Don’t Get Clawed: Tiger interactions with other zodiac animals

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Julie D. Soo in interview with I-ching Master Y.C. Sun

The order of the animal zodiac is based on the order of the finishers of a race Buddha called: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

The Tiger can work successfully and communicate well to achieve happiness and harmony in love and business with: Horse, Dog, and Pig.

The Monkey and Tiger are rivals, with the Monkey constantly running into conflict with the Tiger. Mature Monkeys should watch for bad health. Younger Monkeys will make changes in all aspects. Wear a necklace with a figure of a horse, dog, or pig to smooth the transition of rapid change.

The Tiger competes with other Tigers on all fronts with animosity and a mountain cannot accommodate more than one Tiger. Tigers should watch for poor health and avoid confrontation. Wear a necklace with a figure of a horse, dog, or pig to divert the ill attention of the Golden Tiger.

The Rat and Tiger have a moderate relationship, providing the Rat an opportunity to make changes, travel, and work hard to better its career and status.

The Ox and Tiger clash even though the Ox will try new things to accommodate the Tiger, leaving the Ox to resort to secondary plans. It is a romantic year for Ox people.

The Tiger provides the Rabbit with a romantic year but strong competition disturbs chances of lasting new romantic pursuits.

The Tiger disturbs the Dragon’s focus on making changes, travel, and study with worries about an elder’s health issue.

Though Snake and Tiger often spar with sharp tongue and competition, Snake’s wisdom and charm wins over the Tiger.

The Goat enjoys romance and happiness with the Tiger but takes care of a health issue.

The Rooster should overcome an obstacle with the Tiger but achieving its goal will require spending money.

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