AHSC Featured Vendor: S&C Enterprise

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Editor’s Note: From handcrafted jewelry, fabric hand bags made with Asian inspired prints to Asian influenced apparel and creative home decorations, AsianWeek will be featuring Asian-inspired Arts and Crafts vendors each Tuesday to kick off the summer festival season.

The featured vendors all have previously participated in the Asian Heritage Street Celebration (AHSC) – the largest pan Asian street fair nationwide that takes place the third Saturday of every May in San Francisco.

Produced by the AsianWeek Foundation, the AHSC is committed to supporting and promoting these creative and hardworking craftsmen vendors who may otherwise not get the online attention and exposure they deserve.

S&C Enterprise

Steve Cortez adores hats.  As a teen, he would wear Stetson and Dobbs fedora hats.

Today, he and his wife, laurel Cortez, offer hats and apparels with S&C Enterprise. They have been selling hats since 1990.

They also sell apparel ranging from Cuban guayaberas, Barong Tagalogs from the Philippines, Hawaiian shirts, kurtas from India, to Batik dashikis from Africa. Furthermore, they sell clothing with unique patterns from Southeast Asia and Latin America. Most of these items were “hand selected” after traveling over 80 countries.

S&C Enterprise has appeared in fairs and festivals throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, Salinas, and Santa Rosa.

S&C also supports non-profit educational, cultural, and community fundraisers.

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