ClaraC Camel Song Video with AznFnyGuy Ryan Higa

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[More on AZN YT stars]

Fun concept against painting a big piece of butcher paper (how they did it is at end) with funny guy uberstar (as in top 10 paid youtube artists) Ryan Higa

AZN Youtube starts ranked by views as I find them

  1. NigaNiga Silly Asian Guy 780M 3.6M sub
  2. Michelle Phan 373M Makeup Queen #17 – Most Subscribed (All Time) #1 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Gurus #16 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Partners
  3. Natalie Tran Ausian 367M views 1M subs 5/11 $100,000/yr #31 most subscribed global
  4. KurtHugoSchneider 237M also Sam Tsui
  5. TimothyDeLaGhettto2 Gangsta Azn | Peter Chao YellowCanuck
    117M view 600K sub 2011 #72 – Most Subscribed (All Time)
    #69 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Partners #4 – Most Subscribed (All
    Time) – Canada #72 – Most Subscribed (All Time) #48 – Most Viewed
    (This Week) | 8M 2011

  6. Kevjumba 156M
  7. Bubsbeauty (UK) 156M total 138M+ 5/11 + Comedy 18M 5/11
  8. David Choi
  9. 91M

  10. Happyslip Comedy Filipino 84M
  11. Wong Fu Productions 80m
  12. Kinagrannis Music 63M, 328K sub
  13. mychonny Aussie funny guy 62M, 412K sub |
    Driving in Cars
  14. Joseph Vincent 35M 5/11
  15. Jennifer J chung33M 5/11
  16. Jayesslee Korean from Australia 186K sub
  17. QueenBeeuty 15M+2M 5/11
  18. CL2425 KorAm Beauty 12m 5/11
  19. Ricebunny (beauty) 12M 5/11
  20. Jimmy Wong guitar singer 7M 6/11 105k sub
  21. ClaraC Music 6M
  22. Chrissy4jc 5M
  23. Asian Princess 21 3M
  24. CutepieMeg918 3M

Asians #4 and #10 On Youtube

In 2010, Ryan Higa was #4 at $150,000, Australian Natalie Tran pulled in over $100,000. Not enough to stereotype Asians on Youtube as much as African Americans in music and comedy yet, but getting there.

TubeMogul’s top 10 independent YouTube acts Aug 2010 Telegraph UK

(estimated earnings and number of views in past 12 months)

1. Shane Dawson
($315,000/£200,000) 431,787,450 views

Clean-living, wholesome 22-year-old Californian comic actor producing
home-made sketches.

2. The Annoying
($288,000/£185,504) 349,753,047 views

Animated fruit created by Dane Boedigheimer that could soon appear on

3. Philip DeFranco
($181,000/£117,000) 248,735,032 views

Video blogger (vlogger) who began uploading clips while at university.

4. Ryan Higa
($151,000/£97,200) 206,979,909 views

Also known as Nigahiga, the Hawaiian-born Japanese-American evolved from
lip-synching to original comedy and has had more than 150 million hits.
Videos How to be Gangster and How to be Ninja went viral for him and his
Yabo Crew.

5. Fred Figglehorn
($146,000/£94,000) 200,656,150 views

Lucas Cruikshank, 16, whose videos aimed at children are soon to appear on

6. Shay Carl
($140,000/£90,000) 192,309,247 views

An Idaho radio DJ and comic

7. Mediocre Films
($116,000/£74,600) 159,030,703 views

Comedy clips created by Greg Benson.

8. Smosh
($113,000/£72,700) 154,936,876 views

Comedy duo Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox

9. The Young Turks
($112,000/£72,000) 153,807,362 views

Current affairs discussions and satire

10. Natalie Tran
($101,000/£65,000) 138,871,829 views

24-year-old Vietnamese-Australian comic with popular vlogs. is the No 1 Down

Driving in cars with Asians

by mychonny

Antonio girls play “Blessings” by Laura Story on Mother’s Day 2011

I was researching Laura Story’s recent #1 Christian contemporary hit “Blessings” when I ran across these girls. I know the dad who is probably playing the piano and did the arrangement must have put in a lot of time with the girls to pull this off. Believe me I’ve tried to do much simpler things with my boys.

