Norway Counter-Jihadist Commits Mirror Image Jihad as Oslo City Bomber

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Jihad in Sheeps Clothing

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7/29 update: AP Norway suspect questioned by police notes that Norway authorities aren’t buying Brevik’s elaborate but fishy cover story as they “haven’t found anything to support his claims that he’s part of an anti-Muslim militant network plotting a series of coups d’etat across Europe.” Brevik even called it a “martyrdom operation” which is jihad for a suicide bomber or shooter. NO OTHER GROUP USES THIS TERMINOLOGY. So we DO have reason to believe that Breivik is deliberately trying to mislead people as to motivation for the attack. If he and this 1500 page manifesto are trying to say the Christians and not the Muslims did it, and it’s a lie, then what is the logical conclusion if the exact opposite is the truth?? The usual Jihad apologists are going to a lot of trouble to use Breivik to attack all Christians and discredit counter-jihad people. It makes absolutely no sense for a man to make a big deal of hating Muslims because they kill people in senseless attacks and them kill lots of people in a senseless attack. It makes much more sense for a bunch that’s been caught trying to attack Norway for years create a person who can credibly pull off exactly such an attack while making it appear that the counter-jihadists are to blame.

Another interesting clue from the pro-Jihad side comes “Cherly Bisnka” who claims Muslims could never support 9/11 defends not only the Taliban, but justifies both Nidal Hasan and the newest Muslim US soldier Fort Hood Shooting plotter Nasar Abdo, as “the opposite of terrorism”,in contrast to the pure evil of Breivik:

Disgusting, typical of the Norwegian crusader terrorist mentality, you have a penchant for jumping to conclusions. Difference between Abdo and Breivick, one did not kill, whereas the other countless. One if guilty, targets military personnel the very opposite of terrorism, whereas other confesses to shooting innocent civilians.

USA Today reports that this AWOL soldier who, like Major Nidal Hasan was a US soldier who refused participate in wars “against Muslims” was caught buying gunpowder for a new bombing attack on Fort Hood. The 2009 attack has still not been classified as a terrorist act by the Obama administration even though it has been called the worst act of terrorism since 9/11 by a Senate committee. Other than use of the term “terror attack” in news reports, officials are not charging Naser with terrorism or calling him a terrorist either. That he yelled out the name of an Iraqi girl who suffered atrocities at the hand of US troops and “Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood 2009″ might give a clue as to his motivation for the attack, though in his defence we have seen this man on complaining that he had “endured harassment, discrimination and intimidation due to his Muslim religious beliefs during basic training” and that he was the the target of “resentment” from fellow soldiers due to his prayer schedule.”

Update summary: My hunch is that the Norway bomber and shooter is nothing more than an Al Queda terrorist waving a false flag of Christianity. If you try to figure out where the world has seen this kind of thinking, it does not remotely resemble anything from any organized Christian group or religion in terms of saying prayers to justify martyrdom or killing innocents in carefully synchronized multiple attacks in the name of religion. Rather, they have long been recognized as the calling cards of Al Queda and other terrorists. This man is a fake Christian, and certainly nothing like the fundamentalists who praise Christ each Sunday. Rather his manifesto appears to be an Al Queda manifesto carefully translated into Christian terms complaining about precisely many of the same incidents and conflicts cited by Muslim activists and designed either to recruit a Christian counterpart to Al Queda, or create the appearance that such a movement exists. Certainly an Al Queda propogandist, perhaps even Anwar Al Awlaki or one of this friends would be capable of producing such a long-winded document in english rather than in Norwegian.

In contrast to the constant headlines of yet some other person being arrested for an Islam inspired terrorist attack, this is the first attack in memory by anyone claiming to be a Christian, yet he has no connection to any Christian church or group, and has actually been rejected by some counter-jihad groups.

Original: Authorities have arrested and identified native Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik as the likely terrorist who set off a massive car bomb in the capital of Oslo, as well as going on a shooting spree at youth camp for the ruling multiculturalism-friendly Labor party at Utoya Island.

Initial reports fingered Islamist terrorists based on conflicts and threats from Islamists who have been arrested trying to blow things up, and even taking credit for the attacks. Everything was consistent with a Al Queda style attack until…. we found out about ‘s Breivik’s conspicuous trail on counter-jihad (“anti-muslim” in jihad) sites. There is even some confusion if he was just a fan of the blogger fjordman or if he is the same guy. Targeting of the capital and camp of the ruling party by an anti-multiculturalist seems to be the obvious explanation, as authorities have already brought up parallels to the Oklahoma city bombing, but I suspect something deeper. In air combat, you use countermeasures to spoof defences. You drop chaff to send back a false return, you spew out flares to send out false heat sources, or you send in a decoy. What if Al Queda could recruit a guy to pull off a perfect attack, and then package his cover story as a “lone gunman” that could be blamed on their OTHER enemy, the conservative Christians??? And what if had been done before?

