Fiery Tiger Year: Learn to Chill Out

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Julie D. Soo in interview with I-ching Master Y.C. Sun

The Year of the Tiger will be tumultuous as the Metal Tiger or Golden Tiger brings volatility and disagreement. Economic recovery for the United States will continue to be slow and worries about deflation are likely to turn to inflation.
The Tiger is the third of twelve Chinese animal zodiac signs. Tiger people are thought to be fiery and bold, good for people of action. However, fiery Tigers can also be tempestuous and quick to anger, defeating any kind of cordial relations.
The past year more mellow with the earth element for the Earth Ox or Brown Ox Year brought trust and kindness to promote conflict resolution, will turn as the metal element for the Metal Tiger or Golden Tiger (4708 on the Chinese lunar calendar) begins on February 4 to a year of disagreement and hostility says Bay Area I-ching Master Y.C. Sun. Geomancers like to look at sixty-year cycles because the five elements — metal, wood, water, fire, and earth — and 12-animal zodiac generally bring circumstances full circle.
Sun predicts a year of growing global disagreement and hostility in keeping with the last Metal Tiger Year. In 1950, the United States suffered under the strains of the Korean War, the Cold War, the nuclear arms race, and McCarthyism.
As Master Sun, a computer scientist and multi-generational geomancer, has enhanced his focus on global economics and geopolitics and is often quoted in CBS MarketWatch, he does see some glimmer with the metal element associated with the Golden Tiger. Metal is associated with money and transportation, so that should bode well even with a slow economic recovery. Think public works projects and high speed rail.
Two years ago, Sun explained, “The U.S. is one year ahead of the looming global recession that will come in the second quarter of 2009.” Early last year, he saw signs of our housing market bottoming out in the summer with signs of recovery in the fall. Sun had also indicated in early 2008 that China, our big investor, wouldn’t be able to control inflation and a power struggle would erupt there as President Hu Jintao would experience a bad luck year in 2009. While China hasn’t suffered the major recession of most countries following an Olympic host year, Sun predicts that China’s bubble will burst in the next couple of years.
Sun sees China and other Asian countries leading in a sustained but uneven global recovery in 2010, while the United States and Europe remain weak primarily due to a lack of consumer support and high unemployment. World output will increase by about 2 percent this year after having fallen about the same in 2009. For the first time in history, the recovery from a global recession is being driven by an emerging market rather than by the United States.
Since 2004, the Earth has been on “Track 8” in our solar universe and will remain for a period of 20 years until 2023. According to Sun, this schematic places China as the new super economic power, taking over the lead position from the United States. Sun reminds us that in 2004, the U.S. started its economic down fall as the housing bubble was inflated initially by keeping target short-term rates too low for too long, leading to reckless lending and borrowing in the housing market, and subsequently by loans being repackaged as securities sold to investors. But, China will not be immune to its share of problems as it is heavily invested in the U.S. and the communist leadership faces internal struggles.
The characteristics of the animal combined with influences from five basic elements — metal, wood, water, fire, and earth – foretell the kind of year. The balance of the elements promotes harmony. Each animal can be converted into the five elements. This Tiger Year also contains wood, fire, and earth elements. Wood and fire together will make fire stronger. Metal is challenged by fire and metal is also against wood. That means the metal element and the Tiger will fight each other, creating turbulence for the year. The lack of water for this year also means a lack of tact, according to Sun.
Geopolitically, continue to expect turmoil from Iran and the Middle East but also energy-rich African countries, where these areas will create internal struggles that spill over into global crises. Expect Al Qaeda to surge again.
The metal, wood and fire energy will create plenty of natural disasters and man-made problems: deadly hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes in August through October; deadly snowstorms in the Northeast; avalanches in Europe, particularly at the Alps; volcanic eruptions; and, frequent mass civic protests and violent riots globally.
Tensions stand to grow with China, our biggest creditor to whom we owe some $800 billion. However, opportunities exist if the U.S. partners with China with working to solve the world’s most challenging problems, such as climate change, nuclear proliferation, and global financial reform.
