Obama’s Dead Parrot Speech: Closer to Peace… Or Armageddon?

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Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu walks up to shopkeeper Barack Obama to complain about his mideast peace speech.

N: Excuse me sir, but I bought this speech because you told me that would support Israel.

O: Oh no, but I am. For decades, the United States has pursued a set of core interests in the region: countering terrorism and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons; securing the free flow of commerce, and safe-guarding the security of the region; standing up for Israel’s security and pursuing Arab-Israeli peace. Provisions will be robust enough to prevent a resurgence of terrorism; to stop the infiltration of weapons; and to provide effective border security.

N: But you are proposing a return to 1967 borders. These borders are “indefensible” and will weaken Israeli security.

O: Oh, no worries, that’s always been US policy. The status quo is not sustainable. What America and the international community can do is state frankly what everyone knows: a lasting peace will involve two states for two peoples. Israel as a Jewish state and the homeland for the Jewish people, and the state of Palestine as the homeland for the Palestinian people; each state enjoying self-determination, mutual recognition, and peace.


O: Oh your’re just a little stunned. You’ll get over it.

N: Look here good sir. This speech in no way supports Israel or peace.

You have pulled the rug out from under an ally (Hannity)

You have Obama has thrown Israel under the bus(Romney)

You have sold Israel down the river (West)

You have betrayed your allies (Beck)

You have stabbed Israel in the back(Root)

N: You, sir have clearly sided with the Palestineans!

O: On don’t be silly. I have many Jewish supporters. You just won’t make any concessions for peace.

N: disgusted, storms out of shop


Here is a Al Jazeera version of the sketch saying essentially to forget about peace, and go back to war. In case you’re not familiar with the inspiration for this opening, here is the original Dead Parrot Sketch:

Here’s the speech provided by PBS

Glenn Beck: “Who needs Yasser Arafat when you have the President of the United States saying what he did today in his speech regarding Israel? Something happened today for the first time in history. The President has betrayed one of our strongest allies in Israel.” Note: Yassir Arafat was the most-wanted terrorist for blowing up airliners since the 1960s before Osama bin Laden, but who has since been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Winner for pursuing Peace in Palestine.


Allen West: “Today’s endorsement by BO of the creation of a HAMAS LED Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders, signals the most egregious foreign policy decision his administration has made to date, and could be the beginning of the end as we know it for the Jewish state.”

Wayne Allyn RootIt’s the day the leopard showed his spots. It’s the day Obama stabbed Israel in the back. For the first time in history, an American president has chosen to abandon our great friend and ally, Israel, in favor of radical Muslims led by the terrorist group Hamas. But, mark this also as a great day — the day Obama lost the 2012 election.

Ron Paul “[Obama’s demand] that Israel make hard concessions in her border conflicts may very well be in her long-term interest, only Israel can make that determination on her own, without pressure from the United States or coercion by the United Nations.” Newsmax further notes: “Obama’s stunning statement, siding with the Palestinian position, calling for Israel to return to its 1967 borders would mean among other things the loss of the Golan Heights and most of Jerusalem”

WaPost Rush Limbaugh said that Obama tried to downplay the announcement as a continuation of a previous policy. But Washington Post’s Fact Checker, found many experts say it represents a “significant shift in U.S. policy, and it is certainly a change for the Obama administration”. He did not articulate the 1967 boundaries as a “Palestinian goal” but as U.S. policy.

Ed Koch (newsmax)
“I believe this is the most dangerous and critical period that Israel has ever faced and regrettably it does not have the support of the President of the United States, which in past difficult situations it could count on.”

Supporting Obama’s Call For 1967 Borders

Fareed Zakaria“I thought he was quite even-handed while calling for a Palestinian state on ’67 borders, plus or minor land swaps. He also recognized Israel’s legitimate security needs, so I’d be surprised if there is too much criticism out of Tel Aviv tonight.” Al Qaeda is irrelevant The Arab Revolts of 2011 represent a total repudiation of al Qaeda’s founding ideology.

