Asian Americans are #1 on the SAT

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The 2010 SAT college entrance test results are in. Historically, back in the day when I went to MIT, the common wisdom was that Asians scored better in math, but were disadvantaged because of the verbal scores. The men outscored women in math, but women were better in verbals. I’m probably the only guy who noticed that sometime in the 1990s, Asians started outscoring whites when the verbal gap shrank to less than the math advantage, probably because of more American born vs immigrants taking the test.  This year, the combined test scores for Asians at 1636 is 56 points ahead of whites, but Mexicans were 211 and blacks were 303 points behind.

In math, there is no surprise in math that Asians overall at 591 beat whites by 55 points, and Asian men scored highest at  605. But I’m still the only guy who has noticed that Asian females at 577  scored higher than white men at 555.  Now if colleges like MIT given women admission preferences (their admit rate is about double the rate for men)  does it make sense to give Asian women a break if they get higher test scores and apply in higher proportions than white men? And if we break out any over-represented subgroup of women, what about other groups such as Jews or any other religious/ethnic group?

In critical reading, men at 503 now outscore women by 5 points, while Asian men are just about even at 1 point ahead of their women. Asians overall lagged whites in reading, but not by much at just a  9 point gap.

Overall, females did 12 points better than males in writing. However, if writing was introduced to make the test more fair, it has proven if anything to be  an advantage for Asians who at 526 were 10 points ahead of  whites at  516. It has only made things worse for minorities such as the  African Americans,  as their 420 was  the worst of their 3 SAT scores.

Here are some scores ranked from high to low:

Asian male   605
Asian        591 +55
Asian female 577
White male   555
White        536 =0
Male         534
white female 519
Female       500
black male   436
black        428
black female 422
asian female 532
asian        526 + 10
white female 523
asian male   520
white        516 = 0
white male   508
female       498
male         486
white male   530
white        528
white female 526
asian male   520
asian female 519
asian        519
asian   1636 +56 (mostly math)
white   1580 = 0
mexican 1369 -211, about 4x white-asian gap.
black   1277 -303, about 6x the white-asian gap.

The 2010 College Board Reports can be found here:

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