I have been confounded by a pattern of people such as the Oklahoma city bombers, the Virginia Tech shooter, the Discovery Channel bomber and Loughner who pretty much commit what look like jihad attacks but have no obvious links to radical Islamists, unlike folks like Major Nidal Hassan who has jihad written all over him. The good Major also admired the Little Rock Army recruiting office shooter who just pled guilty after trying to tell anybody willing to listen that he is an Islamic terrorist even the FBI has yet to officially characterize either Little Rock or Fort Hood as Islam-inspired terrorism.

OK City and the Third Terrorist: Right Wing Links To Al Queda

Everyone has been told that Al Queda and Iraq had nothing to do with Oklahoma City after initial hunches. But the conspiracy went far beyond a couple of right wing losers for anyone that cares to dig further. Jayna Davis went ahead with her hunches with the Third Terrorist book and theory that the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was seen working with what appeared to be various Iraqi agents. Jayna helped lead McVeigh’s lawyers to uncover that Terry Nichols visited the Philippines where “the farmer” discussed bomb making with Bin Laden’s former star terrorist Ramzi Yousef. Yousef was behind the similar truck bombing of the World Trade Center under KSM in 1993, as well as the “Bojinka plot” forerunner to 9-11 which was foiled by a fire and a sharp woman Filipina police officer. Jayna believes that the Clinton administration simply chose to leave the blame with right wingers rather than pursue the complications of leads to the middle east.

Who Says All Terrorism are False Flag Attacks?

There is murky underside to nearly every terrorist attacks that somebody spins a “false flag attack” tale, terminology that is used almost entirely by conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones that Israel and the Bush administration actually pulled off 9/11 to destroy Al Queda and attack Muslims in Afghanistan, and that India brought down its own Air India Flight 182 to put Sikh nationalists out of business. I strongly suspect that these seeming crazy theories actually give away what THEY are actually doing in terms of disinformation.

What I have a gut feel but no hard data on is that somebody is going to a lot of trouble to create jihad-style attacks that cannot be blamed on jihadists just to prove that anybody can do these things, not just Al Queda. Somebody must have been behind the the Discovery bomber James Jay Lee who had no visible support, yet had a flashy website and video on top of a man-sized version of what sounded like the Times Square bomb, and tossed money at crowds. His statements against depleted uranium are typical for the anti-War-Against-Islam crowd. He has a fan on youtube who has been posting “hero” tributes to Lee and the other angry Asian guy Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho who favorites video of people falling from the World Trade Center on 9-11 and Jihad IED attacks against US soldiers. Kenneth “why I hate *insert color* people” Eng was also noted as the only guy known for openly admiring Cho as a role model which makes me wonder if these two “only people who admire Cho” are the same guy with Jihad connections.

So what if the Islamists who absolutely have targeted the likes of Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders were to recruit a prominent but unstable counter-jihad blogger, help him make a vehicle bomb and plan an attack, and they were willing to sustain friendly fire against the Labor Party? It’s certainly no crazier than the usual conspiracy theories out there that try to blame everything on Zionists and the Rothschilds.

As I’m surfing to track down interesting bigs, I’ll just leave them here as a log.

Eerie Mirror Image of Al Queda Viewpoint In Reverse

I spotted this from the pro-Islam FAIR which named JihadWatch as “Meet the Smearcasters: Islamophobia’s Dirty Dozen”: The New York Times 7/24/2011 notes that others have noticed that Breivik and his mantifesto appears to resemble an Al Queda terrorist in Christian clothing, a perfect negative image:

Thomas Hegghammer, a terrorism specialist at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, said the manifesto bears an eerie resemblance to those of Osama bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda leaders, though from a Christian rather than a Muslim point of view. Like Mr. Breivik’s manuscript, the major Qaeda declarations have detailed accounts of the Crusades, a pronounced sense of historical grievance and calls for apocalyptic warfare to defeat the religious and cultural enemy.
“It seems to be an attempt to mirror Al-Qaeda, exactly in reverse,” Mr. Hegghammer said.

Likewise from Time magazine:

the document is eerily reminiscent of the jihadist instruction manuals that have been widely distributed over the Internet since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
“It is a complete mirroring of al-Qaeda, a cut-and-paste image of a jihadist manifesto,” Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish National Defense College, tells Thomas Hegghammer, a terrorism expert at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, tells “The document mirrors al-Qaeda ideology in a few important ways. The principal aim is to expel Muslims from Europe, just as al-Qaeda wants to expel Westerners from the holy lands.”

The Multiculturalist (Pro-Muslim) View

Oslo bombings by Muslims, Oh no, not
Translation of Krapuul attacks the anti-multiculturalists and attempt to link bombings to Muslims.

