Fukushima: It’s About Israel, Palestine and Iran

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Yup, the “Israel Did Fukushima” bandwagon is picking up. I found this youtube video showing up in blog comments: (Disclaimer, links here may be posted to EXPOSE, not promote controversial points of view)

update 6/6/2011: Latest Israel did it video: FUKUSHIMA FOLLOW-UP:EVIDENCE OF ACT OF WAR AGAINST JAPAN/FALLOUT NOW ACTIVE ON U.S. The truth is that his channel info exposes himself instantly as another fake Nazi for Palestine:

From Mein Kampf: (zionism/talmudic judaism)-“the jew is and will remain the eternal parasite,
a freeloader that, like a malignant bacterium” … Therefore Nazism was created partly to establish Israel. There was formal collaboration between Nazis and Zionists. …” In his early days in Vienna, Hitler was not anti-Semitic and his friends were mostly Jews”.

His friend list is chock full of people waving the flag of Gaza or Palestine, arabic, swaztikas and even one nameed TheProtocolsofzion. The proper way read these things is to assume that everything he says is a lie, and reverse it. “With all your disinformation & arrogance to expect me to debate anything with you? ” means that he is distributing disinformation. “Mein Kampf: (zionism/talmudic judaism)” and “Nazism was created partly to establish Israel….formal collaboration between Nazis and Zionists.” means there is collaboration between Islamists and Nazis, which is proved by the odd menagarie of fake christians, nazis, muslims and arabs on his friend and subscription lists. “The jews are bad guys” means that they are the good guys and “the jews did it” means that the people who hate the jews are behind this disinformation, if not the Fukushima crisis itself.

These people do a very, very poor job of hiding their intentions and where they take their marching orders from. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, it is so easy to pick out these disinformation agents from their loudly broadcast list of likes, comments, friends and subscribers. Real Nazis hate everybody, they don’t “Stand Up for Palestine” or attract Palestine/Gaza/Muslim/Arab friends and subscribers. Real funny question is why whoever is recruiting these psy-op agents isn’t picking any Asian Americans or Asian media to do this, though seem to have infiltrated every crazy white interest group out there from UFOs to shape-shifters, socialists, Ron Paul, Nazis, Klansmen, anti-immigrant, code Pink, Christians, Catholics and SpongeBob (OK I made up the last one).

Anybody out there who is recruiting, if you are reading this, I’m sure Asianweek would LOVE to hear a proposal from somebody with lots of money to turn it into a hate-israel-all-the-time media outlet and how much it would pay an Asian columnist to write about the evils of the rogue Israeli Apartheid state. It will be a secret that nobody will be able to figure out just like all the other papers like “Veterans Today” and “Salem News” started posting the same articles as “Free Palestine Today” promoting anti-Israel conspiracy theories and justice for Muslim and Arab causes along with tips on how to get a VA loan or getting your kid into Harvard.

Urgent!!!! The Motive, Why Japan got Attacked, America Is Next Be Advised!
4000 views by havf8

It says that what the earthquake is REALLY about is Japan policy towards Iran and Israel and the Palestine state, and he cites haaretz.com. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about this paper: “Haaretz describes itself as broadly liberal on domestic issues and international affairs.”…J.J. Goldberg describes it as “Israel’s most vehemently anti-settlement daily paper.”…In 2001, the pro-Israel media-monitoring and advocacy group CAMERA claimed that Haaretz fueled anti-Israel bias”… Israeli author Irit Linur canceled her subscription, accusing Haaretz’ of an anti-Zionist theme that turns too often to “foolish” and “wicked” journalism. …

Now the right wing blogs were full of condemnations of Obama’s cowardly throwing of Israel under the bus, and cheers of Netanyahu including wishing WE had a guy like that for president. Here’s how Haaretz condemned Netanyahu’s bold and defiant stance towards Obama’s call for a return to 1967 borders:

The list of no’s Benjamin Netanyahu proudly and emphatically enumerated on Capitol Hill reconfirmed to the United Nations and the entire international community the motive for a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state: the ongoing freeze in the peace process and the lack of dialogue between the parties. The speech, as it was understood in New York, left no likelihood that talks would be renewed in the foreseeable future, and it may have brought the peace process to an end…
A recent assessment in New York, based on data provided by Palestinians and other Arabs, predicted a majority – 135 of 192 members – voting in favor of Palestinian statehood. Following Netanyahu’s speech, the majority could climb to more than 160.

So if I had to guess which side Haaretz takes on the Israel / Palestine side, I’d have to guess they were with Obama, George Soros and all the other “liberals” who claim to be pro-Israel AND pro-Palestine. Very interesting that they are using data from, and effectively serving as spokesmen for “Palestinians and other Arabs”. I would not be surprised of some people accused this rag of being a thinly veiled propoganda false-flag organ of forces dedicated to the ultimate destruction of Israel.

