also emphasize to our members the development of honesty, loyalty, trust, integrity, self-confidence, and a deep and genuine awareness of our beautiful art forms and cultural heritage.  Building new traditions is one of our hallmarks in that we train the members who are as young as 4 years old and our membership is comprised equally of girls and boys.  Entering its third year is the mothers’ dragon team, a team comprised entirely of female athletes who have heretofore not been involved with such a physical activity.  This team is powerful yet light-hearted and sparked with a youthful vitality that has to be seen to be believed.

Emeryville Taiko


Emeryville Taiko, led by Susan Horn, was founded in 1998.  Formerly an East Bay class location for the San Francisco Taiko Dojo, headed by Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka, Emeryville Taiko has evolved to become an independent local resource for taiko aficionados who love energetic and enthusiastic drumming that pushes traditional taiko to new heights of creativity.  Susan-san, once a member of the SF Taiko Dojo, has also studied in Japan and welcomes people of all backgrounds and ages to join us.

Gold Mountain Ensemble

Consisting of musicians Harriet Lim and Valerie Samson, Gold Mountain Ensemble has been bringing Cantonese music to residents and visitors of San Francisco for over four years.  They made their debut at the Chinese New Year Spring Festival a few years ago.

Groove MonkeeZ
We are a group of people from Vallejo in the north bay area and Walnut Creek in the east bay area who love to get together and dance.  Groove MonkeeZ is based on hearing the music and grooving to the beat of the song.  We practice hard, train hard, and we always love to perform with our love.  We love to entertain & put on a show…. Enjoy!

Luckystars Marnie & Nicole, The Molano Twins
Our very own rising stars, Marnie & Nicole began singing at age two and a half years old. Singing and playing together were their daily activites at home. At age six, they memorized 16 songs way before they could even read and write. Being young, enthusiastic, and determined performers, the gutsy twins decided to put their shows on the road and made a name for themselves as Luckystars Marnie & Nicole, The Molano Twins. Since they have traveled a lot, they became award-winning performers all over the state. They have sung the US Anthem hundreds of times and done outstanding presentations before national, and local dignitaries at public and private events

Mengru Liang
Mengru Liang has been performing onstage at numerous community events, including the Chinese Spring Festival. This weekend, she will perform a number of traditional Chinese dances.

The Magic of Chin-Chin

Chin-Chin’s featured performance on KRON TV’s “Bay Area Backroads” was just the latest move for this fine young performer. Chin-Chin, a San Francisco native, has been performing magic since the age of seven, when he was entertained by a magician at the hospital after having surgery on a cleft palette.  Growing up in the Bay Area, his fellow magicians dubbed him “Master Prodigy” for his great aptitude in the art of magic at a very early age.   Soon the master prodigy became a master.  Three times awarded “Stage Magician of The Year” in San Francisco, Chin-Chin has become the most awarded magician in the Bay Area.  He combines the art of illusion with a hilarious and dynamic personality and intertwines a message of love and respect to present a show all audiences can enjoy.  In 2008, Chin-Chin’s original and signature act, the “D.U.V.” act has been awarded the Gold Medal by the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians, earning him his first international championship of magic. You are in for a real treat!

Ming Fai
Ming Fai, a Chinese-American (Rap) Hip-Hop artist born in Hong Kong, came to America at a very young age and grew up in San Francisco, CA. He raps in both English and Chinese. Ming Fai has the skills of switching from English to Chinese so smoothly in his songs that it captivates both cultures. His passion for music was mainly developed from his everyday life hustle and struggle on being a Chinese-American male trying to place his identity in society. Ming Fai has the best of both worlds by growing up in Western America yet still embracing his Chinese culture and traditions. He has one album “Breathe Easy” to his credit. Since the release of his album, he has put his recording and performing career aside to pursue a position in the business aspect of the entertainment industry, including Asia. He has brought a new perspective of Hip Hop to Hong Kong (Hierophat Entertainment http://www.hierophat.com/).  Ming Fai is currently the manager for DJ Motiv8 (Motivate), who is the founder and DJ of the world famous pop group “The Black Eyed Peas”.

Parangal Dance Company

As the newest Philippine Dance Company in the Bay Area, Parangal means tribute. Founded in May 2008, our company consists of members who share the same passion and love of Philippine folk dancing. Parangal Dance Company’s mission is to give tribute to our motherland, the Philippines, by preserving and promoting its rich culture and tradition through dance, music, and costumes. Through our research, public and private performances, and free dance workshops, we aim to also educate the diverse San Francisco Bay Area and beyond about the Philippines and its culture and tradition.

