Israel Did Fukushima: The Real Conspiracy

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Israel Did Fukushima

Who is Saying The Israelis Did It?

[Hu’s On First Fukushima Crisis]

United Against The Zionists

United Against The Zionists

Well I finally found a conspiracy theory that blames the “fake” earthquake and a nuclear attack on the Fukushima plant on the usual suspects, the Jews. My theory of conspiracy theories is that EVERY disaster and terrorist incident can be blamed on the Joos. Heck, they even blamed shark attacks on Israel.

I found this FukuNuke blog looking for “A is for Atom” : “kyoto observer”

here is what is on the menu: Jeff Rense is full of “the zionist plot” explanations for 9-11 truthers. Leuren Moret is the woman behind the HAARP theory that the earthquake is really a deliberate attack based on a new super-weapon, and an expert, like Busby, on the effects of depleted uranium, especially when inflicted by the US government or the zionist entity of what she calls “Israel = Occupied Palestine” against muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Palestine. My theory on conspiracy theories is you look at who they want you to think are the good guys (palestineans and muslims, one Ron Paul supporter expressed his true allegience by posting “God Bless Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran) and who are the bad guys (Bush and Israel and Islamaphones who blame 9-11 on muslim hijackers and bin Laden) and it becomes obvious who these guys are really working for. Alex Jones is also on the menu, a guy who does not blame everything on the Joos, but almost everybody else who appears on this show either blames Israel, supports Palestineans, Arabs and Muslims, or both. Isn’t it funny that Alex Jones InfoWars proclaims that 9/11 is a psy-op warfare front being waged to falsely blame Al Queda and radicalized muslims when it is the 9/11 truth movement that looks like a massively funded psy-op operation to falsely blame the Bush administration and hide AQ responsibility, and the protected parties seem to go straight back to Iran which actually promotes specific 9-11 truth groups and invites White nationalists like David Duke to speak out for Palestinean Rights when he used to just hate Jews, not promote Arab causes.


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