If you check out the list of references in the video, he mentions articles that state that an Israeli security firm related to their nuclear arms program was hired at Fukushima, and Israel recalled its diplomats but had nothing to do with nuclear fears. He’s also promoting the HAARP scare that somebody aligned with Israel is plotting a giant earthquake on the Madrid fault, so his message is that wicked Israel is punishing nations like Japan for aiding the good oppressed people of Palestine, and that’s the real point, not what equipment failed or what got blown up in unit 3.

How do we know we can trust this guy? We can look at his channel and see that he really cares about fighting terrorism. It as posted May 15, 2011 with the banner “Free Palestine”, with the misspelled title:

“Dismantelment of israel is necesary for the fight against global terrorism”

It’s from presstv.com, the internet channel aimed at the west of that beacon of democracy, Iran. It shows the Tehran Conference on Peace featuring our hero, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, hosting the Iinternational Conference on Global Alliances Against Terrorism. He’s quoted “The former administration attacked Iraq and Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism but it was in fact seeking to save America’s economy and collect popular votes”. Funny that’s exactly what Ron Paul and Alex Jones has been saying all along when they’re not saying that Israel is bad for America. What an odd coincidence? Somebody might get the idea that a foreign power might be planting people and stories in newspapers that fly the flags of America and Israel to convince people that Iran is the “real” fighter of terrorism and that Ron Paul and Alex Jones are the “real” patriots.

The original source was on this David Icke forum under “Political Manipulation / Cover-Ups / False Flags” with the title “Israel did 3/11 (Fukushima, EQ, Tsunami)?”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Icke, he’s from reptilian shape-shifter wing of the 9-11 truth crowd.. (What? you didn’t know they had a shape shifting wing?? UFOs?) According to Wikipedia, Icke announced on the BBC’s Terry Wogan show that he was the son of God, turning him practically overnight from a respected household name into an object of public ridicule. At the heart of his theories lies the idea that a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood controls humanity, including George W. Bush. Some of Icke’s theories have attracted the suspicion of Jewish groups, but Icke strongly denies there is anything antisemitic about his claims, but his books were removed from the shelves of Indigo Books after protests from the Canadian Jewish Congress. Man what is with those intolerant folks anyways? Of course, you can’t always trust Wikipedia.

But you should move on. Nothing to see here. All us Asian Americans know we need to reserve space in the Asian American press for attacking the really dangerous racists like Alexendra Wallace who inspire domestic anti-Asian terrorism, not the good people who fight Islamaphobic hate speech and promote peace and Arab democracy like the nice anti-war folks.

What if Israel did Fukushima?

This is posted by 108morris108 who says that the japanese suffer from anti-semitism (certainly a case of the pot calling the kettle black??), and he talks about attacks on gaza and “orchestrated false flag”, classic 9-11-truth conspiracy-speak. Now I wondered if this fit my hypothesis of conspiracy theory-theory that there is probably a link to bad guys who hate jews, so guess what I find on his other videos:

May 6 UK Muslims demand an end to injustice against Muslims and the release of Muslim captives.
A bunch of Muslims protesting the killing of their hero, Osama bin Laden, waving a sign “Muslims will Annilate the Crusade” (that’s Jihad for the United States) and an angry guy proclaiming “the US government, they are the real terrorists!”. Now I’ve seen this video before on Glenn Beck to show how radical muslims are in the U.K., but it seems awfully like 108morris SUPPORTS this flavor of the Religion of Peace.

Also this:
9/11 – No Thermite, 7/7 – No Rucksack Bombs, Andrew Johnson

From: 108morris108 | May 5, 2011 | 4,970 views “Both 7/7 and 9/11 are riddled with unbelievable official accounts. Andrew Johnson discusses both events. While there are many conspiracy theorists, one has to ask; “Who to believe?”. Andrew is not a conspiracy theorist, he, like Dr Judy Wood, examines the evidence.” More of the same old 9-11 truth people we’re used to seeing on Rense and Alex Jones.

Amazing these guys are so freakingly open about what they think and who their allies are, they really think that either nobody will notice, or they will be written off as crazy. But increasingly, people on Youtube and the internet are flagging posts like this as part of the real conspiracy against the United States and Israel. It was net citizens who alerted the FBI to the disturbing writings of Nidal Hassan and many other disciples of Anwar al-Awlaki. Who these people are working is obviously clear from who they they are trying to protect and who they intend to harm, if not by their nationality. But don’t expect the current administration to do anything about these people. If Israeli intelligence is finally starting to pay attention to some of these anti-war groups that are basically waging psy-ops against Israel , they’d do well to start looking at the internet, facebook and youtube space as well as places where people are trying to do harm to their nation and her allies here in America. In a multicultural world, we must treat ALL mankind as our brothers, and recognize that an attack by people-who-hate (insert ethnic /religious group) that singles out any of our tribes is an attack on all of us.