George Soros April 12, 2007 In a February summit in Mecca between Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, the Saudi government worked out an agreement between Hamas and Fatah, which have been clashing violently, to form a national unity government. According to the Mecca accord, Hamas has agreed “to respect international resolutions and the agreements [with Israel] signed by the Palestinian Liberation Organization,” including the Oslo Accords.
The Saudi government views this accord as the prelude to the offer of a peace settlement with Israel, along the lines of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, a settlement to be guaranteed by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, based on the 1967 borders and full recognition of Israel. Note: I’ve never seen Obama do anything towards Israel that isn’t completely consistent with Soros who is at best lukewarm towards Israel, and by some accounts seems to be Israel’s worse advocate if not outright enemy. Soros hires and gives a lot of money to pro-Arab/muslim and pro-Arab Jewish organizations

J-Street donor Zahi Khouri, a wealthy Palestinian businessman, who considers AIPAC and Netanyahu “enemies of peace” who “wanted to see a home for Israel and a home for Palestinians, along the 1967 border with a shared Jerusalem and symbolic treatment of the refugees, and felt that J Street would help achieve that.” Note: J-street is a Soros-supported organization of mostly Jews for Palestinean rights that accepts money from arabs and muslims.

Fred Kaplan/Slate Has Obama Turned Against Israel? The charge is ludicrous….. Petraeus made the following statement:The conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of U.S. favoritism for Israel

New Mexicanhe walked both sides of the Israel-Palestine line…. sounded like a hint that Netanyahu risks going it alone if his government insists on keeping and growing settlements beyond its 1967 territory. Can he pacify lions with ancient and modern grudges? Whether he can or not, he deserves thanks for trying.

By Al Jazeera doesn’t think Obama offered any “substance” since he’s none nothing in the 2 years of trying to impose a solution on Israel:

The Really Scary 1967 Border Supporters

Well, the Nazis and White Nationalists Who Hate Zionists (TM) are certainly united with the Muslims Who Hate Zionists (TM) on the question of who has to budge for peace, and it’s not the “oppressed victims of genocide and apartheid of the nation of Palestine”. For the record, the original term “Palestine” stood for the original Philistines who were wiped / chased out eons ago.

Any timeline will make you dizzy with all of the different peoples and empires who have laid claim to this seemingly worthless piece of desert. Until 1948, Palestine stood for ALL the people, Jewish or Arab who lived in the area. The idea of Palestine being a distinct Arab nationality came about when the Palestinean jews started to call themselves Israelis again. As you’ll note by mrahaman, the term “occupied Palestine” does not mean the land won by Israel in 1967, but the ENTIRE British Mandate, which was the original objective of the Arab armies which were sent to aid the plight of the Arab residents of the territory.

A state “Palestine” would rather be like the state of “Pakistan” which never existed except as an ethnic muslim community throughout India, and THAT partition of India also created a legacy of ethnic warfare and terrorism. The little known twin bombings of Air India Boeing 747s out of Vancouver Canada (before Lockerbie) by Sikh separatists in 1985 was a case with striking similarity to later more sophisticated Al Queda airliner attacks with bombs hidden in radios such as Lockerbie.

The Stormfront neo-nazi board appears to support the 1967 borders proposal, though it falls far short of their ultimate goal. White Wolf “Bet Osama, err….Obama got his arse handed to him by his master today” mikhaelis: “Israel pays lip service to peace. What they want is a complete and utter ethnic genocide and expulsion of all non jews from any surrounding lands they claim as theirs. When that’s done then they will engage in peace because there is no one left to kill. ”

NonZionist: The “Peace Negotiations” are like a crocodile negotiating with a frog. Palestinians have repeatedly recognized the existence of Israel – Arafat at the Algiers Congress, 14 Nov 1988, for example. Israel refuses to recognize the existence of Palestine and, since the start of Intifada II, has been killing Palestinians at a 6-to-1 ratio – 114-to-1 in 2009. It does 95% or the killing and 100% of the occupying, yet Obama does not have the power to hold it accountable. Instead, he pretends that all of the responsibility rests with the victims – with the frog.

…. This completely fraud shows the extent to which the U.S. is at Israel’s mercy. No matter how much our interests suffer throughout the region, we have no choice but to give this expansionistic war-making ethnic-supremacist regime everything it demands and more. The name for this policy is “appeasement”. It didn’t work eighty years ago, and it isn’t working today.

