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Mary Gee Louie celebrating her birthday on July 10, with a Chinese Tango dance with partner Wilson Tso

“Mary, Mary…we love you!” sang the adoring vocalist as he led nearly 100 close friends at an extraordinary dance party for an extraordinary lady, Mary Gee Louie on her milestone birthday.

She danced like a star on TV. She moved like a swan as her limbs and body swayed to every beat, and she looked half her age, like a svelte model despite being a senior citizen. Wow! If only we could all move like that, President Obama and Michele would have gotten their health message across perfectly.

Dancing was her passion, so we friends enjoyed Mary’s hot and sassy r-r-rhumba…when she and her partner Wilson Tso danced the East Coast swing it was a creative number, and when she danced the waltz it was enough to put us in a trance.

A lively golden lion dance by the Jing Mo group by Lorraine Yee kicked off the festivities. Mary was serenaded by Mandarin-singing vocalist Joe Lin; a Cantonese-speaking Canadian vocalist Rocky Lam; and an Elvis Presley impersonator Wilson Tso.

Love and happiness were all about this party. Mary selected each dish with special birthday meaning at San Francisco’s Yet Wah Restaurant, July 10, with love of her host family, husband Albert, daughter Kelli, son-in-law Ben and grandchildren Courtney, Ashley, and Bryan.


Mary Gee Louie and family.

Senior Citizens everywhere are certainly having plenty of quality activities and recreation as the all-volunteer Berkeley Dorothy Wong Senior Center leads with the most interesting and diverse speakers who are experts in every field.

Some recent speakers include retired Judge Lillian Sing of the San Francisco Superior court, California Supreme Court Justice Ming Chinn, chancellor and Dean of Hastings Law School Frank Wu.

Fun and games were hosted by the Thunderbird Casino of Sacramento for all the lucky veterans of the popular Cathay Post of San Francisco Chinatown.

At a buffet dinner party packed wall-to-wall with people at the Imperial Restaurant, veterans and guests enjoyed an evening of Hawaiian entertainment with plenty of raffle gifts from the Thunderbird Casino.

Upcoming events include an all-day fair with Chinese culture, history and performances by the Sacramento Chinese Culture Club taking place Sunday, August 28.

And if members of the SF Chinatown Opti-Ms. Club still need hats for their annual Winter Ball contest, the “Hats on Post” store still has a vast variety that would be suitable for any future queen.

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