Disney’s Tangled Inspires Asian American tributes

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This year, instead of complaining about how Pixar either forgot to cast, or neglected the only Asian they DID cast, I noticed how Asians got into Disney’s new Tangled animated movie, a sort of Rapunzel Meets Spiderman where the girl has hair with magic powers, and gives the guy a pretty hard time. This isn’t Pixar, it’s the other crew they had left after they got rid of all the hand drawn animators (boo), but genius Lasseter is still is charge. They changed the name a upped the role of Flynn to better appeal to guys, but it’s still on the Disney Princess side.

Michael Medved actually thought the 3D effects were BETTER than TRON. (BTW, look at the old TRON again, they sail over a mountain shaped like Mickey Mouse, and Pac Man is on the master display when Sarg says Get THEM!) I still like hand animation, the effects looks sort of like hand animation, but also like the old Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds puppets that I loved so much.

Alan Menken who did the orchestrations for Little Mermaid and most of the other boffo musicals of the 90s when I used to buy every CD is back on this. The critics aren’t convinced it’s as good as those classics, but I think if you like them, this is a pretty good rendition of that genre compared to more forgettable efforts as they faded away after Brother Bear. Musically, it mixes Shrek style contemporary popular songs and memes with the broadway style that characterizes so many Disney princess stories. There are scenes that seem lifted right out of Mermaid (guy and girl in the boat, Momma knows best) Hunchback (scenery and setting) and Beauty and the Beast (death scene, geez can they show blood???? Maybe that’s a vampire thing) The horse Maximus is just great, and eventually buddies up with Flynn, the thief / hero / love interest.

There are dozens of tribute videos, and seems most of them are Asians.


Disney’s Tangled ” I See the Light ” cover by Megan Lee & Ray Lee (A+++ 67,000 hits)
This duo isn’t up there yet with Clara Chung yet, but they’ll be joining the ranks of “OMG there are soo many awesome Asians singers on Youtube” wave soon at this rate.

Sounded almost exactly like the movie! Great job. :)
Dude they sound BETTER. Audition for the next disney movie.

(ok folks THIS is one I’d never thought I’d ever grow up to hear)
oakly95 3 i wish i was asian theyre so perfect

14 people are just JEALOUS of ur guys super , nice,wonderful singing and that ur asian thats why :)
you guys are amazing :D
oh my god… you both are gifted.(:

I See The Light (Tangled) Cover – Benedict & Eleasha (A 10,000)

Tangled OST – I See The Light (Duet Cover with RachelCheral) (B+ 5000)

Piano Sheet Music (B+ 500)

Me (B 8 hits) I noticed the lyrics sounds a LOT like the transformation in Amazing Grace, and Christians always like to proclaim that Jesus is the Light of the World, so I changed just a couple of words:

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