New Sci-fi Novel Tearing Up The Sky

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Science fiction fans have a new title to pique their interest with the release of Tearing the Sky (Kalyphon Press), the debut novel from notable videogame industry executive Jamil Moledina. Highly regarded as an influential trend-spotter by his peers, Moledina has now turned his talent to craft a speculative, character-driven science fiction story set 360,000 years in the future.

Discovering that a fanatical cult is collapsing the universe, quirky Stanford student Kale Eritrus takes the two women he can’t chose between on a galaxies-spanning adventure to save it all. The book is available today in the U.S. and Canada in paperback and e-book formats. A trailer of the book can be viewed here:

“Tearing the Sky has all the scope of Asimov, the technical depth of Bear, and a take on the human, and non-human, spirit that is uniquely his own,” said Jesse Alexander, writer and executive producer of Lost, Heroes, and Alias. “From the moment Kale, Gander, Athena and all the fascinating characters of Tearing the Sky embark on their incredible journey, to that final moment when they hold the fate of the universe in their hands – Jamil always finds a way to make them feel relatable, like people we know, want to know, or maybe even wish we were. The sky is tearing, the Big Crunch is coming – let Jamil Moledina’s new book lead you to science fiction salvation.”

Jamil Moledina at Orange Photography studios

For Moledina, a veteran of the gaming industry and lifelong sci-fi fan, there is an undeniable connection between the two. He explains, “Building on their lavish extrapolation of modern discoveries and technology, the most enduring science fiction stories interactively challenge our acceptance of the status quo in our own world. Audiences then follow their own paths to their own conclusions, offset against the subversively seductive canvas the storyteller presents.”

From his earliest memories Moledina has possessed an unquenchable thirst for science fiction. Moledina devoured classic science fiction during his youth and counts Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Frank Herbert’s Dune among the two greatest books he has ever received. He wrote Tearing the Sky in effort to fill one of many gaps between the picture of our universe as tentatively understood by science, and the one presented in fiction. In this universe, Moledina currently signs and manages independent games for Electronic Arts and lives in San Francisco.

Tearing the Sky is available in paperback and e-book formats through,, and Apple iBookstore. Book excerpt is available at For more information about Tearing the Sky visit

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