UCLA Girl on (Asians in the) Library Manners

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Update Fri 3/18 – Thanks folks for the hysterical responses, but I think we need MORE hysterical responses to the Japan crisis. See Gaman vs epic nuclear fail I didn’t even start on Glenn Beck’s point that Americans really aren’t responding as they did for Haiti, and people are finally starting to notice this is like Hiroshima and Nagasaki except covering the entire northeast coast, these towns look like wartime photos of Hiroshima of total devastation with only a couple of buildings standing, and dazed people walking down roads with wooding walking sticks. 14 elderly people just died after they were evacuated from their hospital to get away from the radiation zone. The Hiroshima bomb had just 140 pounds of uranium that went up all once. Now we’ve got 1,700 tons of the stuff in storage open to the air that will be brewing until the end of time if they’re not kept in cooled water 24 hrs a day. Looking up how much nuclear material they have on site it says “A global nuclear disaster potentially worse than Chernobyl may be under way in Japan as hundreds of tonnes of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel are open to the sky, and may be on fire and emitting radioactive particles into the atmosphere.” It has an estimated 1,700 tonnes of used or spent but still dangerous nuclear fuel in storage pools … holding 30 to 35 years worth of spent fuel at reactors No. 3 and No. 4 have lost containment and most if not all of their coolant water. They may be on fire, venting radioactive particles into the atmosphere” I didn’t expect to tune into the weather channel to see animation of a radiation plume 150 miles out to sea then sweeping over the island and Tokyo over the next week as winds shift, forget the 15 mile zone. The government all the way up to the emperor has all but announced “now is the time to panic”, and power company is asking the government if they can just quit, and the government is saying no with some officials hinting they’re going to have to be good 21st century samurai and fight to the last irradiated man. Not good folks. Severe badness. It’s always fun to make fun of hot sensitivity impaired caucasian girls, but we have a crisis going on this week, and that’s where our energy as Asian Americans and our friends should go.

Update Wed 3/16 – Boy that’s a lot of response for Valley Girl Miss Manners. Remember, I originally posted a piece by another “white chick” who has made it her mission to promote Asian men as dating prospects that isn’t exactly my opinion. Now that I’ve got a chance to see some more responses, I do think there’s something to be said in defense of Euro-mericans who are creeped out when surrounded by so many Asians (being a guy who grew up as largely the only Asian around even I get a little creeped out when I’m not around enough “Americans”) but on the other hand if a white girl doesn’t want this sort of “diversity”, the vast majority of UC campuses are still white dominated if you don’t have to be at a flagship. If you saw my pieces in the 80s and 90s, I figured the UC policy of affirmative action really was just trying to cram every possible minority body into the two flagship campuses, and soon realized the ONLY group that wasn’t complaining about their numbers was whites. In fact they seemed to celebrate as every time numbers of whites went down, it was a victory for “diversity”. The result is that whites who didn’t get into UCLA and Berkeley just went to other places like Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz, and the Asians went to Irvine.

Interestingly, the girl mocks chinese well enough to sound like mock-Mandarin rather than the historical stereotype which sounds like mock Cantonese. She’s certainly no monster like so many people on Youtube and Facebook who are fans of 9-11 truth and Ron Paul who fearlessly post truly hateful anti-American and anti-Semitic/Israel pro-Jihad statements who favorite and subscribe to radical Islamic and/or supremacist videos by David Duke or William Pierce of the National Alliance who act as if they are psy-op agents as part of the Continuing 9-11 Operation to Establish the Global Islamic State. Hopefully she’s learned a lesson, and maybe the Asian Community of UCLA ™ can reach out to her and introduce her to some real Asian culture besides being overheard on cellphones in the library.

— back to the original post —

Now I’m an Asian who’s spent some time fighting for the victims of some of the worst excesses of affirmative action, but yes here his a fine example of why Euro-Americans STILL haven’t gotten over some of their new neighbors. Some girl who is identified as an UCLA student complains about the manners of her Asian classmates on Youtube.

(Not to be confused with Best of Asians Sleeping In The Library)

There is already a Know Your Memes entry on the video:
On March 14, 2011, A UCLA student named Alexandra Wallace posted a rant about Asian students using cell phones in the library. The video went viral within hours, and UCLA administration responded, calling
the video repugnant The UCLA Daily Bruin also printed an apology fromAlexandra: Clearly the original video posted by me was inappropriate. I cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did, and if I could undo it, I would. I’d like to offer my apology to the entire UCLA campus. For those who cannot find it within them to accept my apology, I understand.

Here is what a fellow WF had to say on the topic:

Repost from http://www.asianmanwhitewoman.com/heather/editorial/asians-in-the-library-ucla-girl-going-wild-on-asians-racist-rebuttal/

Hello fair AMWW Magazine readers, it’s huggable Heather with a timely article about a recent, sadly racist, event.

Yesterday, I was given a link to a Youtube video called “Asians in the Library – UCLA Girl going wild on Asians”. Upon reading the title, however, I exited out of it. I told my friend I would not watch it because I knew I would just get angry. Eventually, though, my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to look.

You bet your sweet ass I was offended.

My first impression was lackluster at best. The way she, Alexandra Wallace (aka UCLA Girl) looked, the way she moved – nothing about her told me I should take her seriously, the words that come out of that Barbie-doll mouth notwithstanding.

Everything about her seemed as fake as her hair extensions.

Of course, then she started talking…and the only way for me to critique her “work” is to break it down, piece by piece.

“So we know that I’m not the most politically correct person so don’t take this offensively. I don’t mean it toward any of my friends I mean it toward random people that I don’t even know in the library. So, you guys are not the problem.”

