Filipino Artists Showcase Work at This Weekend’s Pistahan Festival

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This year’s Pistahan Parade and Festival Art Pavilion will be showcasing an eclectic array of genres from local Filipino Bay Area artists. From graffiti, animation, and illustration, to breathtaking landscapes, there will be something for everyone to admire. Come by and talk with the artists who will be in attendance both days of the festival from 11am to 5pm on Saturday Aug. 14 and Sunday Aug. 15.

Along with the seasoned artists, and in keeping with this year’s theme CREATE, EDUCATE, CELEBRATE, there will be a space dedicated to the students of Kulayan, a Kularts Visual Arts Program, currently in residence at the Filipino Community Center in the Excelsior district of San Francisco.

KULAYAN, is a San Francisco based Visual Arts program of KULARTS. It provides free art and educational workshops to the community aimed at, but not limited to young Pilipino and Pilipino-Americans. The curriculum explores issues of identity, the role of art in activism and community, and learning the skills to create successful art works individually, and in a collective. Workshop sessions include a survey of Pilipino Art History and Contemporary Art, and also an in-depth exploration of Pilipino myths and legends. The program currently has residency at the Filipino Community Center in the Excelsior district. There are 7 students participating in the exhibit: Jana Templaza, Ben Yu, Bean Rabino, TJ Basa, Elaine Villasper, Michael Luat and Glenn Aquino along with Kulayan teachers: James Garcia and Christopher De Leon.

The Pistahan Art Pavilion is coordinated by Judy Manlapaz Romanenkov and assisted by James Garcia.

The exhibiting artists are:

Judy Romanenkov – does original oil paintings of landscapes, portraits, still lifes in impressionistic, realistic and modernistic styles. She is a member and current treasurer of the San Francisco Women Artists, established in 1887 it is one of the oldest art organizations around. She exhibits regularly at the SFWA gallery in its monthly juried shows as well as in other venues. Painting since early childhood, art is one of her many careers. Along with art studies and courses, she holds an MA in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University and a BS in Accounting and Economics, taught Economics and Accounting, been treasurer of a college, a controller, a director of Finance and Administration for non-profit organizations among others.

James Garcia, graduated in 2002 with a BA in Art from SFSU. Since then he has participated in numerous exhibitions all over the United States and the Philippines. Known primarily as a “character” artist, he blends narratives from his cultural, spiritual, sociopolitical beliefs, and observations to create a fantastical world of creatures and beings – juxtaposed in alternate realities and environments. Other than creating gallery works, James has been curating art exhibitions locally in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Maryland, and the Philippines. A big advocate in promoting Filipino visual artists, James has been producing Filipino specific exhibitions in the past couple years to explore and celebrate Filipino identity and heritage.

Christopher de Leon, was called to be an artist the first day he picked up a crayon at the young tender age of three. He has since studied at Cal Arts, Art Institute of San Francisco and the Academy Art University. He is armed with a wide variety and knowledge of traditional and non-traditional fine art mediums such as oil, gouache, acrylics and charcoal. He also is well versed in sculpture, character design, storyboarding and graphic design. His love for “street” or urban art has brought him into the urban contemporary gallery and live paint scene here in the Bay Area.

Gem Mateo likes to stay always creative – with him working at Levi’s as graphic designer, to him partnering with Invisible Stripes to start the kids line called GEMS. He always finds his way to escape through creating art through paint.

Born and raised in Chicago and now living in Oakland, CA, Peabe began drawing during his early stages of development. The characters he creates, an embodiment of his emotional peaks, were heavily influenced by the “cattle to the slaughterhouse” train riders who often appear “zombie-esque” during their commute. However, occasionally a passenger would awaken to something beautiful around them – he worked on capturing this moment of enlightenment emerging from melancholy, while still bringing forth the art, texture, colors, and beauty of the city.

Manny Pacquiao by Tim Guitarte

Tim Guitarte, born in 1983 in Redwood City, currently resides in Vallejo, California. With a BA degree in Art Studio from the University of California, Davis, Tim is a portrait artist influenced by the underground scene. Currently painting full time, he tries to capture the subtle emotions often associated with his own personal feelings in his portraits. His work integrates the underground with the more traditional, fine art usually associated with portrait work.

JR Ignacio, also known as Dyno, has been an artist since the day he could pick up a crayon. His current works of art mashes his personal thoughts and feelings into a dinosaur form. Influenced by street art, he adopted the clean and bold outlines to mix with his raw mess, creating a style of his own that continues to evolve.

Marlon Sagana Ingram‘s work is a seamless fusion of Raw materials, aerosol street tactics, and thickly layered indigediapsoric ideoscapes of sky hopping proportions. Intergalactic constellations of color and light converge creating futurescopic dream-like phantasmagoria. The laws of experience and continuous variation regulate free action through the striated cityscapes of Coconica. The work expresses an identity that is malleable, based on connections, interactivity, and relations. One that is present in the permeability of ancestral legacies while free-flowing in the histories of the now. Marlon Ingram addresses how monumental histalograms (or fantastical projections) of memory effects and is created by the subjectivity of the individual self. Imagined worlds. Created realities.

Sherwin Rosario. The early days of Kirby’s Dreamland video game art inspired Rosario’s crisp clean, graphic bold style. An AA degree at the Art Institute of San Francisco International helped further his technical and commercial knowledge therefore landing him his current Art Director job at Preschool Prep Company. Along with working with Preschool Prep Rosario is one of a twenty plus member art crew by the name of Individual Collective that heads various collaborations and shows.

Marcius Noceda was born in Olongapo City, Philippines and moved to United States when he was 15. He first studied painting in Ventura Community College and, graduated with BFA in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. He’s a part of Filipino American art collective Kwatro-Kantos and organized shows in San Francisco, Oakland and Manila. He currently works at the Hunters point shipyard artist studio.

Aimee M. Espiritu, a queer filipina, visual and performance artist, educator and designer, has been creating art workshops, writing, performing, and directing theater for the past 8 years. Espiritu’s first Bay Area production was “Pagbabalik (Return)” (2006-2007), a multidisciplinary production merging Filipino tradition and innovation to examine the meanings of home and return.

Mia Ante, 3rd generation Filipina/Chinese/Spanish American-San Francisco born native. She has been creating art for as long as she can remember alongside designing jewelry as form of healing a passion for her since the age of 7.

Paolo Salazar is an extremely dedicated artist who moved to the East Bay when he was a toddler by way of Baguio city in the Philippines. He can now be found scouring all corners of San Francisco soaking up what the city’s people have to offer and spewing it into oil based perceptions of reality.

Robby Lee – holds a BFA from the Academy of Art University and does illustrations, logo and production designs and creates drawings of fantasy scenes and creatures.

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