The Zionist approach, for the last 100 years, is to dehumanize entire nations and entire peoples. We see it in your posts. It’s all you know. Fortunately, we Americans are beginning to question the racist catechism you Hasbara folks keep feeding us.

Your regime is doing 95% of the killing and 100% of the occupying. It has overwhelming military, economic, political and media power. But it accepts zero responsibility. The last sixty years of war, we’re told, is caused NOT by the regime using shells, missiles, tanks, bombers, helicopter gunships, armies and navies; it’s caused by the people who are reduced to throwing stones and launching homemade bottle-rockets. That’s just sick.

We Americans are tired of subsidizing this racist sickness. We’re tired of supporting ethnic supremacy and perpetual military occupation. After all, we once believed in FREEDOM and EQUAL rights. We can use the $3-10 billion per year HERE at HOME. Our subservience to Israel is coming to an end.

This was a response to Ben Stein’s anti-Muslim rant by mrahaman-2009 May 17, 2011 10:43 PM EDT: Israel killed 5 times as many Palestinians civilians than Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians. Of course Israel considers all Palestinians as sub-human, so they don’t count. Fact is Israel is an occupier. The land where all the Prophets walked, even Jesus… is in Muslim hands, except for occupied Palestine (=jihad for ALL of Israel) of course. Did you ever wonder why all those people in the Middle East where Abraham, Moses, Jesus and so many Biblical Prophets lived, preached, walked and died became Muslim? Maybe they saw the truth in Islam and saw it as the same true faith as preached by those Biblical prophets. The people that Jesus preached to have already accepted Islam and the oneness of God Almighty. Remember the first commandment “Do not associate any with God. God is One, he has no partner. He begats not nor is he begotten.” That is the creed of Islam and the creed of Jesus. (this is the really creepy part:) I and my 4 American wives have 17 kids, Praise Allah,with another 2 on the way…. all Muslim and all Americans. Soon this land too will be the land of Islam. We have already made it to the White House (correction, Obama is a Christian). The plan is working to perfection.

The Nakba “Catastrophe”: Return to pre-1948 Borders

Nice 92 year old lady who wants a return to the “good old days” Glenn Beck featured this video on this TV program. (content warning she said we should “massacre J*ws like we massacred them in Hebron)


Here’s more fun with google translate and Al Jazeera Arabic, so we can get the straight truth about the Muslim quest for peace and justice in the mideast:

On the anniversary of the Nakba .. Is there hope for the recovery of the Palestinian rights?
Palestinians marked the anniversary of the Sixty-third to their plight in a series of demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, an emphasis on the unity of the Palestinian people and his insistence on upholding the right to establish an independent Palestinian state with its capital Jerusalem and the right of return of refugees to their homes on the basis of Resolution 194.

In Arab countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, there were marches and events in solidarity with the Palestinians.

This time the anniversary comes at a time when the Palestinian arena has mobilized to unify the Palestinian ranks through a reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas, as shown by the Arab democracy revolutions calling for change and reform.

The Jewish gangs (well that’s what Google said the word was) has forced 63 years of injustice after more than 725,000 Palestinians were forced to leave their homes in Palestine. The number of people who have suffered as refugees or descendants now number about 4.8 million refugees, scattered between Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

How do you look to the Day of the Catastrophe at this time? Do you think that there is hope in the return of refugees from countries of the Diaspora? Is it possible to achieve the dream of the Palestinian Arab establishment of an independent Palestinian state?

