Asian Americans Post Your Graduation Stories

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Your turn – in the comments send links or email me arthurhu at hufamily dot com if you have admissions essays or horror / success stories of getting into or NOT getting into the college of your parent’s dreams, or if your kids got to do a particularly interesting or horrendous graduation speech, Asian or otherwise. I’ll post the best ones, or short ones just leave in comments or links. In the meantime, here are some of the stories I ran across:

Washington State Senator Paul Shinn

I went to a couple of high school graduations, Garfield in Seattle ranks with the best suburban and private schools in Seattle in terms of sending the most students to places like Stanford, Harvard and MIT. Roosevelt also sent a couple to Harvard, which shows that whatever you may think of urban schools, that’s a lot better than many suburban high schools, and Garfield has a large enough black population to do the African American as well as the regular national anthem. They had Paul Shinn as a speaker who had a heartbreaking story of how he was an orphan who could not go to school until he was adopted in Korea by an American soldier, and later went on to get his bachelors and advanced degrees and become a state senator and even help invent the Whamo hula hoop.

An unusual bow routine by a girl and a haole guy with a grass skirt:

My boy did the best valedictorian speech without being a valedictorian, theme “Among Us” and his dreams of being a Pokemon master. He’s going to University of Washington which beat out the other private colleges in Santa Clara and Boston for bio-engineering, not to mention Husky football.

Sad, sad graduation song Peter did a couple of graduations ago:

Another nephew who went on to be swimming star for Stevens Institute of Technology from last year:

What kind of a graduation speech gets 75,000 hits? A Pokemon speech which touches almost everyone in the graduating generation:

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