President Barack Obama has called for “cooperation, not confrontation” with China, so the U.S. may defer any imminent trade wars. Obama, born in the year of the Metal Ox, carries metal and earth energies, according to his birth chart – a wood goat birth month carrying earth, fire, and wood. Obama was able to utilize the water energy over the last few years to catapult his fame and keep lady luck by his side, culminating in a Nobel Peace Prize at the end of 2009. But, this year the absence of water will prove trying for Obama. The U.S. will have to be on guard as North Korea and Iran press to build nuclear arms and the President must continue to work with Russia on nuclear disarmament, says Sun.
Swimming may just be the panacea to increase Obama’s luck this stormy year. While he will be able to start new initiatives, this year will be full of compromise and President’s Plan A’s will more likely be his Plan B’s.
The elements also indicate popular business and investment sectors. According to Sun, the metal energy points to some profits in metal industries, transportation, government, criminal justice, and even auto segments. GM and the U.S. auto industry will make a comeback with new products, including electric and fuel efficient vehicles, predicts Sun. The fire energy pulls in sectors such as solar green energy projects, high tech, information technology, computer software, fire arms, entertainment – movies, television, show business, and opera, and oil and gas.
Tapping into the absent water energy industries will provide profits this year, pointing to the import/export, travel, shipping, moving company, cleaning, musical, magic entertainment, Internet, seafood, chemical, fruit juicing, wine spirits, and tea and coffee industries.
During last year’s Earth Ox, Sun explained that the confluence of earth and water would produce a rich soil to grow wood, representative of the U.S. dollar, indicating a rebound for the weakened currency and stemming a global free fall. This year, Sun predicts that the dollar will come back alive and do some rebounding. Oil and gas will be volatile within the $68 to $108 per barrel range. Gold prices will start to race up to the $1,350 level in the second half of 2010.
The stock market will be volatile like the Tiger. Sun says watch for the market to pull back big in June and less so in October. Good investments in the Metal Tiger Year should center on the metal energy industries – engineering, hardware, manufacturing, transportation, and high-speed rail. Sun also predicts that the earth energy from Track 8 combined with the elements of this year will make for strong commodities trading activity.
According the “Nine Spots of Flying Stars” theory, Sun says that good locations this year are northwest, middle, north, and west, while bad locations are southwest, northeast, south, and southeast. The directionals can apply to one’s home, a city, a state, a country, or the world. Sun says the southwest location will experience bad accidents, disasters, or misfortune. A metal wind chime placed at this directional can breakup with bad energy.
For Bay Area political followers, Sun predicted last year that San Francisco Mayor Newsom, a Fire Goat, would have a challenging year as he set into the California gubernatorial race because the Fire Goat posed conflicts with the Ox. Sun saw more positive energy with his family life with an addition to the family and indeed, daughter Montana Tessa was born in the fall. As of this writing, Newsom has not yet decided whether to seek the Lt. Governor’s seat. While Sun believes the likelihood of success for Newsom in that race is good, the Metal Tiger brings Newsom a renewed energy to focus on city business and produce with high productivity, efficiency, and good results.
Sun predicts a strong year for Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, a Fire Horse. Last year, Sun advised that Ma should focus on planting new seeds during the Earth Ox Year, removing anything that was unproductive for strong gains in 2010. In the elective year of the last of her three two-year term limit, will reap benefits from her workaholic nature. The Metal Tiger will provide Ma with strong energy and vision, combined with timely strategy and outstanding leadership to achieve a very successful year. She will bring strong financial gains for California, no doubt in part to her role in bringing the high-speed rail project to fruition. Her personal life will be equally strong as Sun sees wedding bells for Ma next year.
A little meditation and conflict resolution training will help this year and for the next 24 months. Next year –the Year of the Rabbit — and another metal year looks to be another fierce year, more sticks than carrots.

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