Fertilizer bomb

Wikipedia on Ammonium Nitrate bombs. ANFO is the same type of bomb used at Oklahoma City, and was used in the 2011 Mumbai bombings. I can’t quite track down “confirmations” it was found in Oslo, but it would be consistent with reports Breivik evidently set up a fake farm just to get a lot of it:

Wikipedia: Breivik moved in late June or early July to the rural small town of Rena in Åmot, Hedmark county, about 140 km (86 miles) northeast of Oslo,[3] where he operated a farming sole proprietorship under the name “Breivik Geofarm”. {but evidently was not a farmer} It has been speculated that he could have used the company as a cover to legally obtain large amounts of artificial fertilizer and other chemicals for the manufacturing of fertilizer explosives.According to Reuters, a farming supplier had sold to Breivik’s company six tonnes of fertilizer in May.

Breivik posted a 1500 page manifesto to go with a youtube/veoh video. Clearly somebody spent a LOT of time writing and producing this stuff, but I’m not surprised given the amount of material generated (more likely commissioned) by the 9-11 “truth” movement to generate bizarre alternate no-planes, no-muslim, controlled thermite demolition, “Air India 182 was just a cargo door” theories and even books such as Stranger Than Fiction or the movie Loose Change which looks like it was done by professional propogandists with a 3D CGI budget, not a trio of loser college-age kids with a laptop and no previous films of anything to their credit. It reminds me of what a 9-11 terrorist manual would look like if Osama Bin Laden chose to base his terrorism on christianity against muslims instead of Muslims against Christians/Jews including details of how to dress, carry armor, where to hide, and even how to set up a fake company to buy fertilizer to build bombs as he Breivik evidently did. The 9-11 hijackers were issued similar booklets on spiritual guidance to carry out their missions. His description of the reward for martyrdom of knights sounds exactly like the rewards for mujahideen:

If praying will act as an additional mental boost/soothing it is the pragmatical thing to do. I guess I will find out… If there is a God I will be allowed to enter heaven as all other martyrs for the Church in the past. I am pursuing religion for this very reason and everyone else should as well, providing it will give you a mental boost. There is no shame in praying minutes before your death… Points 1-3 are considered standard martyrdom deaths, under canon law, which guarantee an abundance of grace and the entry to heaven…in reference to point 4, God’s gift of life is not wasted but has instead more or less fully been used in a manner which pleases God..

This looks exactly like what you would get if you took Mohammed Atta’s jihad hijacker manual (“a five-page handwritten document in Arabic that includes Islamic prayers, instructions for a last night of life and practical reminders to bring knives, your will, IDs, your passport and make sure that nobody is following you.”) and ran it through Google Translate from [Radical Islamist] to [[Right Wing Christian Nationalist]]. The bomb plot tips are exactly what Ramsi Yousef would have told Terry Nichols if he were to have given him a manual. Combat tactics are exactly what the “Libya Democracy” fighters get in their training camps, or the camps run by the ISI in Pakistan or Al Queda in Afghanistan before they were shut down. Similarly, few have taken good look at the story of Air India Flight 182, which knocked down a 747 in 1985, killing 329 (plus 2 in Japan on a related attack). It preceded long before 1988 Lockerbie bombing and 9-11 but looks in hindsight a lot like a sneak preview of 9/11 except with Sikh nationalists vs the imperialist Indian government, including religious justification of atrocities and its own pre-9-11 conspiracy theories of Indian agents doing an “inside job”.

If you take a Isuzu Rodeo and rebadge it as a Honda Passport, (or rebadge a Dodge minivan as a VW) the resale value shows that everybody still knows depreciates like an Isuzu. So if you take a Islamic Mujahideen and rebadge him as Christian Nationalist, is anything really different? Is it too much to ask people to notice this Norwegian guy is just a rebadged Jihadist flying a different flag? Right now not even Jihad Watch or Geller have a clue about this explanation.

Pamela Geller

Geller’s take – less 9/11 more Loughner

Carefully Planned

He out islamist the islamists

You can all kick off on the ‘lone nut’, ‘evil madman’, ‘loony’ kick all you want, but he has clearly thought this through to a highly refined level…

He attacked the party he blames for the country problems directly – the car bomb
He attacked the party’s future directly – the shootings of the political youth league on the island
He attacked the very heart of any society in a manner that will get the maximum fear and impact – children.
He surrendered – so he will become a living icon to the extreme right.
He has ensured that the extreme right will get maximum publicity – Governments across Europe will now ferociously crack down on right wingers feeding further their sense of grievance.
He out islamist the islamists – One man has carried out an attack far in excess of what they can achieve and they will feel the need to try and get back in the frame, and in doing so will feed more resentment against themselves.

The extreme right, thus far just an annoying rabble, just got their 9/11 moment and their ‘Bin Laden’ figure to rally round.

He was anything but a insane randomly acting loony nut – he’s a very clever, very calculating and very dangerous individual who has been planning this for at least 4 years.

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