Mohamed Arab: I can see Jerusalem, God willing … increasing prospects for the Arabs… breaking barriers of fear and oppression… occupying …the State of injustice is falling soon, God willing (Translation: liberate/invade Jerusalem now)
Nasser Nasser Nasser Amman – Jordan This issue is not to talk [with jews?]after the promise of the Almighty Lord of Glory *…. you will not even ??? and the Jews * (Translation: No talking, war against Israel now)
Mohamed Moussa Jordan and Palestine soon
Soon we will liberate Palestine, Jews, and listen soon and very soon, Allah Akbar and Glory to Islam and Muslims (Translation: bring on war against Israel)
Mazin Ezzat Damascus Hope, God willing, big one, but after praying see the homeland of …. and repressive dictatorship [of Syria] it has been proven to anyone who has the slightest insight that they [corrupt pro-Israeli Syrian government] are protecting Israel’s borders..while they kill their own people to protect the Zionist entity (Translation: remove Syrian government which preserves peace with Israel)
Ahmed Abdullah Camp .. Lebanon We Palestinians are a major victim of a conspiracy.. Palestine will return and the promise of God, but at the hands of pure ??? and the likes of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, may God have mercy on him will come back (Translation: democracy movement is to enable MORE people like Osama Bin Laden to save Palestine from Israel)

Peace in the Middle East indeed. Amazing the things Arabs will say when its in Arabic when they think the West can’t read it.

AJ Muslims Tell Obama Where He Can Stick His Speech

“it is unlikely – according to observers – to launch any initiative to move the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis.”

Here is what AJA readers had to say (my best translation based on Google Translate from Arabic)

The Arab revolutions in order to get rid of the tyrants and the dependency of the Arab American and the (Zionist entity=Jihadi for Israel).

… shed the blood of innocent people in Iraq and Aghanistan and martyrdom of 500 killed in Amiriya shelter (F-117 strike of bomb shelter with civilians in Iraq) and made it possible to make and sell arms to the killers of Jews! How do people bite, and your hands are tied and your haunted eyes do not see right. It is only right to criticize Zionists and Christianity who are heavily armed against those who only have stones! They stand up today and emerged after the death of leader I loved, to kill an unarmed [bin Laden] is a crime against [God]

You hypocrites! The people arise to rid themselves of the dominance of America and their servants for more than 40 years. Now the American bull is wearing a white dress and pretends to stand with the people (I think that’s Obama). They are liars and hypocrites, but not Iran. Israel saw the message of the Nakba Day event. The failed attempt by the hypocrite U.S. and accusations against Iran will not pass. The Arabs should side with Iran and not the U.S..

Obama admits what is happening to protesters in Bahrain is against Al-Khalifa (=jihad for the global Islamic State after all the revolutions are complete) In Washington you have no effect in decisions outside the Al-Khalifa .

Obama does not endorse Palestinian statehood, but gives full recognition of the State of Israel. He says he respects the right of peoples in Egypt and Tunisia, but analyzes the elimination of the Palestinian people as a whole

America invaded Afghanistan and wages the war on terrorism (war on Islam) Now it’s time for America’s final departure from the Middle East. America is selfish and has no right to intervene in the affairs of the Arabs

Only the actions of youth in Tunisia and Egypt brought change. The Knights of Libya remain successful … legendary courage of the Syrians. Obama’s speech is outdated and there is nothing new. Demand the right to return today, and the issue of [return to Muslims of]Jerusalem. America is no longer controlling the course of the Arab world.

Who gives this Zionist the right to address the Arabs and Muslims, he who leads the Crusader war against Islam and the Arabs!!??

Arab Spring is Iran-inspired Coup Under Democracy False Flag

Now that what you know Arabs REALLY think about 1967 borders and the Arab spring, here is what Ben Stein had to say video

The “Arab Spring” as a force for democracy, human rights and peace in Egypt seems to me to be a fraud.

The dictator and his entourage who were kicked out in Egypt were pro-West, a bit restrained on Israel, open to free enterprise, and resistant to Iranian-sponsored terror.

Egypt is now rapidly becoming anti-Israel, pro-Iran, pro the Iranian-sponsored terrorist group Hamas, and very far from being pro-human rights….Has anyone noticed that the common denominator of all the successful Arab street movements is that they are sympathetic to Iran? When the dust settles, Iran is going to own the Middle East…we are going to lose our pals in Yemen, and it will possibly have an actual al Qaeda government…..There is a gigantic regional coup by Iran taking place. We are doing very little, if anything, to stop it. You can call it “Arab Spring” if you want. But with Iran now the regional superpower, it is a lot more like an extremely bleak Mideast winter.