Oh, of course…the “disclaimer.” You know, you had to watch this part where she tried her hardest to cover her ass in case she gets a shitstorm of negativity from it. I had a teacher from the South once who explained to me that you could make fun of someone you liked, be it your mother, father, or dying grandmother, so long as you said “bless their heart” right before it.

“And that Camilla girl, bless her heart, but she needs to learn to take a shower every once in a while!”

Translation: I love her so I wouldn’t viciously make fun of her body odor…I mean well.

“I’m not politically correct so don’t get offended…I don’t mean this toward my friends…”

Translation: Excuse what I say because I’m not saying it to hurt my friends (we’re still up for Brad’s party later, right?) and I’m not trying to coddle any of you so don’t be hatin’!

I’m sorry, but that disclaimer excuses nothing, especially not your blatant racism that’s about to ensue.

“The problem is these hordes of Asian people that UCLA accepts into our school every single year, which is fine. But if you’re going to come to UCLA then use American manners.”

Alexandra Wallace (UCLA Girl) in her Model Mayhem profile pic

Alexandra Wallace (UCLA Girl) in her Model Mayhem profile pic

Oh, I’m sorry these people don’t look like you, have the same natural hair color as you, and have the same ignorant opinions as you; I’m sorry these “hordes” are invading “your” school. Must be hard for you, going to school and going about your daily life with these “hordes” of Asians running around, trying to do the exact same thing you do.

Tsk tsk…is there anything these Asians HAVEN’T done to exacerbate your problems? And WHERE are their American manners? How dare they not look like you yet demand to be called American!

That’s just…well, actually, that’s just AMERICAN of them. I’m assuming there’s a fairly good mixture within these “hordes” of those born here and those born overseas. Regardless, both are American; yes, even the ones who immigrated here. They came here for a better life, like many of our ancestors – to be perfectly honest, the immigrants (Asian or not) are the true emblems of the American image; working hard to contribute to their families, their communities, and their new country.

“…I’ll be in like deep into my studying, into my political science theories and arguments and all that stuff, getting it all down, like typing away furiously, blah blah, blah, and then all of a sudden when I’m about to like reach an epiphany…”

…excuse me for fifteen minutes, I’m about to laugh my ass off at the thought of this girl having any sort of epiphany.

“…overhear from somewhere, “Ooooh Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong, Ooohhhhh.”

…if I have to explain to anyone why this may be considered offensive, I will never regain my faith in humanity. Of course, though, I can’t just leave it like that, sooooo…it’s offensive because you’ve basically just undermined them as a person.

Is that all they are to you? Just “Asian?”

Even your so-called “friends” don’t appreciate that. If you can’t look at an Asian without having stereotypical garbage-Mandarin run through your head, you are stereotyping an entire race of people – it would be like someone thinking of the stereotype that all blonde White girls are racist after viewing your video.

By the way, thanks for that. You just set ALL THE WORK I’VE EVER DONE back about twenty paces. I’m tempted to dye my hair brown so I don’t get lumped into the same category as you.

“…being the polite, nice American girl that my momma raised me to be…”

Sweetheart, I’m sure we have the same kind of “homegrown American momma.” If I ever said anything like this anywhere, my mother would slap the racism off my face faster than I could make a crappy vlog about it.

The thing is, my mom instilled in me something more American than your supposed “manners:” she taught me compassion for other people, tolerance toward those different than me, and the humility to know that, in the end, I’m no better than anyone else. It’s a shame your momma never got around to it.

“I swear they’re going through their whole families, just checking on everybody from the tsunami thing.”

Please change your major. You fail at political science…and human decency, for that matter.

“…even if you’re not Asian you really shouldn’t be on your cell phone in the library but I’ve just never seen that happen before so thank you for listening and have a nice day.”

It’s a shame we don’t go to the same school. Depending on who calls me, I ramble on in broken Mandarin/German/Spanish on a regular basis on my phone, and have, on occasion, done so in the library. But this girl has given me a lot of insight.

Firstly, how Asian/Asian-American racism is alive and well in the minds of our youth. I thought we were getting past this, but it seems there is a long road ahead of us.

Secondly, the impact her video has had on the internet. I didn’t realize she had already taken it down – I watched someone’s bootleg of it. I copied a pre-written transcript and I read many of the posts on the UCLA’s chancellor’s page. This has caused quite a commotion, to say the least. There are even remixed song versions of Asians in the Library – UCLA Girl going wild on Asians!

Heather: "Asian Boys are Better!"

Heather: "Asian Boys are Better!"

Lastly, I became saddened by fellow White people who just don’t “get it.”

Too many times I’ve seen the comment “lighten up, it’s just a joke” and “I don’t see why everyone’s so mad.”

Of course you don’t – you’re White (and so am I for that matter).

  • You will never be hurtfully discriminated against for your race in your home country a day in your life.
  • You will never know what it feels like to be told to go home early from a sleepover because you’re the “Asian one out.”
  • You’ll never know what it feels like to be lynched because you’re “too Black for my liking.”
  • You’ll never be told that you’re “stealing honest Americans’ jobs.”
  • You’ll never know what it feels like to go through school and learn, historically, that people of your race were treated horrendously in your textbooks.

To those people, I say, simply, that you are no better than her.

Rumor has it she’s been expelled for her video. Even though she’s not in school anymore, I have some homework for her: open your eyes to the hurt you’ve caused to Asian-Americans – your fellow Americans.

Maybe then you’ll find your “manners” to be seriously lacking.

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