Will Asians Desert Obama Democrats in MidTerms?

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You know, the one group I don’t see ANY coverage of from either side are the Asians. I don’t see hardly any Asians on Glenn Beck. Among the freak show that was the left wing counter-Beck rally which had communists, socialists, unions, LGBT, hispanic, black, pink and purple people I didn’t see any Asian groups like the OCA for Chinese, Japanese or any other Asian groups.

The GOP traditionally puts in enormous efforts into getting into getting Hispanics and African Americans on board who are continuing to stick to Obama in OJ-like proportions in contrast to whites who are deserting the Obamacrats in droves. But nobody seems to notice that Asians only very recently slight tipped into the Democrats, probably because of all those “model minority” kids who got brainwashed in exchange for being let into America’s top (read most liberal) colleges. I don’t count, I went to MIT. Asians are still the only group anywhere near 50/50 on political split besides whites who are drifting towards GOP as the only group that doesn’t routinely use straight white christians as punching bags.

Here’s the question I’m posing for you folks in comments, Asians or just hanging around. Asians are the largest group for “independent” who don’t declare, though I’ve previously observed Asians tend to be either comatose or liberal as heck politically. Will the Obama debacle be the event that pushes Asian Americans back to the GOP side? Or, as was the case the last time the GOP took over congress, will they still end up on the side of “impoverished colonialized minorities”? Maybe we can even generate from mainstream coverage if you folks come up with some really deep responses.

You know where I come from, read Dinesh D’Souza’s book on Obama’s “anti-colonialst” theory which explains a heck of a lot of what Obama did such as toss the bust of war hero (you might think) but arch-colonialist Churchill.

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