United for Japan Concert Youtube “AZN Woodstock” Promo Video

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[Hu’s on First ]
Community Church of Seattle (Hyung Jae Church) has released a promotional video and more details of the upcoming “Youtube Woodstock” unprecedented gathering of “predominantly” Asian and other popular Youtube artists

a benefit concert for Japan disaster relief

AT Community Church of Seattle (Hyung Jae Church)
3727 240th Street SE Bothell WA 98021 (Seattle Suburb)

When: Two nights!
2011 June 24 FRI 7pm
2001 June 25 SAT 7pm

YouTube Sensations

YouTube Sensations

Performers on TWO nights:
FRI: Arden Cho 3.5M, Jennifer Chung, Erin Kim, GOWE, Megan Nicole (first music video was directed by Kurt Schneider)

SAT: GOWE, Clara Chung, Josh Golden, Arden Cho, New Heights

For ticket info, please visit www.United4JP.org

This will probably sell out fast. People drove in from Vancouver BC and Portland OR just to see Clara Chung and New Heights, god knows what fans will come to see this extraordinary line up.

MovieTaiwan also covered this:

In an effort to help children impacted by the devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11th, United For Japan will be holding a 2 day benefit concert in Seattle. The concert will feature the Youtube stars Megan Nicole, Josh Golden, Clara Chung, Jennifer Chung, Arden Cho, New Heights, Gowe and Erin Kim. Together, these artists have gotten over 75 million views on YouTube.

The concert will be held on June 24th and 25th from 7-10pm at the Washington State Community Church of Seattle. Admission will be $20. Ticket sales and donations will go to an orphanage in Misawa through World Vision and KIRO-FM (97.3).

Khmerstar post

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Facebook updates on everybody else promoting the concert

Arden and Travis (New Heights) Preview:

Wowee, Arden’s not only been in silly Asian Nigahiga and Wong Fu youtube vids, but she’s on been freaking US network TV shows CSI: NY and Pretty Little Liars. I’ll bet she’s got a bigger following in the US than Yun Na whats-her-face the Olympic skater that’s worshipped in Korea. Her wikipedia page is pretty damn impressive:

Arden Cho

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Arden Cho
Born August 16, 1988 (age 22)
Amarillo, TexasUnited States
Occupation Model and actress
Years active 2004–present

Arden Cho is an American model and actress who also displays her singing and songwriting talents on YouTube. In 2010, Cho was the model for the cosmetic brand Clinique‘s advertisement campaign in Asia.[1] She has appeared in supporting roles in the television shows CSI: NY[2] and Pretty Little Liars[3] and the 2011 feature Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.[4]Also in 2011, Cho starred in the 35-minute YouTube feature Agents of Secret Stuff presented by Nigahiga and Wong Fu Productions.[5]

[edit]Early life

Arden Cho was born on August 16, 1988, in Amarillo, Texas.[6] She spent most of her childhood years in Dallas and her late teenage years in Minnesota.[7] Cho graduated in 2003 from Apple Valley Senior High School in Apple Valley, Minnesota and in 2007 from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, also studying theater.[8]

In childhood Cho developed her musical skills, studying piano for eight years and cello for six. She also took four years of dance studiotraining and six years of gymnastics with a floor concentration.[9] In 2003, her final year of Senior High School she performed in the Dance Team of the Walt Disney World Parade.[10] That led to her participation in sports and competitive cheerleading in high school and college. Cho has also had seven years’ training in martial arts, in particular Tae Kwon Do.[11]

In 2004, Cho was named Miss Korea Chicago, granting her the opportunity to compete in the Miss Korea Pageant in SeoulSouth Korea, for the honor of representing South Korea in the Miss Universe Pageant. Cho then acted as Master of Ceremonies for the 2005 Miss Korea Chicago beauty pageant and the 27th Inauguration of the Korean American Association of Chicago in 2007[12] and as co-host of the 2010JYJ United States Tour with Shane Yoon.[13]

After being named Miss Korea Chicago in 2004, Cho visited orphanages and made public appearances for humanitarian causes in her ambassadorial role. These experiences “helped solidify her belief in the value of connecting with others and the paramount importance of helping those less fortunate”.[14] In pursuit of this ideal and as a follow-up to these experiences she visited Kenya in the summer of 2007 on a two-month humanitarian trip before moving to Los Angeles.[15]


In 2010 the cosmetic brand Clinique announced Cho as the model for their newest advertisement campaign in Asia. The campaign was launched in mid-November 2010. Clinique was reported to have stated that they “selected Cho not because she was Korean, but because she had the beauty to represent Asia”.[16] Cho modeled for Reebok Korea in 2010 and for Nike Japan in 2008. She has also modeled forApple and Alexander McQueen and appeared in VoguePurple Fashion and Nylon Magazine.[17]

[edit]Film and Television

Cho has appeared in films, television series and commercials in the United States and Asia.[18] In 2011 she appeared in the role of Pru, a friend of Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw) in Season 1, Episode 20 (“Someone to Watch Over Me”), of the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars.[19] The episode originally aired on March 7, 2011.[20] In 2011 she also appeared in the role of Gia in the monster film Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, directed by Mary Lambert. In 2009 Cho appeared in Season 5, Episode 19 (“Communication Breakdown”), of the CBS show CSI: NY, in the supporting role of Gahee Paik, the daughter of a Korean father suspected of murder.[21] The episode originally aired on March 25, 2009.[22] In 2008 Cho played the grown-up lead of Hyori in the short film My First Crush, directed by Rocky Jo.[23] She has also appeared in the webseries KTown Cowboys.[24]


On February 22, 2011, Cho released the single “I’m Just a Girl” on iTunes.[25] Cho was the co-writer, composer and singer on the single; Ed Huang was co-writer and music producer.[26] On February 25, 2011, Cho published a self-produced music video for the single on YouTube featuring Tim Lacatena.[27] Musical videos featuring her collaborations with other YouTube figures including Gerald Ko, Jason Chen, Ken Salomon and Megan Lee appear on her ardenBcho YouTube account, reflecting her initial view of them as nonprofessional.[28] Another musical collaboration to which Cho has lent her voice is the non-commercial Mark Allen song “I Once Knew”.[29]


Cho is a prolific YouTube author, mainly producing vlogs and musical videos but also appearing as a guest on established YouTube channels. Her commercial and film work may also be observed on Youtube.

In May 2010, Cho and Grace Su created the YouTube account artichokeandpeachies[30], named for its owners’ respective monikers, “artichoke” being a pseudo-homophone of “Arden Cho” and “peachies” alluding to Grace Su’s personal blog at peachies.net. The channel features the collaborative video-blogging efforts of the twenty-something Los Angeles roommates. Of the channel, Cho said, “Initially, we had no idea what direction we wanted to go in. The first blog we did, we basically just said ‘hi’”.[31] Although the account is now closed, Cho has pursued the publishing of YouTube content with her solely owned accounts ardencho and ardenBCho. The accounts are for her vlogs and her film and television work, respectively.

Cho also stars as a lead in the Nigahiga and Wong Fu Productions 35-minute feature Agents of Secret Stuff. The feature premiered in a special screening event at the CGV Cinemas in Koreatown, Los Angeles, on November 23, 2010, and officially premiered online on November 24, 2010, on Ryan Higa’s YouTube channel.[32] Appearing alongside Cho as the protagonist is Higa accompanied by Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval in the role of the antagonist and Aki Aleong.[33]


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