They Did Joplin Tornados Too

Funny, it’s not just Fukushima, seems EVERY disaster, even the wave of tornados culminating in the devastation can be ultimately traced to Israel’s mistreatment of the nation of Palestine. This fellow waves the false flag of “no open borders” patriot, but his REAL agenda “PULLS NO punches as far as identifying the TRUE EVIL of Zionism that is DESTROYING America and led by antichrist George Bush”. He switches the “N” for “J” in FoxNews. Yup, this guy is a true moral compass. But it’s not just hatred for one group, it’s advocating for guess which group? “OBAMA SAY NO TO A PALESTINE MUSEUM FOR ISRAELI WAR CRIMES IN GAZA” …”Israelis (were) told to fight a ‘holy war’ in Gaza….a religious war” against Arabs… But if this is obviously a bad guy, (and if you can’t or won’t figure it out, you’re probably a bad guy too) nobody out there then all you have to do see who they want to harm to figure out who the good guys are.

Why we need to be friends with the Palestinians and Iran

Here’s another fellow I found commenting in favor of the “humanitarian” Gaza flotilla:

Which is why we need to be friends with the Palestinians and Iran. Remember the USS Liberty.
Note: The USS Liberty is the only time Israel ever attacked a US ship and they apologized for it, and the incident is proclaimed on nearly every 9-11 truth website. Iran has the only president who proclaims Israel to be a terrorist state. Follow Iran’s example, hmmm I have absolutely not the slightest clue which foreign government might want to clandestinely send such a message to Americans.
How about the J*w terrorists slaughter of Christian Palestinians? Was that ok?
it would demonstrate the depths of depravity one has to reach when one supports the evil of Zionism.
Clearly we need to support democratic reform in Saudi Arabia. A corrupt monarchy out of step with their people.

Note: that’s “democratic reform” as in the only moderate state that is not falling to angry Islamist mobs demanding the liberation of Jerusalem and abrogation of peace treaties and a return to 1944 borders.

There seems to be some sort of mysterious pattern, but I just can’t make out a consistent theme. Folks, we need to stop writing off guys like this as kooks and cranks, and wonder if these guys are part of something much bigger, and much more dangerous.

About the Author

MIT electrical engineering computer science graduate has written conservative columns on politics, race / culture, science and education since the 70s in MIT The Tech and various publications in including New Republic and National Review.


  1. pytre

    Old well known bacteria mutated – treatment ineffective. Spanish cucumbers already killed 9 Germans, thousands infected. Prove this mutation is or is not related to recent increased levels of radiation? Impossible. Yet these people may or may not be Fukushima victims too.

  2. Pinchas


    nice way of making a nice story. BUT:

    -Dimona is a city where you can live, walk, go to the shopping malls, go swimming, etc
    -taking your people out of a country when a meltdown is going to take place is no evidence: also all European countries did this. Were they also involved?

    -it is not Israel that is the one that caused the disasters.
    You are right that all countries that are involved in the fight against Israel, are being punished. But they are not being punished by Israel, Jews or other humans: G’d is attacking them as a punishment and a prediction by the prophets (2.500 years ago).





    Good luck !!

  3. ses

    I think you may be correct. They have to break the financial systems too as finance would be required to fight wars that could be misdirected. GOD says they will take from the Israelites to give to the gentiles (foreigners). I was wondering why I was picking up so much in Bible Code on that matter and it appeared to be wars with what may be the USA attacked via nuclear plants . I have not had time to complete it; but I think it may give the areas that will be under attack within the USA on nuclear. I can tell you that GOD’s hand will comes down on Israel the land if it is involved in an attack on the Israelite nations. You see many Jews are converts and of the line of Esau. The males can be temple assistants only. Here is the listing of the Israelites and where they are. The majority of them Christians with an identity that is hidden from them and purposely done by GOD to allow Satan his time. Here is Jacob aka Israel the person and their locations:
    1. Brittany – Reuben
    2. Ireland – Simeon
    3. Scotland – Judah
    4. Wales – Levi
    5. Cornwall – Zebulon
    6. Isle of Manx – Issachar
    1. Anglo/Saxon England (Ephraim) and USA (Manasseh)
    2. Dutch – Benjamin
    For the identities of Manasseh and Ephraim,
    See ‘Joseph’
    1. Germans – Dan
    3. Norse – Naphtali
    Slavic – Gad
    Baltic – Asher
    Family Tree Shows the Israel King David and Jesus and their line is still alive today:

    GOD appears to be very sad to have HIS people harmed. I will try to find time to look at the code, after this semester. It is one of the harder groups and more complex than many. Onces done, I will try and figure out a way to post it to you so that you can see it.

    • Wow and I thought the Islamic psy-ops were wierd….

  4. Matt

    Not likely we tend to bomb them before they become operational, Iraq, Syria.

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