Fukushima Spring Photo Tour

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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Restoration as of 06 May 2011 released by TEPCO (doc333333)

Here are some still frames from this video which gives the first good tour I’ve seen of the entire site from the shore to each shattered reactor building.

This is the first photo I’ve seen that identifies the fire engine that is used for the last-ditch injection of water (“seawater / freshwater injectin”) into the feedwater valves. “Feedwater” is the term for the ONE pipe that adds water into the reactor pressure vessel to cover the fuel. This can’t be used unless the steam values are released and the “pressure cooker” pressure valve is fully released. In a normal shutdown mode, water that boils up as steam is supposed to be cooled, condensed, and recycled, but every system failed due to lack of diesel, batteries, or pump failure. This fire engine isn’t even mentioned in the detailed GE documentation on safety features, but bloggers who worked in the industry have mentioned it. Shame on GE for keep this a deep “trade secret”.

Fukushima fire engine for water injection units 1-3

Fukushima fire engine for water injection units 1-3

This is the large tank near the water between the north and south reactor buildings, you can see how water crunched it at the “ankles”. The two diesel tanks nearby were washed up the street or away. This is connected to the “supression pools”, the torus / donuts that are the “magic gizmo” safety feature to quickly supress steam flare ups, but they played no role in this incident because the problem was lack of power to emergency cooling systems.

damaged supression pool water surge tank Fukushima

damaged supression pool water surge tank

This is what the diesel tank that used to be next to the shore looks like up close. The 2nd one probably got washed back out to sea. This is one reason the diesel generators shut down, they had no fuel.

Diesel Tank washed up road near Reactor 1

Close up of diesel tank washed up road North of Reactor 1

Now they identify an entire buiding for the generators at Unit 6. I’ve yet to see any map released that identifies where the generators or pretty much anything such as control rooms are for 1-4.

Diesel Generator Building for Unit 6

Diesel Generator Building for Unit 6

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