Fukushima Foilage: Don’t Eat The Dandelions

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Here is a fun science trick you can do with some x-ray film, a dandelion, and the nuclear power plant that melted down in your backyard. This guy ex-skf translates from Japanese media and blogs : From the blog of Professor Bin Mori of Tokyo University Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences:

Autoradiograph of Equisetum arvense (Horsetail; young shoots are edible), picked on May 3, left; autoradiograph of dandelion leaves, right:

Professor Mori says the pictures show that radioactive materials have been absorbed from the roots and distributed throughout the plants. He thinks the dark dots on the dandelion leaves are the radioactive materials landed on the leaves.

Professor doesn’t recommend tempura made out of these spring delicacies.

Not the Tokyo Subway Map

Found where TEPCO has posted their radiation maps since not only CNN, but not even Russia Today hasn’t had the chutzpah to post. Units are in millsieverts per hour. US limits are 50 PER YEAR, the new Japanese limit is 250 per year, these figures show you’ll hit that on the “400” area in a half hour. 1000 will give you enough radiation sickness to feel ill. Good luck with the clean up guys, they’re hiring at $100 an hour.

400 Surface of concrete W of Unit2
300 Dropped rubble airborn surface S of U3
160 Water transfer pipe surface S of u4
75 Rubble N of U3
65 Green Rubble N of U1
2-25 N of unit 3
** This indicates that there was a huge explosion out of this corner as this is ****
** where the worst damage is to the building with entire north edge collapsed below top floor ***
1-11 NW of Unit 1
.1-2 area between turbine buildings and water
0.03 min: typical random location NE of U1

Fukushima Radiation map May18

Fukushima Radiation map May18

TEPCO Stock – Good time to buy??

If you are into buying on a dip, this chart shows how it went from 3000 to 350, down by about what we say at MIT “an order of magnitude”. God knows how many retirement funds took a huge hit because of just this one stock. From what I’ve looked up, TEPCO was #124 in the Fortune Global 500 by revenue of $55B with assets of $141B. Market valuation was 3.5 trillion yen, but has fallen below $750 billion, losing 2.75 trillion (about $30 billion) on the way. Here’s TEPCO from a wall street journal page, click to enlarge

Tepco Stock (WSJ)

Tepco Stock (WSJ)

The Leaning Reactor Building of Fukushima

It’s gonna be a helluva tourist site if they can ever get it cleaned up enough to not shorten the lives of visitors by a few years. Here’s the photo that’s been making the conspiracy nuclear websites including Russia Today that posted this on their youtube-casts. The walls aren’t vertical from telephoto shots. This is reactor 4 that WASN’T EVEN TURNED ON. It just had a pool of crazy dangerous spent fuel. No prob, it was just hydrogen explosion. Yeah, tell that to the folks on the good airship “OH THE HUMANITY” Hindenburg.

Fukushima Unit 4 Leaning (RT)

Fukushima Unit 4 Leaning (RT)

New Pictures of Tsunami Hitting Daichi

see Japan Today pictures released by TEPCO

The radiation maps identify the concrete pump as the “giraffe”. JSomething else is the “elephnt”. This location is at the southmost exhaust stack tower south of unit 4 looking towards the turbine building. I wish they’d publish the @#$% site map without all the colorful radiation numbers on it.

Tsunami pins car against building at Fukushima Daichi

Tsunami pins car against building at Fukushima Daichi (TEPCO)

Water hits Fukushima Daichi Tanks

Water hits Fukushima Daichi Tanks


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