Two girls have wireless face microphones and sing as well as play their string instruments. They are Filipino, who says only Chinese push, er, encourage their kids to do stunts like this?

These are the girls:
Eldest is Gabrielle Antonio (14yrs. old)playing violin
Giselle Antonio is the cellist (10yrs. old)
Youngest is Gweneth Antonio 8 yrs. old on violin

Glee Delights, Horrifies Christians

I can’t speak for all christians (nor can that guy who flipped out in Norway), but as Asian Christian who loves a good musical and popular hits, the cast of Glee does a terrific job musically. On the other hand there’s a lot that’s just not suitable for the tween crowd that naturally graduates to such material from “High School Musical”. Kurt and his pal who isn’t gay but plays one are wonderful talents even if they are put into edgy situations, but to be completely fair, things Christians generally frown on seem to be widely distributed across a broad range of flawed characters from Sue on down, though I do have a hard time seeing any that guys are on as many missions to destroy their friends/enemies like “Desperate Classmates” as any number of the girl characters.

What I DO have a problem with is when it’s open season on one group with onesidedly negative caricatures. When they finally introduced a Christian choir, they performed a hideous made up song and set them up with a choir leader who is an obvious cross between the worse parodies of Sara Palin and “I am not a witch” Christine O’ Donnell. As one who has participated in and on occasion got to lead what we call a “worship team”, some of the most popular radio stations even in ultra-liberal Seattle are the Christian stations (In Boise, you get country christian, rowdy christian, catholic plus contemporay and Mormon cable TV) and I know many kids who won’t listen to stuff on “mainstream” or urban programming. A lot of country, soul and rock talent (not to mention K-pop stars like Clara Chung) got their start in churches. Christians need to stand and complain as much as any other group when they get slammed and treated worse than other Americans because of what instead of who they are.

These are MY radical demands in case this message ever hits the folks who produce Glee:

* PLEASE DO NOT EVER perform fake christian music. Do what they do with everything else they cover – Pick a really good, really popular song, and do a really good job that does it justice. Amazing Grace as performed by Tomlin would be a good start.

* Introduce a Christian character. After all they have multiple jewish characters, and at least Kurt has rejected God at least temporarily. Seattle already has lots of girls in its schools who wear Muslim-approved attire if they really want to go diverse.

* I would think that Brittany is impressionable enough to unusual beliefs such as Santa Claus that she might be a good character to become “born again” and give the other kids even more reason to wonder “what’s up with her?” and start a prayer group at the school which might be a good starting place for a story, and be put into situations where individuals are put between being true to their beliefs and getting along with what everybody else is doing.

Some Christians do push a bit hard, but at the core Christians are really told that even though God made it possible for people to want to do all sorts of things, just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s a always a good idea. Just because somebody else does something doesn’t mean it’s something you have to do. Anything that has to do with keeping other people from doing whatever they want is really going beyond what the first Christians when they first spread the Gospel so it’s unfair to characterize all Christians as a public nuisance by definition.

* The other angle for the sake of statistics is that a large part if not most of the Korean Americans are Christian such as the Seattle Community Church in Bothell that sponsored the United for Japan Concert and supplied all those stage lights and smoke with they use for their contemporary services, though you’d never know it from their “parallel Asian world” that their Asians are placed in. There are churches that specialize in Christians of every Asian ethnic group, and also “international” churches like the one I’ve been going to.

* Treat every character and group with respect. No one deserves to be completely one-sided, though Sue (and Nazis) are pretty darn close to that and she’s great for that. We don’t need hatred of Christians or even odder sects like Mormons (ironically mostly from OTHER Christians) like some people used to or still hate Jewish people in the name of Social Justice(TM). Good and bad need to be distributed evenly and believably throughout across all genders, sexual identities, age, races and political affliations.

Thank you for listening.

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MIT electrical engineering computer science graduate has written conservative columns on politics, race / culture, science and education since the 70s in MIT The Tech and various publications in including New Republic and National Review.