Asians Will Never Know Who Murdered Robert Eric Wone

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Robert and Kathy Wone

Robert and Kathy Wone

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We’ll Never Know Who Killed Robert Wone

… if we call this the end.

The Washington Post released in its “local” section that the legal nightmare for the Swan St Trio may be over as they settled out of court with widow Kathy Wone for an undisclosed amount with the “housemates” who had invited her husband to stay for the night, but ended up calling the police to tell them an unseen intruder had murdered their longtime friend from college. The police found a crime scene that looked a lot like some guys had cleaned up and laundered a lot of blood and moved and posed the body before calling for an ambulance.

The civil suit which accused the 3 of having something to do with the murder since the criminal trial (which had determined there wasn’t enough evidence to prove they were as guilty as everybody seemed to think they were even though the judge thought there was a decent chance they probably were guilty anyways) was going nowhere since none of the three would say anything beyond the fifth amendment when asked point blank if they were the ones or knew who were the ones who lured, drugged, sexually assaulted and stabbed Robert Eric Wone that night of August 2nd, 2006 on Swann St in DC. I only heard about the outcome from Wikipedia of all places. Judging by the discussion page, we can all thank a number of editors working very hard to defend the good names of Zaborski, Price and Ward and sweep the most obvious details under the rug into deletion-land. They even banned one “Joseph A.” who was marched into a ban after insisted on adding published information which tended to make the defendants look guilty. Here is some of the offending information:

The suspects

No one has been charged in Wone’s death. Authorities, however, have ruled out the theory that he was killed by an intruder. Between October and December 2008, the following three residents of the townhouse, all present on the night of August 2, were charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy in connection with the case. Authorities believe that either some or all of the housemates participated in Wone’s killing and that all three subsequently engaged in its cover-up.

Joseph R. Price (born March 1971) — Price was born in Athens, Texas. He also lived in Key West, Florida, and Okinawa, Japan, before graduating from high school in Bourne, Massachusetts. Price met Wone in 1992, when the two became friends at the College of William & Mary. Price then went to law school at the University of Virginia. At the time of the killing, Price, age 35, was a partner in the D.C. law firm of Arent Fox. He was the domestic partner of Victor J. Zaborsky, with whom Price owned the townhouse at 1509 Swann St. NW where Wone was killed. (Ok, he missed that he was a well regarded civil rights lawyer)

Dylan M. Ward (born May 24, 1970) — Born in Seattle, Ward was raised in Washington state, Germany, and Oregon. He received college degrees in international relations, culinary arts, and children’s literature. Ward taught English in Asia before moving to the District of Columbia. He was introduced to Price and Zaborsky in D.C. in the early 2000s; in 2003, Ward moved in with them at 1509 Swann St. NW. Authorities said that Ward and Price had a sexual relationship. At the time of the killing, Ward, age 36, was a massage student working for a direct-mail fundraising company.

Victor J. Zaborsky — Born in Philadelphia, Zaborsky lived in Ohio and Georgia before finishing high school in Jenks, Oklahoma. A graduate of the University of Tulsa, he worked at banks in Georgia and D.C. before taking a job with the Milk Processor Education Program in 1996. In 2000, Zaborsky became the domestic partner of Price, with whom he purchased the townhouse where Wone was found dead. At the time of the killing, Zaborsky, age 40, was a marketing executive for a milk-industry trade group. On the night of Wone’s death, he was the housemate who, at 11:49 P.M., made a phone call to 9-1-1.

It is utterly astounding how such a notorious murder and trial could get so little coverage as even the gay and Asian American press have left the issue largely untouched. Contrast that to cases such as Caylee Anthony and kidnapping girls in backyard prisons, or the coverage given to Asian women victims such as Yale student Annie Le or Melanie Lee who was the subject of a book “The Dead Girl” who both died at the hands of non-Asian assailants.

