Arlene “What Pogrom?” Ackermann Out, Chinese Navy No Threat

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Arlene Ackerman

Philidelphia’s Ackermann Gets $1M To Get Fired

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Last time you heard about Philadelphi’s Arlene Ackerman, their superintendent of color, I slammed her for trying blame the hapless Asian victims in the South Philadelphia high school riots. Now I can have the satisfaction that I may have helped sink her boat now that “Anti-Asian Pogram” has entered the vocabulary of education.
Education Week reports that she’s getting paid $1M to get the heck out of town for doing a crappy job of mismanaging a city that was traditionally one of the best places in America for free blacks to raise their children to high standards, but now it’s one of the best places to beat up students of other colors after the whites quit down a generation ago.

Arlene Ackerman, who resigned Monday as superintendent of the 155,000-student Philadelphia district, said in an interview with Education Week Wednesday that political miscalculations led to her removal, not issues with job performance.

“There are people who wanted me to stay. Politicians and ministers said, ‘I want you to stay,’ ” Ackerman said. “But if your boss does not want to work with you, and they’re willing to pay you a million to step aside—that’s how much they don’t want to work with you—then what can you do?”

Ackerman received a $905,000 buyout to resign; $500,000 came from the school district, and $405,000 from private anonymous donors, which is raising some eyebrows among advocates for open government

Here’s a comment from the liberal Huffington Post:

She should have been fired over a year ago for trying to cover up the Black-on- Asian pogroms that have occurred in Philadelphia public schools

Philadelph­ia schools stink and are as segregated as some schools in the South in the ’50 (this yime by choice). Thanks to people like her Philadelph­ia has become a “ghetto” …And her whole “ssing and dance routine” is PATHETIC, undignifie­d and shameful..­.like a third rate precher who robbed the collection box….

WTH! The article was three pages of not telling me why they want to fire her! Somebody please tell me what’s up.
…She is one of the WORST supers we have ever had in Philly. I see all these people defending her, how come Philadelph­ia school kids don’t have textbooks to bring home?? You think the cheating in ATL was bad, Philly kids have been given the answers to the PSSA test for years. They don’t know the answers, they memorize them. She should have been gone.

In her defence, she’s posted a slick retrospective set to Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time” on how she saved Philadelphia schools as a tireless advocate for school reform. You can’t comment but Asian Americans can register like or dislike (currently running 4 to 1 in favor of “dislike”) so Asians can register what they think of her approach to “diversity” and “reform”. Don’t get me started on what I think of education deform and what that movement has done to destroy the institution of education in the name of idiotic management Dilbert-isms. I’ve see mathematics with no arithmetic, reading without phonics, science without facts and racial harmony by setting up races and against each other. Parents and citizens must rise up as education as a weapon of social revolution and restore it as a place where kids learn what kids normally know, not some death march towards some manager’s idea of a 5 year plan of continuous improvement.

China Says Their Navy Isn’t a Threat to Anybody. Right

China Daily, which somehow figured out that Chinese live in my house and gave me a free paper subscription, reports that China is really ticked off the Japanese are calling their naval buildup a “threat”:

“China unswervingly adheres to the path of peaceful development, sticks to the policy of building friendships and partnerships with neighboring countries and pursues a defensive policy,” Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said in a statement.
Geng said that China is modernizing its defense systems and armed forces only to safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity and to ensure smooth economic and social development.

He asked Japan to focus on the economic opportunities brought by China’s growth instead of Beijing’s military modernization.
China has never, and will never, constitute a threat to any country, he said.”(yeah right…)

So if this man is lying, what is already the most powerful Asian navy since the Imperial Japanese Navy (and we know how that turned out), and will probably rival the US as much as the IJN did in 1942 by 2020 probably IS a big threat. Pearl Harbor will be nothing compared to what Beijing will be able to do by the time their buildup is done. If any navy will eventually be able to sail off Los Angeles and pummel it with conventional strikes like the US did Hanoi, Bagdhad and Khandahar, never mind sub based SLBMs, it will be China, while we continue to cut our defence if we will still have essentially the same navy in 2040 that we had in 1990 or less. I’m still mad at Dick Cheney for killing the magnificent long-ranged F-14 Tomcat in favor of the overstuffed toy Super-Hornet.

In another report China is also “baffled” Uncle Sam is also worried that they’ve floated their first carrier, and plan to build as many supercarriers as we have now, and are on their way to matching or exceeding the number of ships we have. Heck, the People’s Liberation Army even has two new demonstration flight team to match the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels which has me REALLY worried.

In an opinion piece railing against a new Pentagon report that said China is fast catching up with the US military, the Xinhua News Agency called the Pentagon’s judgments “weird” and “baffling”.

[US report] predicts that by 2020, the PLA will become a “modern, regional-focused military”, and claimed that the Chinese mainland is focusing its military buildup on Taiwan, according to Bloomberg.

