Pacquiao-Cotto Round By Round Coverage

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Pacquiao-Cotto Round by Round Coverage

Past Pacquiao fight clips are shown on arena screens above to the AC/DC song “Thunderstruck”, followed by Pacquiao’s entrance to the Survivor song “Eye of the Tiger”. Wearing a red robe with blue sleeves, he climba to the top of a ring post and raised his right fist skyward, to the cheers of the crowd.

Past Cotto fight clips are shown to the Kanye West song “Stronger”.  Cotto enters the ring to a Puerto Rican hip hop song, wearing a white hoodie cut off at the waist.

Michael Buffer announces “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!”

Round 1

Cotto lands three straight jabs. Pacquiao throws three jabs that miss, allowing Cotto to counter with a left, then a three-punch combination to the body.  Cotto lands a left to Pacquiao’s head, then three jabs and a left to the body. Cotto lands another jab. Pacquiao misses with a right. Cotto lands three-punch combination before the round ends.

Natividad scores it 10-9 Cotto

Round 2

Pacquiao lands a left right combo, which doesn’t seem to phase Cotto. Pacquiao lands a left, countered by a left jab from Cotto.  Manny lands a four-punch combination, the crowd cheers. Cotto retaliates with a hard left hook to the head. Pacquiao responds with a five punch combination that phases Cotto’s forward progress. Another five-punch combination from Pacquiao stuns Cotto even more.

Natividad scores it 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 3

Cotto starts the round off agressive, but a hard right from Pacquiao stuns Cotto in his tracks. Cotto stands toe to toe in an exchange that drops Cotto with a Pacquiao right hand to the temple.  Cotto’s gloves hit the floor but he seems to be fine during the count and continues to fight.  Pacquaio lands to the body, followed by Cotto landing a left hook to the head.  Pacquiao seems conpletely unphased by these hard shots to the head. Pacquiao lands two lead lefts. Cotto then lands three punches to the body and one to the head. Pacquiao coutners with three right hands, and a left while avoiding Cotto’s counter. Cotto land a right-left combination to the head to end the round.

Natividad scores it 10-8 Pacquiao

Round 4

Cotto lands a three-punch combination with Pacquiao on the ropes that may have stunned him momentarily. Pacquiao responds with a right to the head and then the body with a left, followed by a three-punch combination to the body. Cotto lands a flurry of punches with Pacquiao on the ropes. Pacquiao takes the punches well. Pacquiao leaves the ropes, circles Cotto and lands a left uppercut that drops Cotto with knees buckled. Cotto gets up stunned and is saved by the bell.

Natividad scores it 10-8

Round 5

The crowd chants “Manny Manny Manny!”. Pacquiao has Cotto’s timing down and is taking his punches very effectively. Pacquiao lands a flurry that wobbles Cotto, but Cotto continues to move forward and throw punches to the body. Pacquiao is way too fast. Cotto has Pacquiao on the ropes and lands a strong left uppercut then a right that seems to have stunned him, but Pacquiao continues as if nothing happened. Pacquiao lands a one-two before the round ends.

Natividad scores it 10-9 Cotto

Round 6

Pacquiao lands to the body and head, comes forward and nails Cotto along the ropes.  Cotto looks bad, and doesn’t know what to do about the punches he can’t see coming. Cotto seems to be on the defensive as Pacquiao pursues a confrontation as he lands a clean right with Cotto against the ropes that almost puts Cotto down again.  The fight seems to have taken a turn from the fourth round knockdown.

Natividad scores it 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 7

Pacquiao begins the round aggressive with a flurry of punch combos. Cotto covers his eyes and face but still is getting hit. Pacquiao lands a lead left to the body followed by a right and left uppercut in the middle of the ring. Cotto lands a left, Pacquaio responds with a left right one two.  Pacquiao is in total control of the fight thus far.

Natividad scores it 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 8

Pacquiao leads with his left and lands twice. Cotto lands a nice jab but Pacquiao is unstunned. Cotto is on his toes dancing backwards on the defensive. Pacquiao lands three left hooks and a right. On the ropes Pacquiao lands another three-punch combination. Pacquiao then absorbs two left hooks to the head, responding with a three-punch combination.

Natividad scores it 10-9

Round 9

Pacquiao corners Cotto and drills him with about 10 or so punches along the ropes followed by a three-punch combination stunning Cotto even more.  Cotto’s face is red and blood from his eyes may be affecting his vision.  The referee shoul think about stopping this bout soon, it is one sided. Cotto continues to dance away from Pacquiao. Pacquiao is basically chasing Cotto around the ring with hands at his side at times.

Natividad scores it 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 10

Cotto continues to dance away trying to survive. Pacquiao continues to pursue COtto, undeterred and with great stamina. Cotto but takes a two-punch combination followed by a three-punch combination along the ropes before he is saved by the bell.

Natividad scores it 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 11

The crowd chants “Manny Manny Manny!” to begin the round. Cotto is now bleeding red onto his own trunks. Cotto takes a seven-punch combination along the ropes. Cotto continues to back peddle away. Pacquiao drills two right hands.  They should look into stopping this fight soon.  Pacquiao drops his hands in the middle of the ring possibly frustrated with Cotto’s unwillingness to fight.

Natividad scores it 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 12

The crowd chants Pacquiao’s name again. Pacquiao lands a hard left hand to Cotto on the ropes, referee Kenny Bayless quickly steps in and waves an end to the fight. Manny Pacquaio wins by 12th-round technical knockout. The official time is 55 seconds of the round

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