It is a disgrace how much the Asian community has reserved its anger for “Asians in the Library” Alexendra Wallace, especially after this conservative guy watched with awe as the Asian American Movement pursued the Murder of Vincent Chin in the 1980s when the defendants were white auto workers instead of civil rights activists. Where in the hell is the Asian American Movement when you need them to deal with “friendly fire” from another member of the “Rainbow Coalition of Race, Religion, Nationality and Gender Identity”??? It’s too bad the LGBT rights movement hasn’t matured enough that America has a Nancy Grace of LGBT media that’s bulldog enough to take the case to the public. Much of the chatter I’ve see on the LGBoards is that at least one gay DC neighborhood is probably safer now that a few suspected predators have moved away to Florida.

I can’t speak for the Asian community, but I do applaud the selfless efforts of the webblog Who Murdered Robert Eric Wone who endured sniping and harassment, some of it on this comments left at this website, who are now ready to throw in the towel and call it game over and “transition” their project.

Here’s some coments left on that blog:

Replying to myself, but ya, RE: “enlightment” from one of the other linked articles:

“Kathy Wone, according to Razi, was “enlightened” by the Fifth Amendment invocation to central questions in the civil litigation.

“All the key questions. Did you stab Robert Wone? Did you clean up the crime scene?” Razi said. “All those questions were asked in depositions and the Fifth Amendment was invoked.”

If not being able to answer the question “did you stab robert wone” incriminates you, that sort of blows up the intruder theory just a bit, doesn’t it?
God bless Kathy Wone. If she has chosen to move on, so should the rest of us. I will always believe that Victor and Dylan and Joe are responsible for Robert’s murder. I will always believe that Sarah told less that the truth about what she knew about the evening Robert was murdered. And the thing that gives me peace about all of this is the fact that DC is a safer place without these mid-food-chain predators.
Anonymous Friend

Kathy and the Won Family, I honor your strength and pray you continue to feel peace. Lord knows you deserve it and so much more. I join you in choosing to focus on the future and on good. We can honor Robert by ensuring goodness triumphs over evil here. Feel our love and faith, and keep your eye on what matters … despite the unfair evil that took Robert from you, it is a wonderful world. I pray with each day you can enjoy it, free and at peace.

The good news is that Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has cracked a child porn case. That’s surely a PR slam dunk. He did such a marvelous (no, make that really crappy) job of pursuing the killers of Eric Wone as the widow’s lawyer. Why am I not surprised that despite his familiarity with the case, his office never even filed a charge as AG against the three (or for that matter, bothering to charge the Fort Hood shooter of terrorism) but I’d be more impressed if ANYBODY had the guts to get to the bottom of the Wone case or write a book. Sadly, it seems nobody cares enough. We can only hope that the guilty will admit their guilt, otherwise if they even have souls, some of us believe that they will have to face the one who ultimately knows all and is merciful to those who repent.

I’m sick of tired that all the effort expended by myself and everyone else who has tried to find justice for Robert and Kathy Wone have been for naught, zero, zip, a total waste of time. Or maybe not it’s not the end. Not a total waste. The foundation has been built for somebody. S/he doesn’t have to be Asian, LGBT or from DC, just somebody willing to fight for justice and truth. For me, I’m done, and this POS (that’s an engineering term) justice system may be done, but there is no reason the Asian or the greater American community has to treat the accused as people whose names have absolved them of all responsibility for an ignoble deed and forgive people who refuse to confess their sins. Sooner or later the truth will come out. We just need somebody to make it happen.

Asian American Jihad

I’m still the only guy who has found links to the guy who has been posting youtube videos on multiple channels praising the Virgina Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho and James Jay Lee like an Asian Anwar al Awlaki complete with links to videos calling 9/11 “hilarious” and computer simulations of US soldiers being killed by IEDs in Arabic. I have no idea who this guy is who makes obvious references to Asian American issues in his youtube channel names. The posting of identical videos on multiple channels is a pattern and modus operandi common to conspiracy theory websites and stories that some people like Daniel Hopsicker say are the hallmark of heavily funded deliberate disinformation campaigns to wreak havoc on the enemies of whoever puts these things up.

