360 Cities Views of Tsunami-Proof Apartment Damage, Nuclear Pics

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Damage in Rikuzen-Takada

Click to see 360 bubble view of tsunami damaged building

I was looking at the new Google Earth pictures of the tsunami / earthquake damage in Japan. I was blown away by a new feature they have of including markers for 360cities.net pictures. There is a sponsored project that sent out photographers and special equipment all across Japan for the earthquake/tsunami and it is presented as a bubble that you can literally look around 360 degrees around and up and down from your feet to the sky.

Rikuzen (click on the picture) looks like Hiroshima with only a half-dozen buildings standing. Even those, the dual apartment block stands out as the only structure standing anywhere nearby, but you can see out of five floors, only the top floor still has windows, which means they were looking at 40-50 ft of water inundating the entire city up to the foothills at the edge of town.

Damage in Ohfunato, Iwate Pref. (20) by Akila Ninomiya

Damage in Rikuzen-Takada, Iwate Pref. (12) by Akila Ninomiy

Here is a shot of the damaged Fukushima I power plant on google maps

View of Reactor 1 Damage

Now a couple of bloggers have pointed out the missing diesel fuel tanks at the upper right, one of which evidently was washed up the driveway.

I’m still the only guy that found the red boat that washed up, and figured out that the black roofing has covered up the crane on unit 1. You’d figure we have guys in the Air Force or Navy that could have figured this stuff out, or sent out a P-3 Orion or even a SH-60 sub hunter to take some decent pictures the day of the tsunami but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

You know that first time I mentioned they should send one of those stupid youtube $5000 r/c helicopters with cameras to shoot a video? Well they finally did that last week. Fire in unit 4 my arse, that had to be an explosion to blow out all the walls halfway down to ground level, and scatter the guts of the interior all over the place.

I first spotted these movies on Russia Today, which unfortunately like Al Jazeera and Iran’s Press TV tend to promote anti-zionist/anti-semetic terrorist conspiracy theoy propoganda but are also good at posting sensational disaster details as I haven’t seen them on US television. It’s looking at the south side of Unit 4 which was shut down but had the spent fuel pool go boom and burn, evidently spewing radioactive materials all over the place which it’s NOT supposed to do. I actually looked up it takes 2 to 3 HOURS for spent fuel to burn and spew badness once the water boils away. What the… The green thing is the refueling platform which is on top of the !@#% spent fuel pool, the gray thing on top is the overhead crane, and you can be sure neither of those things will ever work again, and good luck trying to pull fuel out of the pool with a concrete crane pump. That roof is 150 feet in the air. The big yellow thing is the reactor cap which is parked when the reactor is shut down.

I think I’m officially on the side that these nuclear reactors, ESPECIALLY these old GE BWR Mark I types with basically an aircraft hanger for a “secondary containment” are just a bad idea considering that just about everything went wrong in terms of fail safe design. There is supposed to be NO RADIATION LEAK no matter what happens, beyond design basis or not. You can’t have GE say “oh well, it was beyond design basis, so it worked just as we designed it”. A one-tenth scale Chernobyl disaster?????

Source: Martyn Williams

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