The report also predicts that Beijing will likely build multiple aircraft carriers with support ships over the next decade.

Xinhua said in a commentary on Thursday that, for many in China, it is weird that the Pentagon, whose expenditure reached nearly $700 billion and accounted for over 40 percent of the world’s total in 2010, routinely points its finger at China, whose military only spends a small fraction of what the Pentagon spends every year.

Xinhua said it is “baffling” for the report to claim the Chinese military poses a growing threat to regional stability.

This well exemplified the saying that “one man may steal a horse while another may not look over a hedge”(whaaaat??), according to Xinhua.

Then they point out the US spends a crapload more money on arms than China, and I’m amazed the US even has more soldiers per capita than the place you’d think had all the people in the world to give rifles to. And they’ve never sent their soldiers overseas to fight or man bases (well at least since they shocked the daylights out of GIs in Korea), although they’ve typically been pretty good at recruiting locals like the VietCong, and they’re working on a new naval base in that reliable US ally, Pakistan. There is absolutely no reason to pay for 11 nuclear super carriers today when no other nation has even one of these beasts, at least today (everybody else’s carriers are much, much smaller oil-powered ships, and Britain is even cutting its efficient and popular Harrier STOVL jump-jet carriers). But maybe not for long once they get into the stride of carriers paid for by American buying gobs of cheap crap from Walmart and iPhones made in China.

Jeff Head Sees Carriers, Not Anti-Carrier Missle as Real Threat

This from a comment in July:

No operational testing has ever been observed, shooting such a missile into the China Sea and hitting a moving sea-going target. No coupling of all the complex technologies required.

In addition, even if these phantom capabilities existed, they are charging hard into a strength of the US Navy in the AEGIS system which does have a verifiable, proven capability to shoot down ballistic missiles.

I believe it is a Sun Tsu disinformation campaign.

Convinving you not to use a carrier is close to defeating one operationally.

Now, the PLAN is growing rapidly and improving qualittatively too…very quickly.

The ex-Varyag will soon be their first carrier and J-15s (enhanced SU-33s) will fly of its decks. This will upset the balance in the WESTPAC.

The Rising Sea Dragon in Asia


checked out your website looks like a good resource

The Rising Sea Dragon in Asia

It says while US number ships as shrunk from 274 to 227, China has grown from 83 to 180, nearly parity in total numbers, and they are on the verge of getting their first carrier ready which has fighters comparable to the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. It’s no Japanese Imperial Navy yet, but they could get there in a century.

TOTALS 1997 and 2009 274 227 83 180

Chinese American Destroyer

At least the US Navy in reply launched our own Chinese destroyer, or at least one named for a Chinese American, the USS Chung Hoon which was named in honor of Rear Admiral Gordon Pai’ea Chung-Hoon (1910–1979), recipient of the Navy Cross and the Silver Star.

Next Destroyer Must Be Named Johnston and Evans

The ship name I’d really like to see though is one named for the USS Johnston and her fearless captain Ernest E. Evans The small destroyer was all that was standing between the biggest Japanese battleship ever built and the largest surface fleet and the total destruction of the “jeep” carriers she was tasked to protect in the Battle of Samar whcih nobody has heard of. The Japanese had tricked the great, but deeply flawed “Kill Japs, Kill More Japs” Admiral Halsey to take the entire Fast Carrier Task Force away in pursuit of a decoy in the Battle off Samar / Leyte Gulf leaving but the naval equivalent of Boy Scouts with super soakers in the way of wiping out landing forces at Leyte.

The task force was ordered to RUN AWAY but Evan boldly decided that instead of running away into certain doom, he ordered his ship to turn towards the might Yamato and chose to fight into certain doom. The other tiny ships followed his lead. The ship zig-zagged dodging miles of a hail of shells to deliver short-range torpedos in a desperate attack and fire its tiny 5 in shells which could not punch a hole in a battleship armor, but by inspiring the other ships and mis-armed aircraft they caused enough damage to cause the Japanese task force to turn around, but only after more men and ships were lost from their tiny “escort” force than were lost at the Battles of Midway and Coral Sea combined. Evans’ ship was hit again and again, but still he turned around to fight again, commanding from the tail with fingers blown off after the bridge was hit, and he was never seen again, going down with the ship after seeing the survivors into the life rafts. To add insult to injiry, the brave survivors were stranded for days with sharks before anybody had the guts to go out and rescue them.

The even smaller Destroyer Escort Samuel B. Roberts also slugged it out shell-for-shell with a cruiser a zillion times its size. It is today survived by a number of missle frigates named for its ship, its skipper and even a gunner, and its namesake survived a mine explosion in the Gulf. But no ship serving today honors either the Johnston or Evans, and that’s a damn shame. Those of you who care about the sacrifices of Taffy 3, please send this message to the US Navy. No ship showed more nerve or took a bigger risk and sacrifice that determined the outcome of the battle than the Johnston and its skipper.

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