QueensFunk (formerly Mystic Rhythm League)
QueensFunk is a bay area quartet consisting of members that are longtime veterans of the San Francisco music scene. Keyboardist Lani Honma and guitarist Leoncio Santos are joined by brother Nelson Santos on drums and Phil Douglas on bass. Rounding out the band are Debbie Douglass and Michelle Gonzales on lead vocals. They come together as a formidable task force on dance grooves from the 70’s. A virtual plethora of old school songs and hits that you have at some point in your life either danced to…. or just bopped your head to in time with the beat. The music that QueensFunk plays is good for the heart and soul. . . And will sho’nuf make you wanna get down!

Red Panda

The Red Panda Acrobats formed in 1990 in Shanghai and its members are professionally trained in China.  The troupe started performing in the United States in 1991.  The group performs all year long in a variety of venues including corporate and company events, fairs, festivals, sporting events, school assemblies, and TV shows.  The Red Panda Acrobats have traveled throughout the nation and overseas performing for well-known companies that include Disney World, EPCOT Center, Las Vegas Casinos, and Apple Computer.  They have appeared in the Crook and Chase Show, Incredible Acrobats, London Television, China’s Best Acrobats, Shanghai Television, Mornings Live on 2, Channel 2 KTVU, and many more.  The group is based in the San Francisco area and is led by Wayne Huey who studied at the Fu Shing Acrobatics Academy in Taipei and trained with the prestigious Shanghai Circus School.

Reincarnation Performance Group
Reincarnation Performance Group was started in 1997 by four people and now has grown to over one hundred members.  The group is dedicated to building a safe and educational environment in which youth may grow and gain cultural awareness through the Arts.  Today, they are actively involved in many community events to raise cultural awareness because of their strong belief that with the growing diversity of our society, it is crucial to acknowledge and respect different cultures in order to better understand and appreciate ourselves.  Previous performances have included the Asian American Expos in San Mateo and Los Angeles, Chinese New Year Street Fair and the International Dragon Boat Festival.

San Francisco Wushu Team
The world tour by China’s National Wushu Team in 1974 left a great effect on the martial arts community in the United States.  After that team’s tour, many Chinese Americans were inspired to learn wushu.  As a result of that interest, the San Francisco Wushu Team was founded by Sifu Anthony Chan, Sifu Bryant Fong, and others to perform and promote the art of wushu.  The team has competed in international competitions.  They also have been part of the U.S. Wushu Team, participating in the World Wushu Championships in Beijing. http://www.sfwushu.net

Those Kids
Those kids love to sing and entertain, and of course have fun.  They range in age from 7 to 15 years old.  They are goofy, crazy, and awesome entertainers that have captured the hearts of many.  They consist of two sisters, Caite and Ciara, their brother Daric and cousin Kiana.  The Carvajal Kids also dubbed “Those Kids” are proud of their San Francisco roots, though the three siblings moved to Sacramento in 2001.  They began performing at family gatherings and have been entertaining ever since at many community events, festivals and shows throughout California, Hawaii and Nevada.  They hope to stay in the music scene in the years to come and dream of being on the Disney Channel and MTV one day.  As for the future, the kids are taking one step at a time, putting school first.  When they’re not singing you can find them performing in musicals, in the Lowell High School Drill Team, playing for the 49ers flag football team and playing piano.  In their spare time they enjoy going to the movies, sports, and hanging out with friends.  You can check them out at www.myspace.com/thosekids916 or at youtube.com tags under “Those Kids 916”

A Touch of Polynesia

We are an ohana-based performance group established in 1986, presenting dances and our own style of live music from the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand. Each of our members – dancers and musicians alike – brings a diversity of experience and talent to the group that have been developed and nurtured through many years of learning, competing and performing with various award-winning hula halau, tahitian and musical groups. Together, we are “A Touch of Polynesia”, and we look forward to sharing the “ALOHA spirit” through our dance and music.

World Kung Fu Federation
A long time festival favorite, Henry Chang was born in Northern China where he learned various acrobatic skills and traditional martial arts.  During the 1980’s, Mr. Chang taught Chinese folk acrobatic arts such as Diablo, tops, Chinese Kung Fu Boxing, Iron rings, and more at the East Bay Chinese School.

Yau Kung Moon Kung Fu Sports Association

Yau Kung Moon, also known in the United States as YKM, is an unfamiliar style that stresses not only physical, but also mental well being.  Based on the movements of ten animals, it incorporates not only their varied strengths, but also their gracefulness and speed; unifying these characteristics comprises the physical aspects of this system.  Although it originated in the Tang Dynasty (800 AD) by Ding Yang, a monk of the Shaolin Temple, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that YKM finally came to America.  Two of Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung’s top disciples, Wong Cheung and Wan Tak Kei, immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong and are Master Wong in San Francisco and Master Wan in Los Angeles.  For the past twenty-six years, the two Grandmasters, with the help of their disciples, grew the Yau Kung Moon Association to over a thousand members strong. http://www.ykmusa.com/

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