Read more:

Never Mind Puny Israel vs. Muslim World, What about the USA??

Perhaps you’ve seen the usual map showing how tiny Israel faces the massive Muslim world all dedicated to destroying it. But what do WE care over here on the other side of the world, we’re much bigger than Israel, and we’ll never be bothered by them if we just withdraw all our troops and support for Israel, right? Well guess what happens if you compare the size of the Muslim World with the United States, and consider it’s about TWICE the population of the US with just the arab states alone:

Pew Forum World Muslim Population (wikipedia)

Pew Forum World Muslim Population (wikipedia)

We’re an ocean away, but the 9-11 hijackers were certainly able to manage an impressive attack. But no worries, only a tiny, tiny fraction of arabs (just those tiny crowds marching for democracy and the liberation of Jerusalem, and 99.9% of Al Jazeera viewers) supported the attacks. A 2004 survey showed Muslim Americans are extremely loyal as only a slightly larger 38% believed that the US forces are engaged in a “War Against Islam” (the term favored by then-moderate imam Anwar al-Awlaki and Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan) as opposed to the 33% who believe it is a justified war against terrorism. First they’re going for the Jews…. They have NOTHING against Asian Americans, like Andrew Wai who thought everyone was going to die when an immigrant from Yemen decided to see if the American press would be able to recognize a dry run jihad terrorist attack by trying to break down the cockpit door screaming “Allah Ackbar” (Arabic for BANZAI!!!!) after his cousins tried to see if rigging Pepto Bismol bottles like bombs would raise any eyebrows. Nope, we Asians need to keep solidarity with other oppressed Third World peoples and fight racial profiling.

War of 9-11: Anwar al-Awlaki was Imam Al Queda Contact for San Diego Hijackers

Watch tonight: Friday, May 20 at 10 p.m. ET http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-news-reporting/transcript/fox-news-reporting-secrets-911A decade after the attacks of 9/11, questions remain about who was involved in the terror plot against America.

I’ve been on the trail of Awlaki and the people he’s helped since tracking down the various rabbit-holes leading from the Fort Hood shooting which lead straight to Anwar al-Awlaki. He first caught the attention of the FBI when he ran a charity run by the leader of radical Islamism in Yemen, and investigated multiple times, only to have the government quash investigations of him time and time again. Now they have a sequel to last year’s investigative piece on Awlaki that looks into the extensive network of people who helped hijackers move into San Diego, Florida, Virgina, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. It is my belief that there IS a conspiracy to hide what really happened. However the conspiracy is largely composed of the very 9-11 “truth” people who are hard at work carpet bombing the internet and Ron Paul rallies with anti-semitic propoganda to change the impression that it was Muslims who hijacked the airliners to “the jews did it”. I am also partial to Daniel Hopsickers theories that there are connections allies in Saudi Arabia or various CIA operations, including links to CIA-backed muslim fighters in Kosovo and Afganistan, and I am firmly convinced some one or some organization worked actively to let both Awlaki and Nidal Hasan run free even after they both set off trip wires all over the place, only to have every single alarm back on snooze.

Here’s the promo: Only one person in the United States — Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker — has been tried and convicted for the murder of over 3,000 Americans. But, as you will see, there were others — some still living here — who helped 19 men fly planes into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Fox News reveals new details of a support network, here in America for decades. In this shocking special, we investigate the associates of the 9/11 terrorists, including American-born cleric Anwar Awlaki, who is now on the CIA’s capture or kill list. By digging deep into thousands of government records from the 9/11 Commission, the Congressional Joint Inquiry and the FBI, Fox News fills in some of the blanks about who really helped the hijackers across America.

And, in a Fox News exclusive, why was Anwar Awlaki invited to the Pentagon for lunch after 9/11 when the FBI knew of his relationship with three of the hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 77?

As we show in this program, there are compelling reasons to continue to investigate the largest attack on American soil and the secrets of 9/11.


Questions for you commenters:

Are Asians politically aware enough (either way-the-hell left or comatose) to even tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys? Is Fox promoting racist Islamaphobia? Is the “mainstream media” supporting a left-wing anti-Israel agenda?

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