Perhaps it is a complete coincidence that another guy who claimed to be a conservative Kenneth “Why I hate **** people” Eng who basically seems to hate EVERYBODY was the only man who has gone on record as admiring Cho and even suggesting that he might aspire to be a mass shooter some day. There was even a Wikipedia entry that’s been saved to an alternate website after they decided that being on national TV and media for insulting minorities, praising the Virginia Tech Shooter and being arrested by federal authorities for threatening another NYU film student over the phone, but released on $500,000 bail (whoa, who would post a half million bail for a character like THIS???) didn’t make him notable enough for an entry. He even rated an entry in the outrageous Encyclopedia Dramatica which made him look so bad the entire website was forced out of business, but now has re-appeared with a .ch domain name.

I’m almost certain authorities wrote both Lee and Cho off as lone nuts instead of asking who might have backed these guys up. Nobody will investigate why why their attacks seem to mirror Al Queda attacks in every way except in obvious motive, just like Breivik. Lee was also seen in other incidents promoting the depleted uranium issue, another issue popular with the anti-war (as in pro-arab/muslim) movement, as well as throwing money at a crowd, something a guy with no visible financial support has a hard time explaining.

For those authorities who should be tracking such things, there is now a Facebook group: Supporters of Cho Seung-hui, Hero to the weak! created by somebody who says he’s a student of UC Irvine, America’s leading prominent predominantly Asian university. He writes “The Virginia tech Massacre was a horrid incident. However, its message is undeniable clear and it took a bold individual to get the message clear.”. It is NOT a good sign when somebody invokes Marxist anti-capitalism just like Al Queda to declare any mass murderer who has been picked on and fights against “oppression”, (which evidently includes Nidal Hasan and Abdo Nasar if not Breivik) to be a hero. I’d be much more worried about people who create groups like this than that blonde who complains about library manners that clogs up the azn-am discussion-space.

Update: There was a scare at VTech when some younger students at a summer program spotted a shady character holding what looked like a gun concealed in a cloth. Last I heard, they didn’t find anybody but there was a campus alert, and complaints that reports like this don’t help Vtech’s reputation. I might also throw in that Nidal Hasan also went to Virginia Tech, and if he went to the nearby mosque, the experience probably didn’t do much to moderate his Islamic outlook on politics. Perhaps this will spark more investigations beyond the lone nut theory.

Ron Paul vs Rick Perry on Gaza

It looks like Asians are mostly independent even if the Democrats now outnumber the Republicans. However those that are not addicted to Obama are going to be far less convinced that he still is The Messiah in his re-election campaign, even if none of the Republicans looks even close a Savior of Freedom either, so this could be the year Asians swing back to R.

However of the candidates, any one of whom I could live with, the one candidate you absolutely must NOT vote for is the man for whom “Jihad Apologist” is only too kind who seems to get the support of all the anti-zionist Alex Jones 9-11 truthers, Muslims, anti-zionist Christians, neo-Nazis, StormFront and White supremacists and just about everybody else that doesn’t like Jews or Jewish states. Of course, if you’re one of those Asian students who volunteers for the “Free Palestine/Condemn Israel Apartheid-Terrorism” booth on your campus, go for that bumper sticker. I’m no great fan of Texas governor Rick Perry for his persecution of that YFZ polygamist compound in Texas some years back, but at least Perry is tough on terrorism. Ron Paul on the other hand seems to lack only an official Hamas / Hezbollah membership card to show any more solidarity with the Palestinean People and his distaste for any American support of the Zionist Occupied State.

The DC World Affairs Blog contrasts: Rick Perry vs. Ron Paul Feud Heats Up Over Gaza by Gregory Hilton


The feud between Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is continuing, and the new flash point is the Gaza Strip. A new flotilla of large ships will arrive soon and Perry says it is an “unacceptable provocation,” while Paul has always claimed Israel’s Gaza blockade is an act of war. He described the last flotilla of nine ships as breaking the “siege” of Gaza.
Paul has criticized the Governor as an “establishment candidate” and for being “identified with the Bush administration and very much the status quo.” Bush and Perry were gubernatorial running makes in 1998. In 2007, Paul said Perry should be investigated for a criminal violation of the Logan Act when he attended the Bilderberg Conference. That same year Paul said Perry’s attendance was “A sign that he’s involved in the international conspiracy.”…
Perry is the complete opposite of Ron Paul and says the Gaza flotilla is a propaganda ploy. As the Red Cross has repeatedly confirmed, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel’s actions are in accordance with its inherent right to self-defense, and it is foolish to legitimize Hamas.

Ron Paul says Israel is violating “Palestinian waters,” but they do not exist because Palestine is not a country. Hamas won the last election in Gaza and they refuse to recognize Israel.

Here is what they have to say about Hamas for which Paul is apologizing:

Hamas is the Arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement. It is a radical movement considered a terrorist organization by the United States and European Union. Hamas leaders condemned America for killing Osama bin Laden, and a founding principle of the Hamas charter calls for Jihad, a holy war on behalf of Islam.
Hamas has been responsible for more than a hundred suicide attacks, and has fired more than 10,000 rockets and missiles into towns and villages in Israel. The international community estimates that Hamas receives $20 million to $30 million in funding from Iran, a tyrannical regime that repeatedly denies its citizens basic human rights and kills any persons who question its principles.

Other than that, what’s not to like about Hamas and Ron Paul?

One very strong Ron Paul supporter is one Jerjis Alajaji who reached out to me as part of a massive spam list. He’s donated a lot of money to Ron Paul and his PACs in 2008 (but no other republican president candidates), and also to a similar new anti-Israel ant-war candidate Adam Kokesh who has a show on the Russia Today propoganda channel. Alajaji is a anti-zionist Christan Palestinean graduate of the American University in Beirut, a fan of David Duke (you know that Ku Klux Klan guy that goes to conferences in Iran now), J-Street (an pro-Israel George Soros funded group that acts like an anti-Israel group), the anti-Israel Institute for Historical Review . He signs his e-mails “brother in Christ”, but he surely makes Obama look like a good Christian, and he doesn’t dodge whether he thinks that we should be at war with Israel instead of Palestine freedom fighters.

Here’s a facebook group, Muslims for Ron Paul for “voters who REALLY CARE ABOUT PALESTINE” and who is “fair to muslims”.

Description: So many times have the Muslims had the power to consolidate into one voting block and make a difference in the election, but we have never managed to become united. He has always voted against anything related to the Iraq War and PATRIOT Act.
News:Obama supports AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) so if you care about Palestine, don’t vote for Obama,CST-NWS-Finally, we are blessed with a candidate who is fair to Muslims–Ron Paul. OBAMA03.article

Same goes for Hilary:

Asians be they Christians, Jews, Buddhist, atheist or Muslim must be very wary of people who openly say and carpet-bomb online forums saying that the US should be or is at war with Israel and friends with Palestine. These people are openly giving away who their real allies are and what side they are on.

There IS a world war today that has been fought by terrorists like Osama bin Laden, Nidal Hasan and Anwar al Awlaki against nations across the planet from Canada to Europe, Australia and Indian subcontinent to China and the Phillipines since long before 9/11. But for all the hue and cry over a handful of incidents like the “USS Liberty” or “christian terrorists” it’s usually on the behalf of the people of Palestine (which since the rise of PLO became virtually synonymous with terrorism until 9/11 replaced it with “Al Queda”) against the US and its staunch ally Israel, not the other way around. The Japanese Americans were loyal to a man in WWII despite being profiled and put into internment camps. In WWII, America would NEVER release or fail to charge a suspected terrorist or agent on the basis of political correctness and multiculturalism. Can we say the same of the ethnic and religious groups we now face in World War 9/11?

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